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Expectations of upcoming HM

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Some things are the same, some are quite different.

This year has been a rough one. Looking back over it, I can see that I have not had my heart in my training as much, and especially not in my running. And yes, I've had a few extra "symptom" issues that led me to back off the extreme (most of which I have not blogged about). I have blogged about the stress. This has been a "hang on by my fingernails" year. Still managed to do a few key goal races, including the double half.

Last year, as I recall, there were several differences, and several similarities to doing a HM in November.

For one difference, last year's focus was on meeting SLENDERELLA61 for her first HM. It was a Spark Trip extraordinaire. This year, it's fulfilling a commitment to do my cousin's first HM with her. SLENDERELLA61 will be joining us and that will be a great reunion, but I'll be staying with my cousins, and pretty much focused on THEM, and I'm completely uncertain of how that's going to work out. Last time I stayed with this cousin (the mom of the one who's running) was in HER mom's home when I was what, 14? It's a family reunion. Emotionally quite different from a Spark Trip.

For a similarity: the goal was to get to the finish line uninjured. Still is. Got to erase any clock time expectations from my mind.

For another little minor difference: last year the race was two days before my birthday. This year it's four days after. That's probably not of significance in terms of the numbers, but psychologically dealing with the birthday BEFORE the race in the light of recent struggles.

Similarity? Last year I had behavior struggles before the race trip as well. I think the uncertainty of travel is a stressor that I have to take into account, no matter WHAT the focus of the trip.

Difference: last year I drove... I had that four days in a car to build the anticipation, the healthy "on the road" habits, the determination, and the coiled Spring effect. This year I'm flying, and that's a whole different scenario. No car in which to pack a cooler full of healthy options, suddenly at relative's home, not wanting to mess with their routines, etc.

Rational fact: No matter where one is, one always has choices and decisions to make.

There may be a difference in how much I'm on-line. Because I'm flying, I'm taking ONLY the smart phone, not the tablet, and that will hamper posting. So if I seem to disappear from Spark for a week or so... I'll be back.

Difference: weather. The weather for the race day sounds perfect, per Marsha's local report. But what I'm flying out of is quite different: the snow storm is predicted to start about the same time I'm flying away. So I have to pack stuff in the car that I'll be leaving at the airport to deal with snow and COLD when I get back. Last year it was an extremely mild November for the drive (for which I am grateful).

Difference: because I'm flying, I'll be coming home to an actual family Thanksgiving dinner. I missed it last year as I was still on the road. And this year I'm taking care of the grand-dog while son and his wife go to her people.

Now: expectations of emotions. I am hoping that I will come home refreshed and recommitted to healthy lifestyle, even if NOT to run a whole bunch of races next year.

ONE day, one decision at a time. I DO expect to have fun, and deal with whatever the trip throws my way.

LIFE is good. No matter the variables. Keep on keeping on, and live it, today. emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You are a brave flyer--I Hate flying--LOL----
    You are heading to a race?---- Wow!~--I remember that last year you drove and how tired you were when you returned--happy to hear you flew this year!
    Wouldn't it be so fun to have us all meet in a Central city ??---- It would be so fun to meet Gaye---CrazyDog-----so many Sparkly people--Kaseycoff (who is in the U.S. right now---Anyway, I'm glad you wrote----Ive missed you the last few days---- Hugs Barb!-Lynda emoticon -
    1544 days ago
    I'm looking forward to the post-trip report. And happy birthday!
    1545 days ago
    emoticon and have fun w/ that emoticon emoticon
    1547 days ago
    1548 days ago
    Happy Birthday Barb----- Whatta fun trip you have planned----Life changes eh---your goals will go up and down too but you will always do it well!---wish you would fill yer car with Sparkly people and come up here___Lynda
    1548 days ago
    You have always been able to meet your goals, Barb and this trip will be no different. Happy Birthday and enjoy your trip!!! emoticon emoticon
    1548 days ago
  • GABY1948
    I am out of town and have MISSED your blogs. I can't wait for you to meet up with SLENDERELLA61 and take lots of pics please! I know you will win...BOTH of you!

    I am there on your shoulder with many, so remember that! emoticon

    And, remember, I don't ride for free...I am and will be praying for you for your whole trip!
    1548 days ago
    Misgivings about travel, but committing to a destination event anyway. Yep, that's very you. I'm to pragmatic chicken of the family who would think the hassle of the travel outweighs the fun of the event. That's not to say I'll never travel for a race . . . but there are a lot of local races to enjoy here first.
    1548 days ago
    You've thought it out, Barb, and are as well prepared as you can be, including being prepared to be flexible in those areas you can't know ahead of time. I can't wait to see you. May not have a whole lot of time together, since neither of us have a car, but we'll make it work. I know we are going to the expo Saturday afternoon. I'm guessing we'll get there between 1:30 and 4pm, but even that is a guess. It's over at 5pm, so we'll have to get there before then. It would be great if I saw you on Saturday, but no worries if it doesn't work out.

    I'm hoping my antenna will stay on and the wings won't chap my arms. They both did fine for 3 miles during my Halloween test run; fingers crossed for the whole 13.1. The person giving me a ride (Shyre) wants me to go out to lunch after with her and her daughter's running group. We are staying at her daughter's condo. Her daughter runs a HM in under 2 hours; Shyre expects to run around 3:20. I don't think I'll be able to bring my camera as it is too heavy to run with. Not sure I should check it. May not have the pictures this year that our SparkFriends want, but we'll make do.

    It's going to be fun. Not like last year. For one thing, I have total confidence that I will finish, which I felt very uncertain of last year. And I feel no pressure to run fast -- although I do want to keep up with you and your cousin. So this one is just for fun! And it will be!! -Marsha
    1549 days ago
    Best of luck on your HM! I've never had to travel to a race, and I am grateful that I've avoided the additional stress. DH talks about doing a destination race someday, so I can use you as a resource for how to best get my pre-race ducks in a row!

    I'll be running the Seattle Half Marathon on Dec. 1st, which happens to be several days after my own birthday. I enjoy it for that reason and also as a way to work off the Thanksgiving pounds :-)

    Looking forward to hearing your race report!

    1549 days ago
    This reminds me of the ebb and flow of a river... I do hope you have that good rush of emotion when you realize how amazing you are for attempting and completing the HM :-)
    See you on the flip side...
    1549 days ago
    The never-ending list of decisions and choices. I trust you will make all good ones. Go and enjoy yourself, be flexible and have a good time! HUGS!
    1549 days ago
    Take lots of pics and remember to have fun above all!
    1549 days ago
    I'm pretty sure that it will have helped to think through all those variables . . . which otherwise create unspoken expectations.

    Managing expectations: a whole lot of what we're about.

    You'll deal: you do.

    And . . . happy birthday!!
    1549 days ago
    Good luck with your HM! It sounds like you will have fun!
    1549 days ago
    Travel is stressful, as is family, but I have no doubt that you will do your best from where you are now.
    1550 days ago
    Traveling is always stressful for me. Have a great time and enjoy your family and friends. Remember that you "motto" is to finish upright and uninjured. You can and will do this, you have all of us behind you. God Bless you.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1550 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1550 days ago
    Changes or anticipated changes in routines always bring out the anxieties and "what if's" in me. I journal and that helps me a lot.

    Right now we are going thru so much w/DH being laid off, and I am trying as hard as I can to keep things in a routine. It is not easy, but so far, though it is FAR from the same routines, I am remaining healthy and focused. NOT EASY!

    Good luck with the travel. That always makes me nervous too.

    1550 days ago
    Interesting how life is often the 'same' and yet different - similar events, in similar time frames, different location and different participants. Same goals: celebrate with first time HMers and finish. unhurt. period.
    We've been so blessed with a mild November that the cold will come as a shock to us all, I just hope you will not hit any delays either coming or going, so here's my good thought and prayers for
    a safe and swift emoticon ride (both ways), a wonderful emoticon with extended family, a great emoticon (with new bling) and a fine emoticon awaiting you @ home.
    Namaste my emoticon
    1550 days ago
    Have fun, you have this figured out! emoticon
    1550 days ago
    It sounds like you are going on an adventure, and a fun one at that! Enjoy your time with your family, Slenderella and the run. Enjoy!!

    PS. Did you think about packing some food (steel cut oats, etc). I always pack an "emergency" supply.

    emoticon emoticon
    1550 days ago
    You're doing great!
    1550 days ago
  • MJRVIC2000
    Count your blessings and thank God for them! God Bless YOU! Vic.
    1550 days ago
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