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I am weak (parts of me, anyway)

Sunday, November 24, 2013

I swam on Friday. I had another breakthrough. I realized I am dipping my head too low into the water when I'm swimming. Because it's so low in the water, it has to travel farther to break the surface of the water. That means I'm expending more energy than necessary to rotate my torso to place my mouth above the water.

Yay! I figgered it out! But Boo! this isn't an easy fix. As a long-term cyclist, I am very aware of how weak my upper back is. Years of trying to hold a helmet-clad noggin up have demonstrated how weak I am.

I did my first strength training workout the night before (Thursday). I'm using Holistic Strength Training for Triathlon. I cannot recommend this book enough. Reading it finally got me to be more consistent about stretching after a ride. As with Total Immersion Swimming, the workouts are not long; they are very focused. I think the author assumes his readers will be more fit than I am: there are some exercises I cannot do. One of them, it was all I could to to hold my position on the physio ball, let alone roll it out in front of me. And I can't do a regular pushup, let alone one on a med ball. But they give me a place to start. And it pleases my geeky side to be wandering through the fitness center carrying a book and a chart. It's like science!

I went to the Group Cycle class Saturday. Different instructor. I liked his workout better. He had us do one-legged drills. That's something I remind myself to do while riding, but I usually only manage about a minute per leg before I quit because, well, it sucks. And this time, I let my heart rate stay higher, although it appears my average and maximum heart rates were the same as they were last time. My legs aren't sore today, but that may also be because I did my own post-ride stretching routine.

Back to the swim: in an effort to regulate my breathing, I didn't breathe in and out at will while backstroking. I may continue to do this during my swim workouts while I work on strengthening my trapezius muscles. I'm hoping it will convince my brain that I will not die if I can't breathe every single second.

I'm kind of anxious to get back to open swims, though. I'm doing a good job of not taking off my goggles throughout the workout, but I'm stopping at each end of the pool. I can't do a kick turn, so I have to stop and turn around. And trying to take off without pushing off results in my heart rate going up because I'm treading water. I suppose that'll take care of itself in time, though.

I did manage one length of the pool only drawing in one breath each time my head was above the water. That was progress. And given my current cold, I think may have been pushing my luck by swimming, anyway.

The cold has probably derailed me for the week. I woke this morning with a bad sore throat. As in it felt like a swollen tonsil. emoticon (I'm one of the minority of my generation that survived childhood with my tonsils intact. That's even more surprising, because in my late teens, I was getting tonsillitis every six months. I never got strep throat at the same time, so the tonsils got to stay. But it left me with a keen impression of what tonsillitis feels like.) So I'm spending today on the futon, watching football, drinking tea. I feel better than I did a few hours ago, but I'm not giving in to the fleeting temptation to go for a run or go to the gym.

And here's my contribution to everyone else's self-esteem: yesterday, I was stretching out my back using a foam roller. I ran over my ponytail. *sigh*
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I agree with CALGIRL80--I support you continuing to let yourself rest! (Not that you asked. )


    I totally understand the temptation to keep working out. I hear often about people who work out all the time and who give themselves time off, that they often come back stronger than before since they gave themselves all that recovery time.

    Hang in there. You'll get better soon. (And the ponytail thing was hilarious.)
    975 days ago
  • v DDOORN
    Have to remind our spin instructor about the one leggers...we've had "temp" instructors do these, but she doesn't...wonder why? Course that doesn't mean I can't do 'em on my own! Great reminder!

    I'm still fighting my sneezy/allergy sorta thing...still don't think it's a cold, but I sure know it's a PITA!

    976 days ago
  • v GHK1962
    And one more thing ... I hope you feel better soon.
    978 days ago
  • v GHK1962
    I say 'weak' is when you give up and you know you can still do more.

    When you stop when you can't go anymore ... or when you keep going even when you don't want to .. .that is sooooo not weak!

    Swimming - Wifey is now taking personal training lessons. They have her doing all kinds of weird things to build her legs, to better her stroke form, and to breath better. I love swimming ... I am good at it ... but not like how she is getting. And I think you are going to get there too ... so HIGH-5 for that.

    Biking ... or Spin - 1 legged exercises? I have never done that or heard of that. Do you unclip one foot? Is the purpose to isolate and strengthen one side of your leg at a time? Or just the weak leg?

    As for the ponytail / foam roller incident ... heh ... not meaning to laugh ... but it sort of reminds me of the first time I sat on the foam roller at the gym ...and I lost my balance and went swooshing backwards. And oh yeah ... it was a Wednesday evening at prime time. Heh.
    978 days ago
    Pretty soon your jock side will catch up to your geeky side! Great job on your workouts. emoticon emoticon
    978 days ago
  • v CALGIRL80
    Take it easy. Let your body rest. Best of luck in your triathlon and blessings on your journey
    978 days ago
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