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DIY Challenge! End the year on a strong note!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

I found this thanks to a spark team mate, and thought it'd make a good blog along with my challenge submission on the team page :)

My Challenge Name: Happy New Year!

My Starting Weight : 194

Four Other things I will be measuring during this challenge & their current stats:
1. 30 day plank challenge, best time so far: 51 seconds!
2. Energy level, currently fairly low
3. Mood, pretty cranky a lot of the time!
4. Getting back into tracking eating, haven't been even bothering to keep myself in line with this!

If I am going to be 100% honest with myself, the reason I am doing this challenge is because:
I am out of control with my eating, and I want to get back to feeling good about my choices again! Eating crappily makes me feel like crap, I miss feeling good.

I feel like the reason that I have not been progressing as well as I hoped I would be is because: I'm not working on my food choices being good, and moderating my intake.

This time, I commit to finishing my challenge because I know that: I will feel great when I do! I love when I get myself back on track and finally feel accomplished.

I'm scared of: Holiday binges, the notion that healthy lifestyles are "forever."

I want to: Get back on track and stay there!

But I have faith in: The notion that hard work pays off.

And THIS TIME, I will NOT quit, because THIS TIME: I am committing to a month, not a lifetime!
Though that is the ultimate goal, "forever" gets me down.
My top five non-health related motivations right now are:
1. Fitting into my wedding dress
2 Feeling better about myself, mostly mentally as I tend to get harsh on myself when I'm not doing my best.
3.Getting stronger
4. Vanity - wanting people to NOTICE I'm losing.
5. Getting out of my own way!

The best way to motivate me is to: Check in and cheer me on! I like having the accountability that can come with knowing someone wants to hear about my success. I dislike having to report failure and setbacks, which is why my blog has been so quiet lately!

The best way I can motivate myself is to: Remember the small steps add up, and quit thinking this one day, this one meal doesn't matter. In reality, it's the ONLY thing that matters, the choice you are making right now!

My name is: Emily and I will: See the 180's on the scale by the end of December.
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