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Tuesday, December 03, 2013

emoticon I've been a little quiet lately...I'm mustering all my will and concentration towards a monumentally important day for us tomorrow.

We go for Summary Judgment on the 'save our home' fight. It's been a LONG time coming and if we don't prevail tomorrow we will just go to the next fighting round. emoticon

It's SO sad that when you walk into a court of law you don't get unbiased, fair and even handed judgement here in FL.

You get retired judges that have been brought back on Foreclosure Settlement money paid by the most egregious of the big banks for getting caught in their corruption.

This National Settlement money was supposed to go to the homeowners who were cast out of their homes unlawfully by banks hoodwinking the judicial system with bogus and forged documents.

Instead...our wonderful Barbie Doll Attorney General has decided not to give the money to the truly injured...but to keep the money circulating amongst the criminals that perpetrated the frauds in the first place.

In my mind this makes her equally tainted by feeding it back into the court system by rocket docketing homeowners out on the street. They couldn't get it done with the sitting Judges currently on the bench who are putting up a fuss about what would happen to their chances for re-election so they brought back retired Judges who HATE their jobs and are there for nothing other than to clear foreclosure court dockets....any way possible RIGHT or WRONG.

After all if you were collecting your $300 a day for corruption...what is the point in being fair?

It's a sad, sad reality about the world today. Anything for money...no matter whose head you crush and whose soul you rip out to achieve it.

I fully intend to tell this Judge exactly what I think of the horrific crimes that have been rained down on us by US Bank and I also fully intend to tell him this is just another day at the office for him...but it's our entire future life. I also will tell him that each night when he walks into his nice comfortable safe house I hope he is haunted with the image of all of the good Americans that he has cast out on the street.

Yep...got the speech all rehearsed and ready to go. Why am I so negative about the situation when I'm normally a die hard optimist...it's just the facts. Lee County judges are foreclosure robo-signers in their own right.

They DO NOT read the case files, they DO NOT care about fraud committed on the court, they don't have to worry about what the public thinks of them since they aren't running for re-election and obviously they have no moral conscience whatsoever.

It is what it is...and if you walk into the court all PollyAnna...kum~by~ya...this judge is here to do right by us...you are dead before you begin.

It's always been known that the rich and powerful ~BANK~ (isn't THAT an appropriate word here) on the weakness of the trusting and uninformed.

So...I'm gearing up...I'm asking the UNIVERSE to step in and perform a blazing miracle here.

I'm asking for your continued prayers because they have helped us so much to this point and I KNOW the power of prayer and the absolute goodness of white radiant God light for what is just and right in this world.

I also am SO thankful that months ago I contacted an amazing Registerer of Deeds in the great State of MA where they have a wonderful Attorney General who refuses to be hoodwinked by the rich and powerful banks. His people follow his moral example and his Senator Ms. Martha Croakly has been a tireless leader crusading against the misapplication and misappropriation of the frauds committed by the stinking banks of her constitutes.

These leaders LEAD and stand up to say NO to stealing peoples homes through fraud and lies and double dealing with unclean hands and absolute pay off corruption to certain lawmakers and the judicial system.

It's enough to make me wish we lived in that state rather than the free wheeling..lend me your dollars and I'll lend you my votes....corrupt state of FL.

That I might add... we have been loyal tax paying citizens of for the past 35 years. I'd even brave cold weather living if it meant that people were treated justly.

But anyhow...I digress as I often do on the egregious and outrageous tactics that are allowed to go on here.

I read online that this wonderful Register of Deeds Mr. John O'Brien (gooooo Irish) emoticon emoticon had determined that many many documents placed in his own records had been robo-signed by a certain Jeffrey Stephan. He was troubled by the fact that good people in his state were being tossed out of their homesteaded homes with absolutely no proof that the bank actually had the right to do so.

You can't take something away from someone that you can't PROVE you own. It's as simple as that. Unless...you are a bank...then it's fair game and okay because banks NEVER lie.

Okay...I just threw up a little in my mouth over that last statement. But this is truly the B*** hockey that these courts want the little guy to believe~ emoticon

This wonderful HONEST man...Mr. O'Brien actually looked into this because he didn't want his Registry of Deeds tainted.

He hired a Property Analytics team to subpoena this robo-signer Jeffrey Stephan who lied and cheated for many, many banks changing his title and who he was working for with the stroke of a pen for as many as 10,000 forged documents a day. Of course that was humanly impossible to read that many files and be able to attest that the information in those files was true and he had checked the figures and the facts.

So he had people forge his signature and their lies and crimes were added to his own. Not to mention the notaries that knew all of this was criminal but added their notary stamps to the fray all too willingly.

THEN...this Godly man Mr. O'Brien, went one step further and informed news stations and online that if you thought you had a tainted robo signed document to send it to him and he would check the signature against his proven list of robo signed signatures and if it was a proven robo-signer he would send out his OWN affidavit of testimony to be added to your case.

Jeffrey Stephan was there in all of his blazing glory. AND since he signed a fraudulent affidavit in our Lee County land records GMAC's equally crooked lawyers could not remove that document like they did the one attesting to the actual foreclosure action in the first place. Too bad for them...evil usually DOES trip itself up in the long run! emoticon

Now the reason I am telling you this whole story is that our lawyers have zeroed in on this fraud and are filing a Notice of Request to Take Judicial Notice on this cover letter stating from Mr. O'Brien "If you are currently being foreclosed upon, this affidavit may be presented to your attorney, the lender, or the court to show that your chain of title has been corrupted.

Our attorneys have chosen to MAKE the court take notice of this by filing a separate action and hopefully setting some evidence in case the judge still refuses to accept it as fraud for an appeal. As I've said before...the judges DO NOT read the files...they care NOT if you were lied to, scammed, cheated and coerced. They care NOT if you paid in good faith for months and months and months a modified payment with EACH month the promise that your permanent payment would come NEXT month...just go ahead and make your payment...(PUTZ person)! The promise was always to everyone a permanent payment if you paid the first three in perfect accordance with the agreement. We paid NINE! How dumb was THAT? emoticon Honest people tend to have trusting natures...and why shouldn't you?

We'll see how this all plays out tomorrow...a big big day when a baby homeowner stands up to fight the evil Goliath AND the court system that lets them continue to plunder. emoticon emoticon

It ain't over til the FAT lady sings. emoticon emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I wish I could tell you that everything will be okay, but you don't need any more smoke blown up your butt. You do, however, have about a 50%/50% shot at this, maybe better if your attorney can make your case clear as a bell to your judge. My prayers are with you. emoticon
    1565 days ago
    Love and care about you. Hoping all is well.
    1565 days ago
    It is 4:08 p.m. your time as I begin this and I pray things are going as I know they should. Sending love and good vibes and prayers and a pox upon those bank twerps! I am right there beside you in spirit! I hope you gave it to 'em good!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1565 days ago
    Sending all the positive thoughts i can. Your Josh will be with you sitting on your shoulder cheering you on Bobbie. And we will all be behind you...its too bad we couldnt all be with you in court. Wouldnt that be a sight. Go Kick some Butt!
    1565 days ago
    I'm been sending positive prayers your way this week. I have my alarm set to send even more there this afternoon.

    The fat lady has her mouth shut! No singing today.....

    1566 days ago
  • DS9KIE
    emoticon emoticon good luck
    1566 days ago
    Thank you sincerely for your love, good wishes and beautiful spirits. You are proof positive that goodness is alive and well in this crazy ole' world...and for that I'm just SO GRATEFUL! emoticon
    1566 days ago
    best wishes and prayers for the day!
    1566 days ago
    Gosh, Bobbi...you've fought for so long and so hard. I used to believe people were trustworthy but not anymore. You can't trust anyone, even those you might think you know. There isn't much else I can say that everyone hasn't already said. I just hope you don't make your speech until the judge has ruled. I'm sending all of the positive energy and hopes your way. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

    Sending you lots of love and hugs too! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

    1566 days ago
    Fingers crossed and good wishes for today! Ultimately there will be justice and the liars and thieves will get what is due them.
    1566 days ago
  • LYNCHD05
    We are all rooting for you!!!
    1566 days ago
    Best of luck on tommorrow'sfight. emoticon
    1566 days ago
  • JUSTME29
    Good luck tomorrow
    1566 days ago
    Good luck and best wishes!
    1566 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1566 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

    May the FORCE be with you!!!!!!!!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1566 days ago

    Comment edited on: 12/3/2013 6:43:06 PM
    Best to you tomorrow dear friend... may the "force" be with you!

    1566 days ago
  • GEORGE815
    Good luck!
    1566 days ago
    Wishing you a miracle, beautiful lady!
    1566 days ago
    I hope the new angle the attorney gang you have will "seek out" this irish guy deducing fraud will work on this case and other home owners cases and become stronger break through to fight the growing greed. Good for Massachusetts bunch fighting too as well as you.
    You and that irish fella fighting for the underdog are superheroes in my book emoticon emoticon
    1566 days ago
    You can do it!! Good luck kicking their sorry behinds!!!

    emoticon emoticon
    1566 days ago
    Prayers and good thoughts as always!!!!! Go kick thier A$$ES!!!!!!!!!!!
    1566 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    Squeezing out lots of prayers and asking HIM to put HIS hand on your shoulders in that room.
    Knowing that you re a faithful person, looking at Satan in the eye of those people should be simple to do. Eye contact is very intimidating, the smallest flea can intimidate a hound if they are determined enough..

    BTW, if there is no limit on the number of people you can take with you, haul your neighbors, etc in with you... It will keep them guessing "Who the H--ll ARE all of those people?????" Give them each a file folder, legal pad,tote bag,etc to look like they have hard copy documents to present.. I cannot hurt.. Dressed appropriately, stern faces, eye contact, shows importance...

    They are Barbie dolls, you should be G.I Joe!!!!

    1566 days ago
    I'm home & in your corner! Breath deep!

    Love YOU!
    *~LIGHT emoticon emoticon
    1566 days ago
    It sounds to me like your attorneys are going in a good direction. I know this is difficult, but I have to believe there are some limits to how far they can push and that you have drawn a line they will not be able to cross. Love and prayers and all the positive energy I can locate are sent your way.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon

    Oh - choose your time to make your speech. I know how much you want to say those things, but don't use the opportunity to vent as a way to anger or irritate people BEFORE they've made their decisions. I know it's hard to do, but be cautious what you say and when you say it and make sure you aren't effectively cutting your own throat.

    HOWEVER - I have faith and I DO BELIEVE! Go gettem!
    1566 days ago
    I used to be a trusting person, and thank God we never had trouble like this, but these days, I pretty much don't trust anybody, much less the govt. or the banks!
    Hang in there, baby!! You stick to your guns and I really hope this last bit of info saves your house once and for all!! Prayers continuing for you, my sweet friend!! Stay feisty!! (((HUGS))) (((HUGS))) (((HUGS))) (((HUGS)))
    1566 days ago
    I'm praying and I'm believing!!!! you WILL win!!!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

    1566 days ago
    It just scares me to death that they can pick their own retired judges and continue the fraud! What if I were wrongly accused and arrested? Then the courts could just pick someone who would go their way and I could spend my life in prison or even be sentanced to death! I was so naive and did believe that justice prevailed, but I've seen it not so much! It makes me truly sad that I am jaded and not surprised by what the legal and corporate systems can pull! It hurts my heart and my head. That being said, all I can say is: GO GET 'EM GIRL!! Kick some serious butt!
    1566 days ago
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