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Back To Basics, Cute Boots & "Curvy Skinny Jeans"...

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Sunday, November 17, 2013

It has been no secret that I have been struggling lately. It is amazing how time can fly when you are off track. I told my friend a couple days ago that I had been eating like a pig for about a week. Then I realized it was actually two weeks! emoticon *DOH* I have been off track food wise since Halloween and the time was just flying on by without me even realizing it! Things started going downhill when I started trying to make this harder than it is. Weight loss is hard enough on it's own, why was I making it even more complicated?

I am now almost 20 months in (it does me good to keep track of how long, so I remember not to give up and throw away all of that time), and my plan and way of doing things was just fine. Was it a fancy plan? No. Was it the healthiest plan? I am the first to say no, my food choices were not always top notch. emoticon But it worked for me, I stuck with it longer than I have ever stuck with a weight loss "program" in the past, and I have lost more weight than I ever have before. So why did I keep trying to change it?

It is so hard, seeing all these new plans, exercises, ways of eating... you just get so over run with all this new information you start to question everything. I am always wondering in the back of my mind if there is a better, quicker, faster way to get this weight off. Between you and me I am sure that there are "faster and quicker" ways... but are they really better? I am learning that the best plan is the one that I can do and that I can stick with. I am done listening to other people telling me I simply must "try their plan"... I know in most cases they are so excited with their results that they can't help but pass out that information to everyone, and there is nothing wrong with that. I love learning about other peoples plans and what is working for them, but that doesn't mean I need to try their plan or make it my plan.

So I am getting back to basics, I am getting back to what worked for me and what keeps me sane in this long and sometimes tedious weight loss journey! I have identified my major problem these last 2 weeks and it is eating at the end of the night. My bed time is 5 or 6 am, and I have noticed that 2 - 4 am is the emoticon zone! That is when I want to eat, for the sake of eating. That is when the self saboteur senses I am at my weakest moment and I run to the kitchen and blow my hard days work in the matter of 20 minutes. How frustrating. That stops today. As of today, the kitchen is off limits as of 2 am. With my work schedule dinner is sometimes at 1 am, so this is perfect timing. Not only is the kitchen off limits at that time, but I will be either doing an exercise dvd or occupying my time somewhere far away from the kitchen so that I don't get tempted.

Not weighing in on the scale and not being a part of any weight loss challenges has really taken the stress out of this and I feel like I can just focus on me.

I also got some boots that I love and can actually walk in! Between being clumsy and having bad knees and a bad ankle, I have to be very choosy on the kind of shoes I get. I was able to walk in these with ease and they were actually pretty comfy!

These boots lead me to buy some new jeans, because most of mine flare out at the bottom and obviously I don't want those beauties covered up. The store had something called "curvy skinny jeans", I am pretty sure that makes no sense, but I didn't question it too much. I tried them on in a size 14 and I can pull them up I just can't zip or button as I am currently in a 16. I loved the jeans so much that I bought them in a 12 as well... that way I can remind myself that while getting into the size 14 is going to be exciting, it isn't my final destination. Since I am not weighing myself, trying these on periodically will be a great way to check out my progress. I look forward to posting a picture down the road when I can finally get into them! After being a size 24, 14 sounds too good to be true.

So back to basics, back to what works, no more nonsense and no more wasting time. If I want my weigh in on January 1st to still be in Onederland and not back in Twoterville, I need to get a grip!

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    I'm proud of you. Keep it up and welcome back to the track!
    1587 days ago
    I know you can get this turned around. Your plan is working for you so don't worry about what others are doing. Maybe you could go faster, but would it stay off. Not likely. It is better to go how you were. Slow and steady and with something you can live with for life and still enjoy life. I have faith in you. Hugs.

    1587 days ago
    Thank you so much for writing this blog post! It really inspired me! I also struggle with letting people tell me which plan I should try, but when I finally started trusting myself the weight started coming off! I also think sometimes there are things going on in your life which are so stressful, you have to put your weight-loss goals on hold. It's ok to plateau for a while, but then it's awesome to focus on yourself again.

    1587 days ago
    1587 days ago
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