what a shame

Sunday, November 17, 2013

hi all and good Sunday -
i wrote a while ago about my lovely neighbor. her name is Esther - she and i started walking together. well yesterday she tripped on her an electric cord in the house and broke her leg in THREE places. the femor being one - i am so sorry for her. she is an older person - and as we all know it is harder to heal - but also the danger of infection and pneumonia are huge looming threats.
there will be physio afterwards of course - i want her to get well - but it will take time. she is also concerned about finances, her house etc. i can keep and eye on things for her - and have no trouble bringing her personal stuff, etc.
her kids live far - but i think one will be coming over the holidays. OH YES - what a time to have this happen- just over the holidays.
but my son and i will put her little tree up for her and some lights outside.
my basket of 'favors asked' to the MAN upstairs (not Santa) just gets fuller and fuller - so i again call upon my sparkers to just add another little request.
WOULD YOU PLEEEEEEEESE -- thanks so much - you always come thru -
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