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Another child stricken with MS from a Vaccine, OMG !

Monday, December 02, 2013

I found this article about a teen who received Gardiasil vaccine which caused MS. I got MS after being vaccinated with the Hepatitis A and B vaccine and flu shots required for the nursing program many years ago. It's so sad it keeps happening to people.

Here is the link to the source.

Charges Filed: Panel of Experts Conclude Gardasil Injection Caused Multiple Sclerosis and Immune Mediated Disease In 15-Year Old

Mr. Jean-Christophe Coubris, defence lawyer for Marie-Oceane, a vaccine injured teen, has filed charges with the French public prosecutor in Bobigny, in the outskirts of Paris, against both Laboratoire Sanofi Pasteur MSD and the French authority Agence Nationale du Medicament (ANSM), the French National Medicines Agency, for breach of their manifest duty to ensure safety and for disregard of the precautionary and prevention principles.

Just a few months ago, hundreds of adverse reactions from the cervical cancer vaccine in Japan caused vaccine injuries and disability in many teenagers courtesy of Cervarix and Gardasil HPV injections. In July, 2013, the Japanese health ministry issued a nationwide notice that cervical cancer vaccinations should no longer be recommended in Japan. Japanese teens who received the vaccines are now in wheelchairs with damage to their brains and spinal cord.

The HPV vaccine is possibly the biggest vaccine hoax in the last century. HPV vaccines are nothing more than a worldwide exercise in profiteering at the expense of children's health. Due to the overwhelming amount of side effects associated with the vaccine, health agencies are now encouraging health professionals not to report adverse reactions, a clear indication that something is very wrong.

Vaccine Injured Teen Files Lawsuit

An initial injection of Gardasil was administered to Marie-Oceane, age 15 on October 11th, 2010. The vaccine was advised for the prevention of cervical cancer.

A second injection of the vaccine was administered to Marie-Oceane on December 13th, 2010.

The first clinical symptoms appeared in mid-February 2011 and were rapidly diagnosed as acute disseminated encephalomyelitis or multiple sclerosis.

Marie-Oceane was repeatedly hospitalised over subsequent months.

She temporarily lost her sight and the use of her legs.

During one of these crises, her face was completely paralysed.

Treatment at the Bordeaux University Hospital has resulted in a slight improvement in her overall state but with serious after-effects, including among others, the constant fear of yet another ‘flare-up’ of her disease.

As soon as the first symptoms appeared, Marie-Oceane’s doctors suspected a link with the Gardasil vaccine.

Marie-Oceane’s parents have reported this reaction to the Commission de Conciliation et d’Indemnisation des Accidents Medicaux (CCI) d’Aquitaine (Aquitaine Medical Accident Settlement and Compensation Authority), to establish the cause and effect role of the vaccine.

The conclusions of the panel of experts were received in June 2013.

They stated that there appeared to be a clear link between Marie-Oceane’s serious ailments and the vaccine.

“An in-depth analysis of all the information in the file, which included a wealth of references, confirms that Marie-Oceane B’s neurological disturbances are consistent with iatrogenic post-vaccinal disease.”

In an announcement published on the 18th September 2013, Mr. Patrick Maire, Chair of the Aquitaine CCI, stated that Laboratoire Sanofi Pasteur MSD was responsible.

Marie-Oceane accuses Laboratoire Sanofi Pasteur MSD of neglecting to inform recipients of the Gardasil vaccine of the risk of central nervous system inflammation while such risk was identified as far back as 2009 in adverse effects reporting.

Marie-Oceane considers that by taking no action against Laboratoire Sanofi Pasteur, the ANSM has clearly failed in its role of medicine watchdog.

A Press Conference wasl be held at the Bordeaux offices of Cabinet Coubris Courtois et Associes, 31 rue du Bocage, Bordeaux, on Monday 26th November at 11am, and attended by Marie-Oceane and her family.

Just two years ago, a publication in the Annals of Medicine exposed the fraudulent nature of Human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines. Key messages the researchers report include a lack of evidence for any HPV vaccines in preventing cervical cancer and lack of evaluation of health risks. The researchers stated that physicians should adopt a more rigorous evidence-based medicine approach, in order to provide a balanced and objective evaluation of vaccine risks and benefits to their patients.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

TXGIRL1023 12/5/2013 6:49PM

    I had never heard of the link between the HPV vaccine and MS before! Is it that some of them are tainted, or is it an adverse reaction to the proper stuff? I guess maybe I'm glad I haven't gotten it for my son. Since it's only for the strains associated with the majority of cervical cancers I figured that those strains would become less prevalent and other strains would become more prevalent. I have had pre-cancerous cervical cells removed when I was younger, so I was all for it when it first came out. Now, I'm not so sure.

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TEMPENATIVE 12/5/2013 4:33PM

    this is really aweful. my daughters PC, not Ped, Im taking her to DO now, at her first meeting suggested HPV vacc with the school required shots. i said, i will wait. im glad i did. i thought my husband was going a bit coo-coo to insist that she didnt need it becuase it was just giving license to promiscuity. shudder to think-i dont agree with that sentiment but his resistence to the vacc was probably right and I dont think i will get it for my daughter. im mean cuz i was no angel in my teens/20 and I never ended up with it, just sayin'. I also regreted giving her the chicken pox vacc. at age 1 they pushed. She became horribly ill for sevral days, I was sooo sad. Now the booster is due and I dont think I will have her get it emoticon

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    I get the flu shot yearly now. When I was more hit & miss in my younger years, I always seemed to get bad respiratory illnesses, and not on the years I got the shots. I wasn't sure about the HPV - was there some overwhelming epidemic I missed? I got talked into the MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella) about 15 years ago. There was an outbreak of measles in teenagers, and the worry was they could give it to adults whose preventive titers had fallen off. Now, I'd actually had measles and German measles (rubella) as a child, but I went along the the vacination. Horribly ill for 2 weeks with fevers, cough, and red face. Never again!

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MSROZZIE 12/4/2013 2:53PM

    Informative blog, thanks for sharing and how sad! emoticon

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TIME2BLOOM4ME 12/4/2013 12:13PM

    I don't believe in vaccines and I don't claim they work. The article is copied from a website posted above. I have been following vaccines for years now watching the shameful injuries that happen to people around the world from them. It makes me shake my head wondering why people are so twisted that they put harmful ingredients into products that are supposed to keep us well.

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DJ4HEALTH 12/3/2013 10:22PM

    It is all about the Benjamen's that they care about and they don't care how much human suffering that they cause. That is why Japan stopped those shots and I have a question for every one that says that this vaccine works, How is it that you can say it works and it has not even been tested anything but tubes that does not show the real environment for that and also it has been printed that they only go after the two weakest viruses and not the more aggressive on and then they found out that it makes the more aggressive ones grow faster when you get rid of the two weak ones.

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SAMMIESMOM13 12/3/2013 11:49AM

    Just horrible. I and my DH no longer even go for the flu shots. I think it has become a big consumer rip off. And they are now pushing it so hard and "advertising" all over the place. Just a big $ maker. But this is just absolutely abhorent to do this to innocent children for a bit of $.

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STELLASMYBEBE 12/3/2013 10:46AM

    That is really scary!! I am usually hesitant on these new vaccines and I don't get flu shots because they change every year and I am paranoid.
I did get my 17yo vaccinated with the HPV vaccine about 4 years ago after a discussion with her persuasive pediatrician. After reading this, I will think twice before my 4yo hits the teen years. :(

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ROCKN2ROLLIN 12/3/2013 10:34AM

  just want to say that, having worked for CVS pharmacy, I watched the pharmacists struggle with the pressure to push flu vaccines way too early in the season (Sept.). They felt that the vaccines were more effective if given in late October. And the head pharm. refused to get the vaccine himself as he felt that he had an adverse reaction to for Giardasil, my daughter had those vaccines and she never had any adverse reactions but it wouldn't surprise me if the value of the vaccine was over-hyped. I would still suggest parents and people in child care still get whooping cough(pertussis) vaccines as we had an outbreak in our area(with one baby dying) directly related to people who refused to have their children/themselves vaccinated.

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EILEEN828 12/3/2013 3:25AM

    You know when I first started seeing the commercials for this vaccination I had a bad feeling about it. It had such a commercial "flavor" to it, like the latest flu shot. I remember when the flu shots first were real commercialized and how they stressed that they had to be done in advance or it would be too little too late. They must have made a killing that year. But then when they tried it the next year with scare tactics of the new flu that was supposed to be the worst and it ended up being almost nonexistent. They've played "the sky is falling" music so many times that they lost all credibility. Now of course they keep plugging"get a shot" long past the time frame of it doing you any good. And there's that pesky info about how it will only work on a strain or two, even though there are dozens out there. I feel very leery of new hot off the press must have vaccines, because the greed factor has influenced so many, and I feel there is not enough care being taken in their safety. It makes for difficult choices because there are drugs that are needed by people and it even makes me leery of what a doctor has to say about it when it seems that all they do is the exact same thing for everybody without really looking at the person as an individual body. It homes in how much of your health relies on prevention.

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BERRY4 12/3/2013 2:43AM

    Keep in mind that this vaccine is also being pushed for BOYS. Someone in WA state (USA) had their older teens (male) vaccinated without their permission. Nurse said, "Oh well!?!"

One has to watch for everything w/ others thinking that they know what is best for you.

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LYNETTEMOM 12/3/2013 2:00AM

    wow, contradictory information leaves us in a tight spot. Do we take a chance by refusing to do something that we know will be beneficial, just in case the treatment is potentially harmful? Ya just can't win....

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PHOENIX1949 12/3/2013 1:25AM

    I shudder to think that our Governor planned to pass an executive order mandating the HPV vaccines for young girls.

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JANIEWWJD 12/3/2013 12:47AM

    God bless them!!!! emoticon

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ARTJAC 12/2/2013 10:41PM


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MJ7DM33 12/2/2013 10:12PM


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DS9KIE 12/2/2013 9:58PM


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L*I*T*A* 12/2/2013 9:50PM

    thanks for sharing.....
will pass this on.........
blessings and hugs....lita

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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4RASCALS 12/2/2013 8:46PM

    Thanks for sharing. I will definitely pass this information to family & friends.

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TEXASFILLY 12/2/2013 8:31PM

    *hugs* Sure sorry to hear that you've suffered at the hands of the twisted pharma #%@!s.

Wanted to share this link that pretty much sums up pharmaceuticals, the "health care" industry, and "food" industry:


Keep the faith that YOU know what is best for you! *hugs* BB~

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TOKIEMOON 12/2/2013 6:05PM

    I'm fortunate not to work in the health field, so I do not have to get so many vaccines. I will not get the flu shot, and besides not having had the flu in over 10 years, I rarely get a cold. (I hope I didn't just jinx myself!}

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BIGPAWSUP 12/2/2013 5:32PM


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A_SIZE6 12/2/2013 4:42PM

    that is why we don't do vaccines. the beauty of homeschooling

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GODZDESIGN95 12/2/2013 4:28PM

    Gardasil vaccine. Isn't the so called that shot that prevent human papolioma (warts). They shoved that crap at our young folks. I say no to it. Profit before safety. The same goes for these drugs they belch out for diabetes then they cause cancer or heart attacks. They had advandia label for causing hart attacks now they say it does not cause them. Well I will not chance it. I am saying No!

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NEVERORNOW 12/2/2013 3:19PM

    Very interesting! Thanks for the info.

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HAPPYMOM8 12/2/2013 2:51PM

    How sad! Thanks for article.

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KNYAGENYA 12/2/2013 1:38PM


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NASFKAB 12/2/2013 1:33PM

  thanks for sharing

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LISA-120 12/2/2013 1:23PM

    I wish there was better education about vaccines. Everyone thinks they should get them just because the Dr says.

We are learning more and more about the bad effects of these vaccines - some far outweighing the supposed benefits. I read somewhere someone had died from the flu vaccine in the States last week. My mom suffered from dibilitating Chronic Fatique Syndrome - also known as Myalgic Encephalomyelitis for over 10 years. At one time the research was showing the people who were getting this were the ones who had the polio vaccine - instead of polio attacking the legs, it attacks the hypothalamus in the brain. Not sure how much further they got with that research. Luckily my mom seems to be doing much better now. I am sorry to hear you were affected by a vaccination as well.

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1CRAZYDOG 12/2/2013 12:22PM

    There is so much related to the vaccines themselves, the # of them given together, the timing of them and the preservatives (mercury based) used in many vaccines that cause MANY neurological illnesses. **SIGH**

HUGS and thanks for sharing this.

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WALLAHALLA 12/2/2013 12:13PM


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CANDOK1260 12/2/2013 11:53AM

    Thanks for sharing

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RICKI157 12/2/2013 11:45AM

    That is so sad.

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WINE4GIRL 12/2/2013 11:07AM

    There is contradictory info coming out about the vaccine. Medical professionals I know, including a neurologist are still recommending the vaccine. Is it modified in other countries? I know china isn't as diligent about verifying their medicine and medical practices.

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FIT4MEIN2013 12/2/2013 10:25AM

    I am so against vaccines! There are way too many bad effects. My daughter is pregnant and doesn't plan on vaccinating.

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JANTHEBLONDE 12/2/2013 10:21AM

    OMG!! Thanks for sharing this information!

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SPARKLISE 12/2/2013 10:19AM

    That is awful!
I'm glad my girls did not get it done!

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