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Thursday, November 21, 2013

I don't know how others are doing it, but I have GOT to get a grip on my eating habits!!!
For some reason, all of a sudden in the past 4 months I can't seem to get enough chocolate or junk food, and it's always around me, so it's so hard to resist!!
How can I get a handle on it all!! How can I get back to where I was with my eating habits?!!
How can I find the motivation to get myself moving again, and really work to lose this weight?!
I've got to come up with the answers and really start working on this!! My grandchildren are starting to call me FAT!! I am not a happy camper!!
I appreciate all the help or advice I can get! I've been to my goal weight before, and I know I can get there again, but I need the push to get back to the way I had been eating and working out!
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    1578 days ago

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    I'm so sorry that you are still feeling like that Julie. I felt the same way the past couple of days because it is that TOM and I have been very emotional. I have read the comments left for you and so many of them are SO right on! I don't think I could give you any more help than what was already stated here. The only thing is I KNOW you don't want to go backwards at this point and no matter what cravings you have, they can't be stronger than your desire to move forward and not backward. I like what Jibbie49 said, "take it into the bathroom and talk to yourself about WHY you want that food". I would also add to ask yourself if you want to go back to where you weren't as healthy as you are now and also bring a picture of yourself before, to remind yourself of how far you have come! You are in my prayers Julie. Don't wait until tomorrow or Monday. Start NOW! Forget about yesterday, start now! emoticon

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    1579 days ago
    I;m in the same boat I know we can do this.
    1579 days ago
    Everyone is giving great advice. I would take it day by day, moment by moment and congrat, yourself on little victories emoticon
    1579 days ago
  • KANOE10
    I agree with all of the advice. Take tiny daily steps. Plan your food ahead of time. Track or log your food. Get some exercise in so you feel better. You made it to goal and you can do it again!
    I try to eat as low carb as possible and stay away from my trigger foods. We have all made detours on our eating journeys. You can do it.

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    1579 days ago
  • GABY1948
    One step at a time...and I agree with all CAZ said! emoticon
    1580 days ago
    baby steps julie emoticon
    stop buying the junk and replace it with fruit and or nuts for snack time.
    take a packed lunch.
    If you can't bear the thought of exercise per sa do something fun and active with the grand kids- you'd be suprised how many calories you burn, go to the park for a walk or take them swimming.
    take the stairs whenever you can and build up your exercise gradually- 10mins here and 10 mins all counts.

    1580 days ago
  • JIBBIE49
    Okay, this is just what I am dealing with since I'm 64. I've read Richard Bernstein M.D.'s "The Diabetes Solution" and know I'm Insulin Resistant like he says. He says we ALL can benefit from taking METFORMIN to lose weight. Also, I know I have to do a LOW CARB diet.

    As for cravings, when I have them, I take the food in the bathroom and look in the mirror and talk to myself about WHY I want this food (usually a donut and ALWAYS about sugar/starch) and I know I want the TASTE and it is not about hunger. I take a bit and chew and when I'm ready to swallow, I SPIT IT IN THE SINK. Yes, yucky, but I do that until I get CONTROL and then I flush the rest of the food down the commode and clean out the sink, brush my teeth and get some tea to drink. Then I don't have that voice "Harriet" in my head telling me how bad I am since I didn't eat it.

    I follow Dr. Mercola on his web site as he is a medical doctor. He talks about Intermittent Fasting, which is skipping a couple of meals and then eating more at the next one. He has talks about it on YouTube. They are LOW CARB meals, and he does exercise that is high intensity for 12 minutes with REST periods. He has videos about that. I can do 12 minutes of most anything. Do look him up and check him out on YouTube.

    Also, do you have depression? I took prozac for 14 yrs and it just made me feel NORMAL and not like I was down in a hole that I couldn't climb up from.
    1580 days ago
  • BEFIT018
    Julie, I didn't realize you were still going through this!
    I went through it, too, not too long ago.
    Personally, I'd toss all the junk. If it's hard to resist then keep it out of the house. Not too much you can do about it at work, I'll grant you that. I'd say bring your own healthy snack but, let's face it, when you got a chocolate candy dish calling your name from your co-workers desk, an apple just aint gonna cut it emoticon ! If you're like me 'just 1 piece' leads to another. You & I have NO self control! So I eliminate it & just say NO! My best advice? JUST SAY NO!!!!

    Also, check this out At the bottom is an offer for a free ebook. I've found it to be pretty useful, and the book is helpful, too. It might help you out.
    Here's another link:
    It's pretty interesting and might give you some clues.

    Good luck!
    1580 days ago
    1) Tackle this one day at a time. If necessary think of it as one HOUR at a time. Pulling out of old habits is very hard and you need to do it a little bit at a time.

    2) visit the "When you stumble" section in the Big Page of Links to see if there are any suggestions in there that you find helpful:

    3) I agree with INNERJETTIC to get rid of any triggers that you may have in your house. Take them to a social gathering and leave them there. Or if they are unopened, donate them to a food bank. Or put them out in the bird feeder (yes I've actually done that with baked goods). If it's not there you can't eat it.

    4) For a week log everything you eat, including the time of day and how you are feeling. Even if you overeat, even if you eat things you "shouldn't," log them. Then after a week look to see if there are any patterns.

    - If you tend to eat at night, make sure that you've got something else to do with your time and your hands. For example I like to listen to music and draw stuff or color in Dover coloring books.

    - If you tend to eat while out at restaurants come up with some coping strategies like asking them not to bring the bread or asking your companions to help you stay away from your triggers.

    - If you are drawn in by treats at work, make sure you have alternative things you can eat like protein bars and baby carrots. Take the long way around to the copier, to avoid the candy basket in the break room.

    Whatever you do, just do NOT give up!

    1580 days ago
    You can do this! Sounds like you need a kitchen make-over.

    1.) come up with a meal plan for all your meals and snacks for the week.
    2.) Get rid of the bad stuff except for one treat you allow yourself a day, at the end of the day IF you have stuck to your meal plan
    3.) Go grocery shopping and get REAL food, mostly found around the perimeter of the store
    4.) When you can, ditch that last bad item and find an alternative, healthy version of it.

    That's advice, since you asked. All those processed foods have chemicals in them that make them addictive. Food companies are not concerned with your health, they only care about their bottom line. It's not you. It's the processed food.

    YOU CAN DO THIS!! We've all been there.

    1580 days ago

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