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A Sweetener-aholic Making a Change

Sunday, November 24, 2013

I have been quite a soda drinker for a long time. I am referring to diet Mountain Dew, and occasional Diet Dr Pepper or Coke Zero. Since I can't tolerate caffeine after noon, I use caffeine free Mountain Dew in the afternoon. I've been known to drink almost a two liter diet MD in the afternoon. Drinking frequently is in a great part because medicines make my mouth dry, and recently I read that diet sodas can cause dryness of the mouth! No wonder I drink so much of it. I also crave sweet in my mouth. I have heard also that the bubbles can effect the brain's ability to be satisfied by the sweet offered by the soda. And around the same time I heard about brominated vegetable oil in the citrus drinks is not good for you. (can't remember the effect it has on the body, but it was something that concerned me when I heard about it) Adding all these negatives up, as well as how artificial sweeteners are extra intensely sweet which contributes to a capacity to consume lots of sugary treats at a time, I have decided to go off of soda, and also stop my Splenda use (probably 12 packets a day, in coffee and on oatmeal and in plain greek yogurt.)

I have over recent months been having the beginning efforts at decreasing the amount of soda I drink, taking in two cans of soda in the morning and two in the afternoon. Partly because of cost and partly because of warnings my son has mentioned. None of my 4 kids, nor spouses drink any soda! (a fact I just thought of as I write this…strange I never noticed this before!)

Stopping altogether is a major change. I'm still having one glass of iced coffee in the morning (to get the caffeine in the morning that I usually get from the MD.) I have regular iced coffee in the afternoon as well. I am noticing I'm drinking much more water, but when I want flavor I have the coffee. With soy creamer and sugar. I tried Truvia and hate the bitter aftertaste--what's the sense of sweetening something when the bitter overpowers the sweet? This morning I decided to use minimal cane sugar. Getting sugar out of my diet is another issue to tackle at another time.

Soda and artificial sweetener are my current items to tackle. I started this on Tuesday of this week, so I've had 5 days with no soda and no Splenda. I'm not having noticeable withdrawal, especially not having any headaches since I'm not eliminating caffeine. i'm eating lots of foods with antioxidants, and plenty of protein, to help get the chemicals out of my system. I don't know how long these chemicals will stick around in my body, (let me know if you know anything about that part of it)

I am happy to have a healthy project to work on. I also am more motivated to get exercise. since it was recommended to get 30 minutes daily cardio to help remove toxins. I'm not doing that daily, though averaging out my minutes for the week I did last week.

I'm hoping that the decrease in this kind of sweet in my days will lead to less drive to have candy, cookies and the like. I hear eliminating sugar altogether will help me not trigger desire for these sugary snacks. But for pete's sake, I need to tackle one thing at a time, though technically I'm tackling soda and sweeter, two items. I tend to be All or nothing in mindset so I'm feeling guilty for not cutting out those treats as well. Hubby said "one thing at a time or you will get overwhelmed" As always he has wisdom and is in agreement with principles of SP (without me having educated him on this particular tactic in having a successful journey toward health)

One reason I scoffed at giving this up, when hearing that even diet soda can lead to weight gain, Is because I've been able to successfully lose weight while drinking it. It is hard to give something up when you aren't convinced that it's all that bad for you, and ignore all the reports pointing to the negative effects. I've never been one to freak out about additives, and every little report in the news about how bad they are for you. Not into sensationalism. Not worried about cancers. Not fearful of death. Including early death.

Maybe I'll become that person as I get older. And as I see more people that I am close to pass away.
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  • LARISSA238
    Great job on cutting out the soda and Spelnda! I use 2 teaspoons of sugar and a bit of creamer in my coffee, and that's about all the added sugar I eat.
    1511 days ago
    You really can do it. You are stronger than you think!
    1516 days ago
  • KANOE10
    I cut out diet sodas. I use coffee instead. You are showing strength by taking one more positive step for your health.

    You can do it. I find the less sugar I eat, the less I crave sweet things.

    1516 days ago
    I've been soda free for over 6 months. You can do it.
    1517 days ago
  • _JODI404

    I think you are making a really smart decision to tackle these two items together. I agree with your hubby too!

    I used to use 2 or 3 packets of Splenda in my green tea. I just decided to stop it cold turkey, and have really never missed it. My taste buds adapted pretty quickly. I now realize how overly sweetened the taste really was.

    I did drink diet sodas growing up as a teenager. Real soda was always far too sweet for my tastebuds. I had developed an afternoon snack habit of a diet coke and microwave popcorn. I decided to quit them both cold turkey, and I don't think I've had a soda ever since. (6 years ago?) (Maybe a gingerale for upset stomach). I really don't miss it. As you have stated, I read and became knowledgeable about how unhealthy it is.

    I'm glad you aren't feeling any ill side effects from the change. I think you will be very pleased with how you feel when water is your main beverage.

    Wishing you great success as you tackle this new challenge. Great steps in the ongoing direction towards better heath.


    1517 days ago
  • ANGGEL40
    Good for you..I stop drinking sodas like 3 years ago..Diet Dr.Pepper was one of my favorites..now I drink mostly water and a lot of green tea..it's hard at first but it is so worth it..because soda does pack a lot of weight on even if it's diet..none of it is good for us! Wishing you all the best! emoticon
    1517 days ago
    I do not often drink soft drinks. As a treat in
    the summer I will drink Zeva which is sweetened
    with stevia. It is color-free and
    uses only natural flavorings. It is actually quite good.

    My mainstay carbonated beverage is La Croix
    naturally flavored sparkling waters. I really like the
    bubbles. There are no calories
    and no artificial sweaters, just nice citrus flavors.

    You are wise to have the goal of eliminating
    commercial soft drinks. They do not contribute
    to our health. emoticon
    1517 days ago

    Comment edited on: 11/24/2013 2:17:51 PM
    Good for you! I slowly decreased my soda intake a couple years ago. I now cannot finish a whole can of soda. I never got hooked on diet sodas, ever liked the after taste.

    Very smart to tackle one issue at a time!

    You're doing a great job!

    1517 days ago
    Great plan! Go for it!
    I looked up Diet Mountain Dew (I don't know it, I think it's sold under another name in Europe perhaps). Ingredients: see here http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_are_
    One of them is aspartame.
    I stopped using all products that contain it when I realized just how DANGEROUS aspartame is. Particularly because it is said to STAY in the body, as garbage, the body appaprently has no or very limited ways to dispose ot it.
    I'm sure a little internet search will help you be even more motivated to get off this stuff. I typed in 'dangers of aspartame' and got over 800.000 hits.
    1517 days ago

    Comment edited on: 11/24/2013 10:50:44 AM
  • CHERYLA2012
    What a wonderful thing to do for you!

    I no longer have diet soda or crystal light, etc.The interesting thing about no longer drinking artificially sweetened drinks is that it re-set my ability to taste and enjoy the natural sweetness in things.

    Much success to you as you navigate this latest step!

    1517 days ago

    Good for you. I also struggle with artificial sweetener (in my coffee and also in Crystal Lite)
    and I am addicted (2 liter bottle in a day) to Pepsi cherry zero. I have periods of months where I have gone soda free and have done just great, but the moment I have "just one", I am back to having dangerous and excessive amounts.

    I think that I will re-commit myself today, due to your blog, to going soda free. Since my daughter's wedding is exactly six months away I will give myself a six month goal of no soda. I will miss it VERY VERY much. I am sad just thinking about it. Yet I know that especially at my age it is doing my body absolutely no good, and potentially a great amount of harm.

    Keep up your streak, and you can do it! Thank you for the push I needed.

    Love, Ginger
    1517 days ago
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