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Friday, November 22, 2013

~ * ~ It’s wonderful what happens when Christ displaces worry at the center of your life. ~ * ~


Would that I could be in that place, ALL of the time.

"Don’t fret or worry. Instead of worrying, pray. Let petitions and praises shape your worries into prayers, letting God know your concerns. Before you know it, a sense of God’s wholeness, everything coming together for good, will come and settle you down. It’s wonderful what happens when Christ displaces worry at the center of your life."
-Philippians 4:6, 7 (The Message)

I AM, at least, getting better at the phrase in the first part: shape your worries into prayers. When I catch myself worrying, I turn it into a prayer.

Ok, the above is the encouragement part.

Yesterday I did not log on to the computer at all. I had an unusually very comfy position sleeping in the car Wed night and Thurs morning, was very warm, and was in a place where I felt safe. So I indulged in sleeping a long, long time. Shouldn't have done it, but, I tell you it felt wonderful. I do not take such rare instances for granted anymore.

After sleeping way late yesterday, I wanted to return to ministorage for the purpose of unloading my car, emptying it, and reorg. And I had a long list of stuff to do outside of ministorage, of course.

However ministorage mushroomed and turned into a huge project, and I left ministorage bone tired at 1am. I know it was at least 10 hours of straight work, maybe 12. I am seriously sore today. E-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e. There's nothing like full-body functional exercise to tell one how out of shape you are. I already knew that, but, being cognizant, and KNOWING, are two different things.

Car is emptied and reorged. After I put everything back in, I've decided the end result is still too full so I'm going to make some other changes. Not everything fits in the trunk as I would like it to. It will require more frequent trips to ministorage for clothes and food during the week, but that's the tradeoff for having a more normal-looking car. And more normal-looking is what I want. I don't want to be at ministorage more frequently however, which I will be. Oh well. Normal-looking car means more frequent trips to ministorage. This will not be for forever. It's temporary. On laundry days, my basket and bags of clothes will be in the car's back seat instead of staying in the trunk like normal. Because I need that trunk space.

WOW am I ever a hoarder.

Good to know this now, and take corrective measures before moving into my apt when I'm able to get one (after I get gainful employment).

When I opened ministorage, the way in was blocked by all the stuff I had tossed in when it started raining last time. So it was alot of work, plus I labeled the boxes I didn't have time to last time when the rain started, and packed what hadn't been because of the rain. Plus I took on a couple projects while I was there that naturally arose as part of the process.

During the course of working there, over time I found the corn bags and put them in the trunk. And I can now reach the parka when I need it. I will need the parka and the corn bags this Sunday: hi 38, low 21. (Heat the corn bag in a microwave to make a heating bag.)

I found all of my shoes including the missing pairs I had looked and looked for, when I was trying for office dress on the last temp job even tho everyone wore jeans. I was treating it as a dress rehearsal for a real job. As wardrobes age and society changes, it's good to do a dress rehearsal if you haven't worked for awhile at a real job. I was so frustrated, I KNEW the shoes were there somewhere and did NOT want to buy more . . . so happy that's not a need now. All shoes are in shoe boxes, inside of cardboard boxes, and the boxes are all in one stack.

So I got alot done, between car, ministorage, repacking, and reorganizing. And I got some of the most painstaking work done. Canned goods and other pantry goods are sorted by type, and all boxes are labled in detail. I am guardedly hopeful the other parts of ministorage will progress faster. But am reminding myself everything always takes longer than one thinks.

In my own defense, when you stay at multiple temporary places you make boxes of temporary living stuff for yourself at each place. And then they all come back to ministorage. But you never COMPLETELY reorg all the boxes' contents when they come back in. If at all. Instead you just put the half-packed boxes of misc, mixed-up mixed-together stuff inside. You never really know, nor can keep track, of what you have. So in my own defense, that's why I have so many duplicates, as well as simply too much.

But it is also true I am a hoarder. I had alot of flashbacks from other apts, as I packed and handled belongings that had been in Maryland and Iowa apts. Not something I ever want to repeat again. It ends here and now. Thank you, FlyLady!

A SparkFriend told me she usually does couponing, but right now she's concentrating on using things up that she already has, instead. OMG after yesterday, YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's not exactly the healthiest food, but I could live a long time paying nothing but gasoline, ministorage rent, and landromat expense. I have plenty . . . I am truly blessed. Yes it's because I am very frugal, but still, I am extremely blessed and God has provided alot for me. And 99% of this stuff was bought on piddly pay job wages (part time minimum wage). Which makes it even more extraordinary. I will be giving alot away.

One sixth of ministorage is now done. Woo hoo. emoticon

That was my Thursday. Sleeping late, and then getting a full-body butt kicking at ministorage - revenge or balance for sleeping late?, who knows. When I wearily looked at the clock at 10:30pm at ministorage, I knew it was already too late to go anywhere for public wifi. Knew it wasn't going to happen.

Friday: Frozen turkey prices are GOOD this year! I suppose I should be sad as it's a sign of the recession. I never thought I'd ever see these prices again.

Since I don't have a kitchen, I called first dibs on supplying the turkey for our Life Group's Thanksgiving dinner this year, potluck, which is this Monday. Looking forward to it. I'll cook it in another lady's kitchen.

Today I clipped coupons at BILO grocery store who has $ .49 per pound Honeysuckles, when you buy $25 minimum. But the turkey is included not excluded from the $25, and, I needed a monthly phone card, so it was no problem. I thought the 49 cents would be for an unrecognizable brand name, so was amazed it was for Honeysuckles.

Also Food Lion has $ .47 per pound Jennie-O frozen turkeys, when you buy $35. Jennie-O is not my fav tho, as too much stuff is added (more than most brands).

Aldi's doesn't do a very good job on turkeys. Their frozen Butterballs are $1.19 lb year round. Here, BILO and Food Lion are the same price for Butterballs, or sometimes a few cents higher. I usually prefer the generic cheap frozen turkey, which I have delicious results with, so have never cared about brand names before this year.

It was funny as I clipped coupons at BILO, no matter how good a deal it was, or if I had a coupon to match the sale, or if I could use the coupon at Dollar Tree meaning I'd get it for almost free, the answer was NO YOU ALREADY HAVE TOO MUCH TO USE UP IN MINISTORAGE. Because now I know exactly what I have.

I am going to make the food banks and church food table happy, let me tell you!

I am going to get some free things at Dollar Tree, but only for donation purposes, and only when I'm there for something else and not spending extra gas nor time to go there.

Tonight it is laundry and dropping off the 15 lb turkey.

How was your week?

(This is Christian recording artist Mandisa, for those of you who don't know. This is a concert shot, which is why her makeup looks overdone like that.)
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    great you are getting organised
    1583 days ago
    It sounds like you have come a long way at getting things organized at the storage unit. I have been making some progress too.
    1583 days ago
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