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Eat It vs. Drink It- Same Calories?

Sunday, November 24, 2013

It seems like a dumb question, kinda like that pound of feathers vs. pound of gold they asked as kids. We always thought a lb of feathers was lighter. (smiling)

Soooo, if I make a smoothie with 4 cutie tangerines, do I count that as eating 4 cuties? This is a lifelong thing of mine, I never realized that drinks have that many calories, so I never worried about them. No, I'm not a dope, but some habits die hard. Very hard. (smiling)

Today is day 1 without coffee. I was down to a quarter of a small mug until yesterday, and my psyche is just starting to relay the message to my body that I am serious about no caffeine. I'm hoping for less painful body and head aches. I'm sipping herbal tea as I type this blog.

Is anyone going shopping on Thanksgiving night? Just curious. The Xmas ads started right after Halloween this year - yikes!

Wishing all a happy, healthy day.
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  • JAROL7
    Yes, your assumption was right ... I did 1 1/2 pots of coffee a DAY for over 50 years. Now down to one day a week and only 2-4 cuts while at church. It wasn't hard to quit by substituting the hot water and lemon juice. Some days I use Green Tea.
    1482 days ago
  • OOLALA53
    Four tangerines are four tangerines.

    I don't prefer smoothies just because they don't feel like eating but deliver the calories of eating. However, I do sometimes make them and eat them like soup. This has been shown to provide a greater sense of satisfaction, and I sure feel more like I've had a meal. emoticon
    1482 days ago
    healthier calories but calorie laden all the same
    1482 days ago
    Smoothies can be tricky because it's easy to pile on the calories, even without sugar or other junk.
    Good luck today with the withdrawals. I hope it goes easy.
    I can't imagine going shopping between now and January. Maybe I'm too sensitive but it's just so unpeaceful.
    Have a great week!
    1482 days ago
    congrats on your progress to being caffeine free.

    Whether you eat them raw or make a smoothie - it counts.

    No shopping for me on Thanksgiving. Don't like shopping that much no matter what. Do a lot of online shopping.
    1482 days ago
  • NANCY-
    A smoothie is just pureed food so you get the fiber with it. I put spinach or kale in mine to help me get my greens in. So yes it counts as eating the cuties. IMO using a juicer takes out that fiber and you end up drink a higher sugar content which the body will process faster.

    WTG on being Caffine Free!!! What is you fav tea. I love rose hip tea... it looks I'm drinking wine.
    As for shopping on Thanksgiving, my feeling is that is a day for family and friends, so a great big NO.
    1482 days ago
    My doctor doesn't allow me to drink any calories other than milk. He says to just eat the fruit, nix the juice.

    I will NEVER shop on Thanksgiving, Christmas, nor Easter. I find it disgusting.

    Hang in there. The worst is over with the caffeine.
    1483 days ago
  • FISHER011
    Good for you giving up coffee!
    As for the smoothie~it sounds delicious! I would count it as 4 cuties & put in the entire peeled, seeded cutie so you get the fiber too! emoticon
    No way am I headed out shopping- emoticon emoticon
    I leave the shopping to my sister Terry-diehard shopper she is & to the youngins with more energy.
    1483 days ago
    I'm a coffee drinker -- black -- and seldom drink anything with any calories in it whatsoever. No juices, smoothies, fancy cappufrappuccinos etc.

    Gonna chew my calories for sure!
    1483 days ago
    Yes, it's 4 cuties. There is a reason I prefer to drink water or black coffee (usually decaf)…I'd rather eat my calories than drink them.
    No need to go shopping on Thanksgiving…Chanukah starts on Wednesday night and I've already bought presents ;-)
    1483 days ago
    I never drink my calories except for my morning coffee & OJ. After that only water. I'm not even a fan of smoothies or lattes. I want to chew my calories.

    As for shopping, no way do I go anywhere near stores this week.
    1483 days ago
    I would think that you count it as 4 cuties plus whatever else went into the smoothie. Like many other things that can be classed as one type of food when they are a combination of several. Meat loaf or omelets are the same type of food.

    Shopping around Thanksgiving? Surely you jest. I stay away from the stores at this time of year with a passion. If I can't find something online it stays not bought.

    May you be free from migranes for ever.
    1483 days ago
    good luck with the no coffee!
    1483 days ago
    I am most definitely NOT going shopping Thursday or Friday...I don't care what we're out of. There isn't anything I need that badly.
    1483 days ago
    Yep, if you drink the whole smoothie you count the calories for the 4 Cuties and whatever else you put into it. I prefer eating my calories to drinking them because the food seems to last longer and I get to chew it. emoticon

    Not going shopping on Thanksgiving night, or on Black Friday or the weekend I don't like the crowds and prefer to catch the sales on line. I did that last year and got great deals. I've already gotten my brother and sister-in-laws gifts that way.

    Crossing my fingers you don't have any problems with the last of the caffeine withdrawal. It seems you've done it gradually enough that you should be ok.

    1483 days ago
    Answer to question 1 about juicing vs eating the item. It is different. Juice is without the fiber. However if you track it just put in the whole fruit. The Spark tracker doesn't really give you a choice and neither does Cron-O-Meter which is what I use. As to the calories it is the same also. The greatest difference between the whole item / juicing is you get the nutrients faster into your system.

    Answer to question 2 about shopping on Black Friday. HELLNO! LOL I live down the street from a mall and I almost have to use a helicopter to get home because of the traffic gridlock. Gesh, oh how I feel like saying humbug this time of year.
    1483 days ago
    I've tried giving up my coffee - but I never can get past the headaches. Go you!! I'm impressed if not inspired.

    Good question about the fruit and other ingredients in drinks. I always use a recipe for smoothies, and I won't use one without the nutritional information. I will say that I've been amazed at the number of calories in those "healthy" drinks - ergo the coffee, black.

    I don't shop when there are crowds. I'm more likely to shop online...

    Have a great week!!
    1483 days ago
    Congrats on cutting back on caffeine! I'm trying to cut back somewhat also -- but I am down from 4 cups to 2 cups and am having a hard time getting down to 1 cup.

    I will shop on the day after Thanksgiving fairly early in the a.m. I will be in a big city (staying at a hotel) to be near mom who is in a nursing home for the holiday. The bigger city has a MUCH larger selection of nice clothing in my size (right now I'm on the borderline between plus size and regular size)
    1483 days ago
    Hi there, I am decaf now, but I think I still drink too many cups (5-6) a day of which 3 may be my cap! I also drink herb teas and am going to reduce my caps to one, and increase herb teas.
    I do NOT shop on big sale holidays, I can't stand the rude crowds all the pushing and shoving and all the roughing up of the displays, breaking things even. No, not for me.
    Wish you a thankful holiday, and a Merry Christmas. Best to you in your endeavor to make healthy changes. Persistence will pay off, just keep on keeping on no matter what and you will be successful.
    1483 days ago
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