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Friday, November 22, 2013

My local grocery store has the set-up that allows customers to pick up a handheld device so we can scan and bag our purchases as we are shopping, and perform our own check- out. All very modern and high-tech and impersonal.

Well! Yesterday, the kiosk where you pick up the scanner was doing nothing but showing an error message. A woman walked by the kiosk with her shopping cart and said, "Oh good, one less thing to worry about!"

I was in Helpful Mood, so I went to Customer Service and reported the problem with the kiosk. The young woman in Customer Service gave me a pleasant low-tech smile and walked over to the kiosk. I followed, expecting to see her produce a keyboard or a mouse or a stylus and get the thing running in five or six commands.

Still smiling, the woman reached underneath the screen with the error message and pulled out the power plug. She waited a bit. She plugged it back in. The screen blinked twice and displayed its customary welcome sign.

I walked away, inordinately pleased that the old turn-it-off-and-on still works in the 21st Century.

! With apologies to Douglas Adams
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