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Doctor's Report: Not as bad as expected...

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

So today was the day to see my family doctor for a follow up. I was not expecting any good news at all, so the good news I did get came as a very pleasant surprise. First, I was down 2 lbs from the lowest weight I had there. My first visit in Aug I weighed 270, then it went up to 274... today it was 268. If it hadn't been TOM, it probably would have been a 3lb, or even 4lb, loss. That's certainly not a staggering amount in 3 months, but I was just happy that I was down at all. I was just hoping not to be UP. Also, my A1C came down from 11.1 to 9.8. Still ridiculously high {she wants it at 6 or less}, but she was very pleased that I had brought it down that much. I guess she didn't have high expectations. But in any case, it was nice to get praise from a doctor.

The main reason I had to go today was because I needed my insulin switched. My insurance company sent me a letter saying they will no longer cover Novolog and I needed to switch to Humalog. She told me she would rather I have my endo do the prescription change, so I came home and emailed my endo. My blood sugar, as I have mentioned, has been running very high, despite my best efforts. So I explained that, and that I needed to be changed to Humalog. She wrote back and said she would make the change, but that she would like me to come in as soon as I could get an appointment. I called the office, and magically, she had a cancellation today, so I got in. We talked in depth about my blood sugars and making changes in medication, and she wrote the prescription for Humalog.


The best part...


Does anyone remember 2 months ago when I saw her and all but begged her to put me on Byetta to make it easier to lose weight? Well, I did, and she said no. But today she mentioned Bydureon, which is a one weekly form of Byetta. I almost did a cartwheel in the exam room. {If I could do cartwheels, that is...} She said she would like to let me try it, but warned me that she was prescribing it in a slightly off label way, and that my insurance might not cover it. So she sent the script in to the pharmacy, and I came home to wait. After a couple hours, I decided to call and see if my scripts were ready, and find out if the Bydureon was approved. It was!!! I was positively elated!!! It's not going to be a magic shot that suddenly means I can eat whatever I want and sit on my @ss all day, but it does mean that losing weight will be a little less like banging my head against the wall. Hopefully. I took the shot as soon as I got home with it, and am hoping it's already working it's magic. There's no guarantee it will help, but I'm trying to be totally optimistic about this. Now instead of my body actively fighting against me with the insulin and what not, I'm on a level playing field.

And with all this, I have done well with my food. I've gotten in lots of veggies. And when I met a friend for coffee, I had a plain black coffee I added some milk and Splenda to. As opposed to the sugary sweet deliciousness I generally get from coffee shops. So that was another minor victory for the day.

And now I'm going to curl up with a magazine for a while, and hopefully hit the bed soon. I got up early this morning, and I'm hoping to actually fall asleep at a reasonable hour tonight. Hope everyone had a great Tuesday!


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