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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Here is my chemo update:

For the first time yesterday after months chemo and of feeling nothing...I felt like something might be working! Now one of the women who shared Chemo with me yesterday explained how hard this treatment was and that she could not take maybe I want something so badly that I am looking for things that really aren't there....but I don't think so....I got myself to my office this morning without waking John and with a cup of coffee and and I no longer remember when the last time that I did that...I felt chemo yesterday....I had to get home with only part of my errands completed.....and the weakness that I have has decreased....I can't believe that I feel like like this so fast and had yet a very low dose of Prednisone so that can be eliminated! I truly believe that it may become my “strength” in days to come over the next few weeks but there is hope that I haven't quite felt in really the last months that I am sure my friends have recognized too!!!! There is just something about being proactive that cannot be replaced because it leads me to make a as we move forward know that I can do so now in a manner that I could not have only a few hours I right or wrong to be so excited! After all, my strength more often than not comes from some pain that I have already experienced!

So thank you you one and all for being with me yesterday! I know that each of you supported me in many special ways! Including as one friend told me “I am a virtual friend so I can sit on your shoulder and not weigh you down” and she and I smiled when I patted my shoulder and my Chemo buddy looked at me as if to say whoops, I get it!

So you see...being me is actually fun!!!!!

Thank you in advance for your time and your friendship!! I really really don't want to know where or what I would really be without it!!!! But I do know that I don't want to find out!!!!!!!!!!!

Jean: emoticon emoticon

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