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Managed to screw up. AGAIN.

Sunday, December 01, 2013

I wanted to take Thanksgiving off from counting calories. I didn't even think about the fact that I had another THREE DAYS of vacation left after Thanksgiving was over. I've had too much to eat for four days now. Maybe it's a sign that I just can't get off my program, ever. Maybe it's a sign that I always have to count my calories, regardless of the event or occasion. I'm getting ready to start my period, so I'll not even weigh myself until that is completely over with. Maybe my co-worker was right...maybe it was stupid to start this whole thing right at the beginning of the holidays. I need to really watch what I eat this coming week, and make sure I get into the gym every day. I haven't worked out in a week, because of my back (and the past few days, just from being lazy). Gaaah. Why do I do this to myself? Why do I fail EVERY. SINGLE. FREAKING. TIME? This is exactly why I didn't want to start over again...all I ever do is let myself down and fail. I guess I just can't give myself any breaks, ever, never again. Awesome.
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    It isn't FAILURE. It's LIFE. Guess what? It'll happen many, many, many more times! Heck, my few days off of tracking for Thanksgiving have now turned in to 5 weeks...what have I learned from this? a) I got lucky that I gained and lost again in the last 5 weeks so I'm no worse for wear b) I've lost 5 weeks where I may have been able to get under 190 so even if I'm no worse for wear, I'm not where I want to be and it really hasn't been all that worth it c) I can't stop tracking, not even for a day or two...keep tracking even if I eat 6,000 calories, because NOT tracking does not take away the calories and NOT tracking only leads me to more over-eating.
    It is a-ok. You're doing fine!
    1370 days ago
    You are all incredible. Thank you for taking a moment from your lives to offer some kind words of support and encouragement. Once again, I am absolutely blown away by the motivation and kindness I have received here on Sparkpeople. There are some days I feel so lost, so alone...and then I am flooded with encouraging words and "I've been there" stories and it makes a remarkable difference in my life. I hope you all know how much your words have meant to me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    1393 days ago
  • GRACE1054
    Do what you can do TODAY to take a step toward a healthier tomorrow. Forget about yesterday.
    You can't do it all at once. You are going to mess up and you can either give up or get up. We have all had these days, weeks (months, years). There is no right time to start other than the time that you decide you are tired of living like this and you are tired of beating up on yourself for it.
    You have to have realistic expectations of yourself and what you can do. Make sure the goals you have set for yourself are realistic and reflect your current health and activity level. Get moving today and be kind to yourself.
    1393 days ago
    We can't always beat ourselves when we fall. We simply need to pick up and move on. The road sure might be tough but arrival at the destination is the VICTORY!!!!
    1394 days ago

    Hang on. It gets better.
    As for starting at the wrong time, NO, you started at the exactly right time. Right for you. Can you imagine how much weight you would have gained by the end of the year if you didn't get back up after a slip and start to count again? Lots, for sure and you would feel worse than you do now. Take it from a "take the holidays off pro". You did not fail. You showed up today and you know that the way you addressed Thanksgiving was not what you wanted to do. You learned an important lesson. The lesson is NOT that you can never enjoy Thanksgiving or any other holiday again. The lesson is you need to approach the holidays with a plan. Not a deprivation plan but a plan to choose only the very best of the goodies and limit the amount. Be choosy. You deserve the very best. Decide which goodie or dessert you'll have and how much. This is a skill that will see you through the rest of the season. Giving up certainly won't help you. Rethinking and planning will make this a great holiday season for you. Choose to do your very best every day at every meal. Enjoy the holidays but that does not mean eating with abandon. You can do this.

    1394 days ago
    Been there, done that, used the same excuses! It took me several tries before I committed and "did it right." I'm going on three years of maintaining a 45 lbs. weight loss. Did I slip up? Yes, about 12 lbs a few years ago. Did I try again? YES!

    I am not kidding when I say if I can do it YOU CAN DO IT! You've made a decision, no just keep at it. The first step is not saying, "Oh, I messed up let me eat this whole box of Oreos." Or, "I blew it, I'll start again on Monday so I'll just eat everything I get my hands on for the weekend." I could go on and on and on......

    This is the first step to a lifestyle change. It's NOT a diet, it's a CHANGE in your thinking, your doing and your attitude! YOU are WORTH the effort.

    This is why you are here, at Spark. The support is amazing and no one is going to put you down for having a bump in the journey or even if you fall flat on your face. We are here to help you up, brush you off and walk with you!

    This moment, right now, is a new moment. Take it and get going on your journey to a healthier you! emoticon and with the support of this group emoticon !
    1394 days ago
    I really over ate from Thanksgiving until Saturday but I still tracked my calories for not only accountability but so I can assess the damage...and believe me when I say the damage was BAD. I`m planning to do a detox for the next 2 or 3 days so I can purge some of this sugar & grease out of my body emoticon

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1394 days ago
    You can do it! It's challenging now but being mindful of your health through the holidays is important too. We tend to use food too often to celebrate events. My plan is to exercise and stay within calorie range on Christmas and New year's. To make it a success I will be makig sure that I dontbring too much temptation into the house. I am also not going to make anyone make me feel guilty for striving to do what's right for my health.

    You are the boss of YOU!!! You can do it! Please keep pushing because you are worth it!!!!
    1394 days ago
  • KELLYB60
    We all have to start sometime...well not the people who are starting tomorrow. Life happens - whether it is Thanksgiving, or the next office birthday party. Forgive yourself, and get right back to it tomorrow. If this was about perfection we would all be failures. I know how you feel....I've started over more than once. I've tried and had no results. I tried, had results, and still quit because I made a mistake and thought it was too hard. My new approach is to make the next right choice. Whatever happened is in the past, but I get multiple chances throughout the day to make a good choice for my health. So give it a go - writing this blog was a right choice. Your already on your way back!

    Hang in there - hope to see you around.
    1394 days ago
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