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Things I am thankful for

Sunday, November 24, 2013

'Tis the season. When I have less, I find it good to ponder what I DO have or what I am grateful for.

Things I am thankful for (in no particular order)

My car
My car starting regularly
My gym membership
Good food
Being able to afford healthy food
My education
My health and safety
A safe home
Opportunities to support my livelihood doing something fulfilling and interesting
Free coffee or dessert
Loved ones
The health and safety of my loved ones
Sacrifices loved ones have made on my behalf
Real friends and new real friends
Generous people
Fresh starts and second chances
Kindness and patience in others
The internet
Sparkpeople, and the fact that such a wonderful resource is free :)
The opportunity to learn about other cultures
Foreign movies and videos with subtitles
Free entertainment and information on the internet
Internet radio
Pathos, ethos, and logos
The first stages of romantic relationships, and long-term romantic relationships
Good books
Good writers
Great public speakers, or teachers that interest me
Interesting dreams
My reading, understanding, memory, and writing abilities
Air conditioning, heating, hot water, running water
Learning and growing environments
People that inspire me without being competitive
Scenic drives with loved ones
Supportive social environments
Walking in beautiful places
Walking-friendly cities
My five senses, and the ability to experience beauty and happiness in different forms
The ability to see the humor in life
Black humor and inappropriate laughter
Lifetime possibility to change for the better
My US citizenship
The capability to handle challenges and learn from mistakes
People that: are funny, express love through food, aren't afraid to be themselves or wear their heart on their sleeve, have made the best of adverse life experiences and can reflect on them intelligently, people that are interesting conversationalists, educated ranters, or that inspire me to do more positive things with my life
Jokes, laughing at jokes
Experiences which renew my sense of wonder and curiosity

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