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The “Improved” (?) Nutrition Tracker

Friday, November 22, 2013

On Friday I went to enter my foods in my Nutrition Tracker and discovered it had changed – I wondered if this was due to an update to my computer at the beginning – but no! its been “improved”.

When I said something about that we hadn’t been warned on the Leaders message board – I was told –
“Sorry that I didn't post this sooner. You can copy and paste this message in your teams to better inform them if you are seeing questions.

This morning we launched a slightly redesigned version of the nutrition tracker. The changes entail:

1) An overall visual redesign. We simplified the colors, and a few other things. The goal was to better match the redesigns recently launched on pages like our homepage and Start page.

2) As part of the redesign, we moved a few things around the page:
- The biggest is that the water tracker, Tracker Options, and Daily Feedback buttons were moved down the page.
- We dropped the fruit/veggie quick track but that tracking can easily be added to the Start page tracking options. The same can be done with the water tracking as well for more of a one stop tracking option.
- The button to add more nutrients is now at the bottom of the page, vs to the top right of foods tracked for the day

We will be updating the Nutrition Tracker tour in a week or so. Further questions can be directed to support@sparkpeople.com or via the Site/Tech message board forum.

While we know change can be difficult, please know that we do not make changes simply for the sake of change. Our goal is always to better serve the millions of members that are working hard to positively change their life, one goal at a time.

Coach Tanya”

So basically what they are saying is – the changes are for our own good!!
So the fact that the water tracker has moved to the bottom of the page – must mean it is of little importance since its easy to forget down there – the same applies to “feedback” obviously a balanced diet is of no importance!!
Do we agree with this attitude – not on your ...........!!

And the worst thing – the Fruit and veg tracker has gone – on being asked about this the reply was:
“Related to the veggie/fruit tracker, that option was intended as an alternative for people that don't like detailed tracking. The 'quick tracker' was the same thing for people who had trouble tracking activity and just wanted to check off that they had done something but weren't using it to monitor calories burned. Those goal setting options still exist on the new start page for those people that are motivated by keeping track of activities completed. If you need more focused tracking to help you reach your goals, the detailed trackers are available. Hopefully everyone still has what they need to reach their goals even if they are placed in a different location.

Coach Tanya”

Ok – so we can set a fruit and veg tracker up on our start pages (assuming everyone knows how – and I’ll bet a lot have no idea)!! But it doesn’t link in with the Nutrition Tracker as it used to and to get the points from eating the veg and fruit – we need to add each one individually to the tracker – though you can get 1 point for shoving the slider button if you set up the tracker on your start page!!
So again we assume – fruits and veg tracking are of little importance!!

The real point out of all this is – that Sparkpeople say they have our interests at heart!! But what is more important – a nice clean tidy page (which is what the changes are in aid of) – or helping the members to change to a healthier lifestyle by having important things sitting in front of them so they are harder to forget??
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I'm with you on the move of the water and freggies trackers to the Start page. I tend to not use that page, but now I guess I'll have to. I'm also not that fond of the move of the Daily Feedback link to the bottom of the page, where I overlook it.

    I guess that we ol' fuddy duddy's don't count for a lot when programmers are turned loose!!

    1307 days ago
    I don't care for change but have found it inevitable. However, I HAVE noticed that more & more we are being inundated with unpleasant adverts, including pop-ups and what I consider spam. I am becoming more and more fed up with it. I understand that we want and need to keep SparkPeople free.... but I don't want to have CRAP shoved under my nose constantly either. Thanks for sharing the "news" with us Ann. Be blessed my friend.
    1310 days ago
    I have to admit it doesn't look that much diff to me. I like the new Start page cause I can do so much on it that I can track that is important to me and I seem to be earning a lot more points with this new Start page as well. That's a good thing cause I like to give out goodies !!!

    I am sorry though that so many are having difficulties with the changes. Shame there can't be an option to use either :-(
    1311 days ago
    wrote something but it disappeared really cant manage what they think we should ear where do I get strawberries in Dhaka? no frozen yogurt either eat more veggies cant eat tilapia it stinks they said to have 6 egg whites what happens to the yolks? price eggs no intention of trashing them its a real mess HELP
    1312 days ago

    Comment edited on: 11/23/2013 10:52:59 AM
    too old to learn to navigate around these pages its so hard
    1312 days ago
    I'm not sure what to think. I used to love tracking
    the water through my Team page, but now have to
    search, but hopefully I will get used to it. emoticon
    1312 days ago
    1312 days ago
    These computer people who were raised with technology have no clue how difficult this is for us seniors who never had the opportunity to want to use or learn to use computers.
    Their brains work like a computer where as mine works best reading text in the English Language not "computerese" or "TECH SPEAK"

    Many of us have been struggling to get this but as soon as we fathom just a small amount this massive change is made with the start page.

    Every time I try to use the drop downmenu to find, My tracker. My goals or Web search the menu shuts down and I have to try several times.
    I fear I am being forced to try to use the page when I have not the education to navigate it.
    Maybe it works better on the touch screen computers and Phones but using the computer is difficukt enough without having to learn even more.

    I really do love spark, I love my healthy lifestyle thanks to finding The Spark but I and many of us have very little idea how these pages work.
    Sure many of you do but the Spark friends I have in my generation are most definitely under- served.
    Pat in Maine.
    1312 days ago
  • SUCCESSN2015
    I don't see why people don't like the Start page. I'll admit at first it took a few days to get used to it but I like that all the trackers are right there on the front page: water, fruits/veggies, sleep, etc. The only thing that irritated me at first is I had to locate the Spark calendar. I was a bit perterbed because I thought they got rid of it. Nope, just have to go to REPORTS tab and its down half way through the page. The only thing I noticed different about the nutrition tracker today was it was a different color. All the other trackers (water, etc) I use on the Startpage.
    1312 days ago
    Yeah, the new tracking system is driving me crazy! Hate the way it shows foods that I didn't even enter the name!
    1312 days ago
    They seem to change quite a few things hopefully for the better.
    1312 days ago
  • JUNEAU2010
    Some of the recent changes have not been wonderful!
    1312 days ago
    I'm not happy with the new Nutrition Tracker. Before it was bright, colorful and easy to click on water/fruits/veggies....all right there when you open it up. I have not used the new Start Page AT ALL. It is sterile, colorless, unappetizingly uncoordinated and I am not enticed to learn to use it at all.

    Change is a fact of life, but some things would be better left alone. It would be nice if we at least had the OPTION of "upgrading" to the new format, or could remain (comfortable and happy) with the old one.

    Just sayin'.

    1312 days ago
    Well you know my feelings on this issue. I replied to your SparkMail message on this subject.

    No one has our interests above their own. I got this into my noggin a while back.


    1312 days ago
    I don't like the way they changed the search function
    1312 days ago
    For some reason they are obsessed with the new start page. And want us all to be too. I hear lots don't like it. I fumbled through and found everything. I figured I missed the update and come to find out they did it before warning us. Hmmmmmm
    1312 days ago
    Not understanding your problem. The fruit and veg tracker is on the start page. If you don't see one, go to "add goal" right underneath all those trackers.

    I actually find it much more convenient not have to fiddle around in other pages. Almost everything I need is right on the start page - water tracker, fruit & veg tracker, calorie tracker AND fitness tracker with a progress report button. I quite like it. :)
    1312 days ago
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