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Good run!

Saturday, November 30, 2013

This morning I went for a run. That was my first physical activity in a week. I ran a 3-mile route in the neighborhood. About a mile of the route is a dirt road along the irrigation canal. Switching from running on asphalt to running on dirt always puts a little pep in my step.

We're no longer under an air stagnation warning, but there's still a blanket of fog in the area. It's been like this for days. I don't have any pre-existing conditions that make me sensitive to bad air, so unless there's a bad air warning for the general public, I continue to exercise outdoors. Perhaps it was a combination of the cold (below freezing) and the questionable air quality, but my nose continued run and I kept sneezing until the drugs kicked in.

My new Garmin is a disappointment. I like the graphic readout of my heart rate. But, as is typical for Garmin, the user guide is not included with the product: you have to go online to get it. And I finally got my interval training plan loaded on the device (5 minute warm-up, 2 min run followed by 1 minute of walking), but it's worthless. It doesn't beep to alert me when it's time to move to another intensity; the readout flashes. I have to press several buttons to get it to start in on the next intensity. And it thinks I want to warm up for five minutes before every interval.

Since it doesn't do any of the things I thought it would, I'm better off just letting it keep track of time. At least that way it beeps when my heart rate gets too low or too high (it doesn't do that during intervals). The problem is, I usually run in the dark. I was hoping for an audible signal so that I don't have to keep pushing the "light" button and staring at the watch.

On the plus side, since it doesn't alert me when it's time to slow down, most of my 2-minute runs were longer than two minutes. I ran for 2:30 a few times, and 3:00 once. Clearly, it's time to up the length of time I run. emoticon

Which puts me back to using Endomondo on my phone. I have it set to talk to me every minute. But because it's freezing out, I keep the phone in my pocket. I need to buy a set of headphones for it, so I can hear it when it talks to me. (The jack on the headphones for my MP3 player is ever-so-slightly too big. I've jammed it into the phone once; I had to grasp the thing with my teeth to pull it back out. Figgers: it's a Blackberry. No reason to think I can use my $3 headphones. I'm sure Blackberry makes a proprietary headphone for its phones that are overpriced. Oh, the price I pay for my refusal own an Apple product or turn my life over to Google!)

I'm hopeful I will make it to the gym today for strength training. But we have tons of chores to do, and only so much time to do them. The Seahawks are on Monday Night Football this week, so there's no game tomorrow. On the plus side, that gives me a wide-open afternoon on Sunday to do with as I please. (Which means chores and gym, although I'd love to get in some quality time with Call of Duty.) The down side is that means if I go to the gym for a fitness class Monday night - which doesn't cut into the time I can spend with the Hubs, since he doesn't get home from work until 7:30-8-ish - I won't be watching the Seahawks. Which matters little, because the outcome of the game is not dependent upon my observing the game itself. (Televised sporting events are not subject to the Heisenberg Principle. Nor are they subject to the Velveteen Rabbit effect: no matter how hard I try, I cannot wish it and have it be so.) And, as a life-long fan of Seattle's professional sports teams, they have broken my heart more times than I can recall. When your coaches/managers say things like "We played great for five innings" or "If the game was only three quarters long, our season would look much different," you know your team has embraced mediocrity. (Heck, at least they're consistent!)

Despite eating a hearty breakfast a few hours ago, I'm hungry again. emoticon I think there's a hole in my belly only pumpkin pie with whipped cream will fill. (I made the pie with real pumpkin (the "pumpkin pie filling" in the cans in the grocery store is NOT pumpkin - it's squash - sorry if I just ruined Thanksgiving for you) and a whole-wheat crust. And I make the whipped cream. So it's all pretty healthy (at least it's all "real" food). And I didn't over-eat on Thanksgiving, although I have eaten an inordinate amount of cheese over the past few days. (The Hubs loves to put out cheese & cracker trays. And I love cheese. We're a dangerous combination.) So slice of pie sounds just about perfect!

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  • v HILLSLUG98239
    I've been using MapMyFitness for a couple of years, but it's not available for the Blackberry Z10. Enodmondo is. I wasn't crazy about it, but after using it for a few months I forked over the $20 for an annual premium membership. I really like the premium membership. I'd already paid for a premium membership on MapMyFitness, but I'll likely let it expire and keep Endomondo going.

    It is a battery hog, though. I wouldn't rely on it on a long bike ride. I do have a Garmin 510, so when I'm riding I can use my phone as a phone.

    Oh, and I went to the gym for a strength training workout. Most of the TVs in the fitness center were tuned to Monday Night Football. I got to see the first three touchdowns. I left the gym at half time, and only missed a few minutes of the second half. I was confident the Seahawks would win, but I really expected it to be more competitive than it was.
    995 days ago
  • v MISSG180
    I am debating using Endomondo. It eats so much phone battery that I took it off my phone almost immediately, the last time I loaded it. I'm using the Spark Tracker now, and like the amount of motivation it gives me, but it's not really a training tool for trying to do C25K or anything like that.
    996 days ago
  • v APONI_KB
    I know what you mean about sports. Every year I swear I won't get sucked in, then I get sucked in. sigh

    I have a garmin but I just use it to see how fast I didn't run when I get home.
    997 days ago
    That sounds frustrating with the Garmin. Great job getting out there, though!
    998 days ago
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