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Sunday, November 24, 2013

So last week there was a post on the SEM Team regarding the Comet ISON.

(The SEM Team for those unfamiliar with it, is the Science, Engineering, and Math Team. We are a totally hip, nerdy group of … errr … nerds, that like to talk about things like The Comet ISON.)

Anyway, this particular comet has been viewable this week and we had a posting on it. Links to some sites, ways of tracking where it was … that kind of thing.

Then just this morning I was talking with wifey as we were driving.

“Have you heard about the Comet ISON?” I asked her.

“Yup,” she said. “They were talking about it on NPR the other day. I think at this moment it is rounding the sun. They're not sure if it will plummet into the sun though, or if it will whip around and break the sun’s gravitational pull.”

At this point, the conversation got geeky.

Uhh .. I know what some of you are thinking. You’re thinking it was already geeky aren’t you? Pfftt to you I say. Regurgitating other’s geeky ideas and comments is not in itself geeky. No. That’s just a form of plagiarizing. Not that I have anything against plagiarism mind you.

Anyway, what is really geeky is when you can take information you are given, and use one’s massive powers of scientific intellect to formulate yet other theories and such.

Yes, you will now see what true geeky hypothesizing is all about!

I said to wifey …

“Wifey, what if the Comet ISON really does break free of the sun’s gravity?”

“Yes?” she said.

“What if it whips around the sun REALLY fast, gaining even more momentum and speed?”

To which wifey replied, “Nevermind that I asked. What should we do for lunch?”

Her apparent lack of interest did not deter me. I am undetterable when going into genius mode.

“I mean,” I said, “what if it goes soooo fast that it causes us to go back in time?”

“What? Why would that happen,” the wifey asked.

“Star Trek.”

That should have been sufficient right? I mean, c’mon! Haven’t we all seen the Star Trek episode where Kirk takes the ship around the sun to slingshot the Enterprise back in time How much more scientific evidence does one need? In fact, haven’t we seen that episode about 12 or 15 times now via reruns? Heck, that’s repeatable and verifiable evidence.

I got the blank look.

I suspect my superior intellect does stun people that way.

I must stun her a lot … as I get the blank look a lot.

“Anyway,” I went on, “how do we know it hasn’t already happened? How do we know that the Comet ISON hasn’t already whipped around the sun in super-duper sonic speed and has made time go backwards? How do I know that we haven’t already had this conversation?”

Then it dawned on me …

“Hey, what if we are in some kind of massive time loop?” I said.

And in a moment of triumph wifey agreed with me.

“Yeah, you must be right because this totally feels like some hellish time loop.”

Heh. Verification. One point for me. And another … and another … and another …

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I'm with SIERRAGOLD. Hilarious.
    1499 days ago
    HOW did I miss this blog post (as you can see, I'm writing this comment on 12/8/13.)

    LOVE IT. You are hilarious. Your wife is great.


    1505 days ago
    You've described my experiences when I start talking to the fiance about medical things.

    Deer. In. Headlights.

    Then the eye roll.

    1512 days ago
    it's a valid point

    Superman did it to save Louis Lane, so clearly there is a scientific basis for this possibility.
    1513 days ago
  • EOSTAR_45

    Your blogs always crack me up. I am laughing like a crazed maniac and getting "she must be crazy looks!" but I don't care, it's too funny. Stay hilarious!!

    1517 days ago

    ah Greg, you just have to have patience with us non-nerd types....
    1518 days ago
    Oh Greg, I think you might have hurt my science this early in the morning.
    1518 days ago
    I had just a random comet on my page as the background before, and now I've changed it to ISON! emoticon
    1518 days ago
  • HILLSLUG98239
    I dearly hope you and The Hubs never meet.

    Our priest is a former metallurgical engineer who manages to work references to Star Trek, Tolkien, or Monty Python into almost every sermon. Her husband is a computer geek. Whenever I see her husband and my husband talking at coffee hour, I figure one of us wives should just offer the other a ride home, because those boys can talk computers for hours.
    1518 days ago
    OMG.... I was laughing so much I got tears! When you write it's like reading a stand up comedy routine!


    I love that clock pic... so I'm taking that for my collection... emoticon

    Here is another link that is easy to understand.... well to us nerds anyway. emoticon


    And this is a super short video of it, but it's something at least...


    1518 days ago
    And on Thursday I will have to read this post to my 10-year-old half-sister, who is such a Trekky that she went as Spockette for Halloween this year. She would TOTALLY get it!
    1518 days ago
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