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Thank Bob For The Laughter!!!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Despite all my health junk that is happening again right now I HAVE kept my sense of humor through it all!! The best part of my day is the laughter! I have talked to several of my friends this week so as weird as it sounds my health junk was worth it. Friends (I love you Girls!!) have reached out to me this week and each has made me forget about my pain, insomnia & fatigue for at least as long as I was on the phone with them. THAT IS AWESOME!!

They say Bob never gives you more than you can handle. Man, does He have faith in me being strong! While I do appreciate this faith I have had to wonder why He needs me to be SO strong. What am I going to be a pack mule in the afterlife? Sheesh!

Even with being SO tired I have actually had a pretty great week. I have weighed in at 141.6 two days in a row. If I weigh the same weight 2 days it usually sticks! YEA! I HAVE been exercising every day. I KNOW it helps. Yesterday I barely did half of my usual arm strength training because my muscles were tired, but I did do it. I remember laughing at my Dr years ago when she first recommended exercise for the fibromyalgia. HA! I said, 'I can't get out of bed some days & you want me to exercise?' I thought she was nuts! How in the world was exercise going to HELP fatigue???

I still have not 'dieted'! The 5 lbs. I've lost over the last month are all completely contributed to my return to everyday exercise! That makes me very happy & proud! Tone up, Chicky! Lean muscle helps your body burn calories more efficiently. I AM proof. Plus, you should see how great my arms look!

I was talking to Lenny a couple of days ago about seeing the Dr again for my 'depression'. He said it doesn't seem like I'm depressed. He said & I Quote, 'Lisa, you think too much!' Well, I'll be damned, I would never have thought of that!!! Smart Aleck!! He is right in that I'm not depressed tho. I'm tired!

Today when I see the Dr I am going to have her go through ALL my meds. I think the solution may be in getting rid of some....if not adding some. I take 6 meds a day & all of them have side effects that are the same as my symptoms!!! UGH! I take a depression med that causes stomach problems. A stomach medicine that causes fatigue. A fibromyalgia med that can cause depression....It's a horrible circle! I still don't see why they can't give me a 'happy thin pill'!

I had the best Nana moment on Sunday! When Samantha came to get Tiberius she leaned down to get him & he ran away. (this is the second time in a row he wasn't ready to go home even after spending over 24 hours at Nana's house!) For about a month now if you ask him for a kiss he leans his forehead in for you to kiss. Sunday after he teased Samantha by running away I asked if Nana could have a kiss. He ran over to me, tipped his head back & puckered his lips for me to kiss! AWWWW!!! SO Sweet! Best Tiberius & Nana moment so far! Samantha even gave an 'AWW'!

Despite our different parenting styles one thing I have always truly appreciated about Samantha is that she sees how important I am to her sons! AND acknowledges it MOST of the time. Even tho her feelings were a little hurt by him running away as a way to tease her she really did understand the awesome moment between ME & MY GRANDSON! That's a great Mom thing!

Yesterday, I was talking to my S-i-L & she said she had a very inspirational a funeral. GAWD! I burst out laughing. How do you get inspired at a funeral??? Sorry! That still makes me LOL! She said if I would stop laughing she would tell me. It took a lot of strength, (AGAIN with the strength!) but I did manage to get myself under control. Thank Bob she 'gets' me. I could have lost a really great friend with that reaction! I don't 'do' funerals.

She went on to tell me about this 88 year old lady who continued to do her good deeds up until the very end. Sunday school teacher to the end! I have to admit it was a pretty inspiring story about a lady who was always there for others.

I've been pretty hard on myself because I don't do much for other people, but the 88 year old lady made me realize I still have LOTS of time to make a difference in the world. My son & grandsons are great people too so even after I am gone they will continue to carry on my good works. I have Faith in that! I'm raising wonderful kids!

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KIM22211 11/20/2013 2:04AM

    packing a mule in the afterlife! lol!!! My mom loves it and brags to me like crazy that one of my kids got over to her house before they got over to mine to see me! lol! I will let you grandmas play! But there will come a day, I get to be the grandma! I already have my name picked out and everything!!! lol!!!

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IAM146POUNDS 11/20/2013 1:04AM

    As the saying goes, 'laughter is the best medicine', so keep giggling emoticon

I tend to laugh at very inappropriate times, which I think helps to relieve stress in me, but also it is because there is often something that has tickled me.

For example, I helped a relative organise the funeral arrangements for her husband. The Funeral Director was so nice that she sat us down, with a cup of tea, and handed aunt a book that looked like a menu.

Auntie read out, "Coffee and Cakes, that is so thoughtful", to which I almost choked trying to stop myself laughing, as I replied, "Auntie darling, it says "Coffins and Caskets", at which point she dropped the book and then the tears of laughter and sorrow ran together. It was a very poignant moment. emoticon

Comment edited on: 11/20/2013 1:05:41 AM

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TOKIEMOON 11/19/2013 8:16PM

    What a great Nana you are! I'm so glad that Samantha doesn't feel threatened by how awesome you make her kids feel. I'm also glad to know you are feeling better spiritually/emotionally. Yes, you are contributing - you don't have to look any farther than your family.

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KATCHATTEAM 11/19/2013 4:42PM

I understand about the exercise. I have IPF of the lUngs . you must keep on moving
most people move with their oxygen tanks , around the house . They cant walk 20 feet with out losing their breath or coughing . fatigue , depression . Goes with IPF.
so i chose to be a Prisoner Of Hope .a Joyce Myers sermon .
I am told to take naps . and to rest . more important, we have to make our selves excerise
its a matter of your next breath .
thank you Lisa for your insight emoticon

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WOWEETOO 11/19/2013 3:35PM

    what you are a worldwide person now my friend and you know it
HAPPY DANCING.. emoticon

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COCK-ROBIN 11/19/2013 11:22AM

    You're doing a lot for me, so it's great! Thanks for sharing. And speaking of being inspired by funerals, have you ever seen that episode of Mary Tyler Moore called "Chuckles Bites the Dust?" I saw it before my mother's funeral, and it really picked me up.

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GENRE009 11/19/2013 10:49AM

    Thanks fore sharing! eva.

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PAMNANGEL 11/19/2013 10:19AM

    I know what you mean about laughter. Stop laughing and everything gets much darker real fast and that's no fun.

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SANDRALEET 11/19/2013 9:53AM

    When you help others it comes back to you I help others all i can not just family

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KAREN608 11/19/2013 9:46AM

    There isn't any retirement in the bible. At my church many live in their own homes until mid nineties! Most go for walks, teach the bible, and one works at the shoe store part time. They are on few drugs, and are amazing. They suffer quietly when illness hits, and live through spouses dying. Their quiet grace amazes me.

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