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Long Over Due Update

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Hello, it’s been a long time since I have last updated. I have been frustrated with my inability to lose weight and/ or keep it off and instead of working on it I gave up and started making excuses. Anyways, I am back. I now realize that I can eat an unhealthy/ high cal vegan diet and the way to fix this is to go back to the basics of SP, like I did when I initially found the site. A month or so ago I was thinking of going to a dietitian, thinking I was an exception and needed professional advice, but as I started writing out my food intake I realized that my ‘small afternoon snack’ and ‘it’s a Friday/ Saturday treat’ was way more calories than my body needed and I could get all my nutrients in if I took some time to plan.

So here I am starting from the basics again. This time round I will not be focusing on calories or tracking my food on SP. I may look into the exchange system but for now I am going to be honest with my portion sizes and focus on getting more protein and calcium and less refined sugars and fats (aka peanut butter). My goal is to be healthy and if I lose weight by eating smaller portions that’s great but it won’t be my main objective. I will also focus on one small thing at a time.

Here is an update of my last few months (since August):
• I did a three week backpack trip in the Montana section of the Rocky Mountains. This trip taught me SO much. I will do an update on what exactly it taught me later, but for now I will say that a connection to the land, staying in the present and working through the pain will make my life so much more fulfilling. That said I find it very difficult to stay focused on these on a daily basis.

• I am currently on my final internship and I will be graduating in April from my undergraduate program. I will be working full time until the Christmas holidays, have two weeks off then starting back to finish my final term at school, I will have a light course load so I will have lots of time to focus on non-academic activities.

• At the end of September I completed a Tough Mudder race. This was physically and mentally challenging but WOW the teamwork amongst all race participants was inspiring.

• I got a fitbit! If you don’t have one GET ONE, knowing how many steps you have done in a day really helps you to get moving.

This list (and my general SP ‘persona’) makes it seem that my life is great and everything is wonderful. I will be honest and say that some days are much more challenging than others, just like everyone else. Some days it’s hard to see any positive and I would much prefer staying in bed and be grumpy/ irritable. But I can’t give into that. Nor can I give into the thought that food will make me feel better. On my bad days I put one foot in front of the other and just go through the motions to get things done. I am hoping in the coming months I have more better days then bad ones and that I gain some long term stability in my life.
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