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Will I See This Through?

Sunday, November 24, 2013

I am at a familiar place on my scale -- about 15 to 20 lbs above my goal weight.

This is about 20 lbs below where I first started out (as PennyAn45) back in January 2010.
So I do consider myself a success here.

I have been as much as 7 pounds lower than this - but I have not held it there for long.

It is fairly easy for me to hold my weight where it is now. I eat mostly healthful foods, with occasional treats, and I do not feel deprived.

My energy level is good and I feel healthy.

I walk regularly, and have begun strength training again - sort of.

And for the most part, I like how I look ...
...when I have clothes on, of course LOL.

(I have finally given up on my dream of having a slim rear end and thin thighs. At the ripe old age of 68 I realize that will never happen -- and I can accept that.)

Since this summer -- when I was successful in losing 5 lbs, instead of gaining my usual 7 lbs while on vacation at the beach -- I have had a running conversation with myself about whether or not I want to continue working on losing more.

Maybe now I should just concentrate on maintaining where I am.

Last month, my doctor, during a regular checkup, told me that if I took off another 15 pounds I could probably make enough changes in my blood chemistry to eliminate a medication and its side effects.

That sure is tempting.

Also, my A1C score is right on the border - and I would love to see it reduced even more.

Aside from blood chemistry, it would certainly feel good to finally reach that goal weight and prove to myself that I can, in fact, do it.

Of course this is not a good time of year to try and lose more weight -- with the holidays coming and with tempting goodies everywhere.

Decisions, decisions.

Writing blogs ALWAYS helps me when it comes to making decisions.

I think I will take the same approach I took last summer. I was determined NOT to gain any weight at the beach - and I didn't.
During this holiday season I will NOT gain any weight.

Then, after the holiday, I can decide if I want to go on an all out effort to lose another 10 or 15 lbs.

I think that makes the best sense for me.


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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Good for you!
    I've just been doing what I've been doing and my weight has remained the same for the past year after my initial loss. Up a pound or two, down the same. I consider that a victory also. We've learned something.
    Perhaps we can tweak the diet or volumes a bit more and remove the pounds?
    Good luck.
    1547 days ago
    You will lose that 15-20 pounds. Coming off a med is a determination.
    1549 days ago
  • DAISY443
    Before I finished reading your blog, I was going to suggest maintaining for now, then make a decision later to maybe lose very gradually. Then I discovered that was your decision! As always, you are a sensible and resolute lady! Good for you!
    1549 days ago
    emoticon plan! Here's to maintaining and reassessing!
    1549 days ago
  • KANOE10
    Good idea to maintain for the holidays. Youi have done a great job of keeping your weight off. You can decide after the holidays.

    1549 days ago
    You know your own body weight gain over the holidays is a superb of luck getting there!!!
    1549 days ago
    I think you have done an amazing job and know that when you are ready you will get those last pounds off.
    1550 days ago

    Comment edited on: 11/24/2013 10:05:02 PM
    Good plan. Enjoy your maintenance months. It's a skill we all need. The next push can come when you're ready.
    1550 days ago
    Seems like a sensible plan to maintain over the holidays and then reassess your goals in the new year. emoticon
    1550 days ago
    Maintain where you are, then reassess after the holidays. If you feel better losing more do it. It's your body, your rules. emoticon
    1550 days ago
    I've been having that very same conversation with myself, too! My lowest weight with SparkPeople was 8 pounds less than what I weigh now -- and I've lost 13 pounds since this June when I crept up to 5 pounds within my starting weight. Ideally, I'd like to think I could lose 18-23 more pounds, but realistically, I'm not totally committed to that anymore.

    Sometimes I just get so tired of playing this game. But it's not a game. It's my life, my health.

    My goal right now is to enjoy the holidays without putting on more weight. That will be difficult to do, I know, but I have to really be diligent. I have to resist the temptation to eat eat every last slice of pumpkin pie and spoonful of cornbread dressing that remains. I love to cook and I love to taste and try to figure out all the different herbs and spices and ingredients that go into the flavorful foods.

    You've summed it up for many of us, and right now I'll join in and go with your decision:

    During this holiday season I will NOT gain any weight.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1550 days ago
    That was good work on your holiday, and I know you can hold the line over this holiday, too. I think it is a lot to ask to lose weight over Christmas.

    I guess the thing is the creep. If you decide to stay where you are, what if the weight just creeps up, then you will be more than twenty pounds over. I think about this when people ask me if I am done with losing weight now.

    Like you I would be happy to settle at a bit overweight, but that feedback from your blood work is pretty tempting. I'm off meds now, and one gave me insomnia and, I now realize, brain fog. I feel so thankful and free to be off those meds, and my body is glad to be regulating itself, I can tell.

    And then, too, somehow it is hard to stabilize at a new low.I seriously believe the reason it is so hard to shift is that some of that fat has been with me for nearly thirty years. So I fully expect the last part to be the hardest, and then there is maintenance.

    I plan on maintaining until February then making a serious effort to get down to goal weight in 2014. In the meantime, ST is my push, it is a key to weightloss and I need the extra muscle to help me torch that remaining fat. Sounds like you do too.

    I know I can do it and I know that last little bit will be hard. I might need to make drastic efforts, and it might actually take all year. And I'm sure I will be resting in between campaigns in the Battle of the Bulge.

    General Fifi

    1550 days ago

    Comment edited on: 11/24/2013 12:27:37 PM
    I think your plan to not gain any weight over the holidays is superb. I am sending positive wishes your way.
    1550 days ago
  • --KREN
    Good health and being happy with yourself. Those are the best goals. Best wishes for you!
    1550 days ago
  • BEBARB149
    Sounds like you'd really like to get rid of that last bit of extra weight. If you don't, it's going to keep haunting you. Your plan to maintain over the holidays and start working to lose the weight in the new year sounds right on target. Good luck.
    1550 days ago
    That sounds like a good plan. I always used to have trouble when I was close to my goal weight getting the motivation to get to where I thought I wanted to be. I think a big part of it was that I was actually pretty okay with being a few pounds above goal.

    I believe we know in our gut what is right for each of us.

    1550 days ago
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