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Monday, December 02, 2013

Got quite a bit accomplished today. Walked the dog first thing. A short walk, but he seemed okay with that. Got a ride out to my parents' house where I proceeded to don the snow shoes and go out for over an hour. It has been warmer so things were a bit slushy... not ideal conditions, but I persevered and enjoyed myself. I just had to stop and knock ice off the snow shoes every once in a while. My brother has a labyrinth set up in my parents' back field, and I went most of the way into it, before running into a big mud patch and had to turn around. After that I decided to take off and try and get as many of my errands done before my Dr appointment as possible. So, I got in a visit to the lab for blood work, the farm supply store for dog food, the discount store for household supplies, and a stop at the liquor store (buying Christmas presents), before heading off to the doctor. My appointment was short and encouraging. (I think I spent a lot longer sitting waiting for the doc than I did actually talking to him.) Drove home, with a stop at the pharmacy to pick up a new prescription. Sat and chatted with mom for a few minutes, then went and read one of my dad's political magazines while waiting for my brother to give me and Cooper a ride home. Unloaded all the dog food and supplies, and got them put away, then headed out for a nice long walk with the dog. I ate some of the big pot of stew I made yesterday for dinner, but with all the running today I forgot to take along a lunch, so lunch was a burger from McDonald's. Not my idea of good nutrition, but I am under on calories for the day, so it didn't put me too far out of whack. It did make my stomach feel a little funny though. I have to remember to take something with me on days when I have a lot of running to do.

Anyways... just wrapped up day 2 of the abs challenge, plus 2 yoga videos and another short walk with the dog. Now he wants to play! So, I have to go entertain the dog now... I hope everyone has a good night!
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