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Where Did It Go?

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I did a blog last night, but it never showed up here. Wonder what's up with that? So I'll try to recapture that blog and add some for today.

I got my replacement phone yesterday. My old one went for a dip in the toilet in the race trailer. Yeah I know...sounds gross..but it wasn't too bad. The water was clean. The lid was up and with very limited space, I tried to squat down (no room to bend over!) to get something off the floor and hooked my phone (which was in my back pocket) on the rim. The phone popped right out and into the water. Not even a lot of water. But enough to screw up my phone. It came back to life but the touch screen was dead. So a couple of lessons learned...phone does NOT go in back pocket...toilet lid DOWN. emoticon

I have the new phone mostly setup..I think it's going to take a while to get it where the old one was. I have to do my personal ring tones for everyone yet. But I have my apps back, my contacts, etc. I have to send back the old one too. We'll get brand new phones (we hope the Galaxy S5) next spring. emoticon

I had a Dr appt yesterday morning. She was less then happy with me. My weight was up (all that eating of salty food at the track, no workouts at all last week). My BP was up a bit as was my cholesterol. So she gave me a RX for the BP. But said I could try getting it down with diet and exercise. I have the exercise part going on...now to whip the diet part into shape! I have to go back (with new blood tests) in 6 months. Good news though is I'm NOT diabetic and my thyroid levels are good! emoticon

Also good news from yesterday..I got a raise! The figure I was given was $2250 more a year. I was warned though that MAY change. But I'm hoping not! That will cover the bi-monthly payment on the 401K loan I took out to pay off my CC! emoticon

So...that was yesterday...today has been an "ugh" day. A coworker is out for some med problems and his project (at least the end of it) got dumped in MY lap. No biggie...except the very last think I have to do, they BROKE over the weekend while working on the poser at work. So the kit due date will have to be pushed out. emoticon

I was DOWN about two pounds this morning! Even after going off the rails last night. I got my workout in yesterday and today (60 mins on the treadmill) but Monday I was working on getting the replacement phone. I'm still trying to find the energy to pick up at least 3 workouts at home. emoticon

Side Note here: Fri the 8th we (everyone in my division) at work had a pizza and a movie party. I had ONE slice of pizza with water. The we went to see the new Thor movie. I loved it! Ladies...he takes his shirt OFF! emoticon emoticon I did however get "trapped" in my seat at the theater. They have very cool reclining seats, as in all the way back, you could sleep in them! I reclined and then couldn't get out! A coworker had to help me! It was just too funny! emoticon

So that's it...for both today and yesterday! Have great Hump Day (or what's left of it).

I have to shop for some new jeans this weekend...this is how I shop! emoticon

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    We just got the new reclining seats in the Lowes theater here. We went to see Captain Phillips there Sunday. They were ok, I guess. But they were harder on my back than the regular seats. They didn't tell us they get "hungry" though! LOL Hey, I'm wondering if your body is so used to doing the same two exercises all the time that it no longer recognizes it as exercise. The trainer at the gym said you can't count your physical stuff that you do daily at work because your body gets accustomed to it. You're so consistent about getting your workout in, could it be it's good for you because it exercises your heart and all that, but you're so used to that particular exercise that it doesn't work to drop your weight any more? I'm just always amazed that you work your butt off and don't get anywhere with it. Hugs, Calen~
    1551 days ago
    1552 days ago
    I have done blogs also which vanished into thin air.
    1552 days ago
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