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Busy day Tuesday~

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I slept most of last night which was very nice indeed. I was up at 9am and prepared to go do my hair at 1130am. It matches pretty well with my regular hair colour so that is quite nice. No more hot oil for my hair, using moisturizer instead and a Humidifier so I can have moisture in the air instead of dryness to mess up my lips, sinus and nasal passages. I did a mess of walking today but still need about a 30 minute treadmill walk around 630-7pm and then I'll be good for the day.

Before I left the house I cleaned my bedroom and bathroom again which was nice and I just have to finish my closet in the bathroom and I am all done for the preparations for the visitors next week. My sister thinks they'll come Monday sometime after my niece's orthodontist appointment in the morning. I have to finish my shredding as well.

After the hair was done round 145pm, I found slippers and 2 good pair of sleep pants to use. The pair I bought from Ross are already looking like they want to fall apart, not happy there at all. They are about to be used as dust rags when I cut them apart lol. Learned my lesson there but at $8 I should have thought about it better. I've bought very good quality from Ross before but now my Mom showed me how to pick up better quality for sleep pants so I won't make the same mistake again. Just buying the sleep pants from Penney's, Sears or Macy's makes a difference and when you catch a good sale you are just paying a few more dollars and getting much better quality goods. Plus I used my Penney's card so the 2 pair of slippers, 2 pair of sleep pants and a robe were not very expensive at all. I already have a robe but my mom needed one so I paid for the tip for the hair colours and the clothing and my mom paid for both our hair colours & groceries so we spent about the same today.

After we left Penney's we went to the store so I could stock up on my bathroom items. I needed a new liner for my bathtub, mouthwash, tea, razors, and a few other items so I don't have to walk back into a Wal-Mart until after New Years. (Or Target for that matter, Targets can be thrashed out from Black Friday through New Years as well.) I only like to go to the grocery from Thanksgiving week until after New Years because I just don't have the patience for people acting foolish unless I go very early in the morning. I'm good with cashiers and retail people especially in the holiday season because I worked enough in the retail and food service sector enough to know what people go through during this most wonderful time of the year. I tipped the hair lady $40 total for both of us and my Mom tells me are you nuts. I said its not that big of a deal I don't ever do anything but hair that requires me to tip. Okay, maybe if I go out to eat but I rarely do that. I don't tip for coffee, fast food. I don't take taxis or employ anyone so I don't need to tip. Heck even my post man said unless its my chocolate caramel brownies with nuts he doesn't want me to tip him anything. I'll make him a 2 dozen so he can share some. My newspaper guy is getting a tip when I see him next week though. He does a super good job and my parents read a real newspaper (They report the local news apparently lol.) I would not have a paper delivered unless it was just Sunday!

The Paper guy wants a Starbucks gift card because he said getting up at 2am is a pisser lol. I have a friend who works at the BUX nearby so she is going to help me out with a travel tumbler that he wants and I'll put the gift card in there. Better to do it now than wait until closer to Christmas and not be able to get what I need.

After hair, shopping, Wal-Mart and then dropping by to get teriyaki for dinner we came home and I put away the groceries and dealt with my cat because he gets mad when I'm gone all day. He acts like he doesn't know me since I'm not here to be his heater or food fetcher or let him in or out as he desires. He wants to go out there and catch birds or bugs really. I have more than 7000 steps and with a half hour treadmill I should get to 13-14K by the end of the night certainly, I hope so.

I'm having tea now and Thursday I'm going by the Asian grocery since my guy will be there and my red tea order will be in. I ordered Tai Chi plain red tea 2 boxes of 200 each and a Cinnamon Orange blend 1 box for 100 and a plain green 200 count. They were out of all of that and restocked from wherever they get it from and they called me earlier and said it was ready but I said I would pick it up Thursday because I have my dental appointment tomorrow at 10am. At 1pm I have a meeting at my SO's work and at 3 I pick up Little Girl because she has her lesson at 430 for music. She plays piano and she is pretty good.

My second cousins (ages 13/8 the double M's) will be here round Christmas Time and the older M she won't wear hats but she likes scarves and gloves so I am getting her a few pair in different colours for Christmas. She is blonde so almost any colour works well with being blonde in my view. Her birthday was earlier this month so I sent her writing pens, a journal & a gift card for books at B&N. (Not wearing a hat when you live in Illinois in the winter, I wouldn't make it personally.) Living where I do you can almost get away with wearing summer clothes here still in the daytime. Its cold in the morning and at night though.

I have 35K words for my NaNoWriMo so far so 15K to go, doing well there. When I get into writing mode everything else suffers to the detriment of certain things a lot of the time. I just have a one track mind when I am into writing so my exercise suffered quite a bit last week, for shame Kayah. I'm doing better this week for sure so I'll make 220K at least but more than that we'll see. December will be much better!

This morning I had coffee from Starbucks, real coffee. Still don't like their coffee at all, horrid. Seattle's Best Coffee is so much better by far. (Yes I know its a Starbucks Company along with Teavana.) I didn't want a chai because it would have been mega sugar and I'd been bouncing off the walls on an empty stomach and that's a bad idea totally. I had a misto w/soy. I am drinking things with less Splenda added in getting used to having everything with less sugar and salts is hard going but one day my taste buds will thank me. I can drink SBC coffee with one sugar that's how good their coffee is to me. I don't have to cover the taste with soy, sugars, syrups anything.

My brother asked me what did I want for XMAS and I said a copy of Office and he sent it over to me, done! I asked him what did he want and he said he wanted me to make the BBQ chicken legs that I used to make for him a long time ago and I said how much and he said its for a Potluck Banquet at his job, the day before Thanksgiving, so I said I would make 3 packages worth and that should be round 50 legs of chicken. I season them and wait 3-4 days and bake them up and the last 10-15 minutes I brush the BBQ sauce on them and they are ready when the BBQ sauce is set in.

My mom is making a pink knitted blanket and slippers for the girl next door we used to live next to in Louisiana and we are going visiting there in the first two weeks of February, my parents and I. We're going to fly there into Baton Rouge and stay there with our friends. They said don't rent a car because we'll take Miss J to work and pick her up everyday. Their daughter Lil J and I play cards and make things together, we'll go to Hobby Lobby as well. My mom is going to cook dinner a lot and Mr. J is a fireman so he needs his truck. I'm not going to look next door and see what the fiends have done to our house lol. Its not our house anymore though, they didn't get on our good side when they bought the house by saying they wanted us to leave the house clean. I almost said what do you think we are trash, lol.

We are almost done with Christmas shopping and planning though so there is that! As long as I can stay out of the stores with their never ending Xmas music I'm not going to be the Grinch. I like Xmas music but they play the most corny crap and don't mix it around so it gets grating to my last nerve. Happy Thanksgiving and not Merry Christmas yet....Happy football though I'm still happy Denver won Sunday. I'll be even happier if we win at Arrowhead in 2 weeks~
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    You know what I like most about your blogs? It's like talking to a friend about her day. Love it!

    I live 2 blocks away from the major mall. And, I'm a house cleaner. So, as you can guess I'm not a person who enjoys the holidays at all! I'm knitting up some small things for my clients/friends and then perhaps getting small items to go with. That's all. My family's visit cost me a fortune and I'm strapped for this holiday season. Geesh!

    1582 days ago
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