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Back To Basics, Cute Boots & "Curvy Skinny Jeans"...

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Sunday, November 17, 2013

It has been no secret that I have been struggling lately. It is amazing how time can fly when you are off track. I told my friend a couple days ago that I had been eating like a pig for about a week. Then I realized it was actually two weeks! emoticon *DOH* I have been off track food wise since Halloween and the time was just flying on by without me even realizing it! Things started going downhill when I started trying to make this harder than it is. Weight loss is hard enough on it's own, why was I making it even more complicated?

I am now almost 20 months in (it does me good to keep track of how long, so I remember not to give up and throw away all of that time), and my plan and way of doing things was just fine. Was it a fancy plan? No. Was it the healthiest plan? I am the first to say no, my food choices were not always top notch. emoticon But it worked for me, I stuck with it longer than I have ever stuck with a weight loss "program" in the past, and I have lost more weight than I ever have before. So why did I keep trying to change it?

It is so hard, seeing all these new plans, exercises, ways of eating... you just get so over run with all this new information you start to question everything. I am always wondering in the back of my mind if there is a better, quicker, faster way to get this weight off. Between you and me I am sure that there are "faster and quicker" ways... but are they really better? I am learning that the best plan is the one that I can do and that I can stick with. I am done listening to other people telling me I simply must "try their plan"... I know in most cases they are so excited with their results that they can't help but pass out that information to everyone, and there is nothing wrong with that. I love learning about other peoples plans and what is working for them, but that doesn't mean I need to try their plan or make it my plan.

So I am getting back to basics, I am getting back to what worked for me and what keeps me sane in this long and sometimes tedious weight loss journey! I have identified my major problem these last 2 weeks and it is eating at the end of the night. My bed time is 5 or 6 am, and I have noticed that 2 - 4 am is the emoticon zone! That is when I want to eat, for the sake of eating. That is when the self saboteur senses I am at my weakest moment and I run to the kitchen and blow my hard days work in the matter of 20 minutes. How frustrating. That stops today. As of today, the kitchen is off limits as of 2 am. With my work schedule dinner is sometimes at 1 am, so this is perfect timing. Not only is the kitchen off limits at that time, but I will be either doing an exercise dvd or occupying my time somewhere far away from the kitchen so that I don't get tempted.

Not weighing in on the scale and not being a part of any weight loss challenges has really taken the stress out of this and I feel like I can just focus on me.

I also got some boots that I love and can actually walk in! Between being clumsy and having bad knees and a bad ankle, I have to be very choosy on the kind of shoes I get. I was able to walk in these with ease and they were actually pretty comfy!

These boots lead me to buy some new jeans, because most of mine flare out at the bottom and obviously I don't want those beauties covered up. The store had something called "curvy skinny jeans", I am pretty sure that makes no sense, but I didn't question it too much. I tried them on in a size 14 and I can pull them up I just can't zip or button as I am currently in a 16. I loved the jeans so much that I bought them in a 12 as well... that way I can remind myself that while getting into the size 14 is going to be exciting, it isn't my final destination. Since I am not weighing myself, trying these on periodically will be a great way to check out my progress. I look forward to posting a picture down the road when I can finally get into them! After being a size 24, 14 sounds too good to be true.

So back to basics, back to what works, no more nonsense and no more wasting time. If I want my weigh in on January 1st to still be in Onederland and not back in Twoterville, I need to get a grip!

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  • DJSHIP46
    emoticon way to turn it around!
    1560 days ago
    So glad you are back on track. Do whatever works for you. Love your new boots.
    1560 days ago
    Basics work--and YOU found YOUR basics! Hang in there!
    1560 days ago
    I am absolutely on the same page as you are. I have just resigned from a position that was taking up too much of my time and also I sadly decided to drop my Challenge too along with many of my friend's blogs as I am spending too much time on the computer and getting too overwhelmed with all of the "do this" and "do that's"!

    Good Luck! emoticon
    1560 days ago
    One size does not fit all; use the tools available in ways that work best for you. Recognizing what helps you reach your goal and keeps you on track is a big deal. And I love the boots!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1560 days ago
    I too have been tempted many times by the faster, easier way…only to halt my progress every time. So, like you, I am back to the basics of what has worked for me, and it is working again.

    Congrats on your decision and best of success to you as you work your way down into those size 12's!

    1560 days ago
    sounds like a great plan best of luck you can do it
    1560 days ago
    So good to keep what works and let the rest go. There is SO much info on the site. I get overwhelmed sometimes too and take a break. But for me, tracking is the thing...
    1560 days ago
    Gorgeous boots.

    And I will join you getting back to basics. I've been eating worse than I should too. Time to take that simple plan I have been so successful with - and follow it once again. Exercise, water, nutrition first.

    together we can do this
    1560 days ago
    At least you saw your downfall and you are doing something to correct it, and I LOVE that you got 2 pair of jeans... One short term, one a little longer term, GOOD FOR YOU!!


    1560 days ago
  • SHERYLP461
    I too have been eating like crazy the last week, hummm must be the moon. Back to my normal life today. You see I called it normal as this is the way I want to live.
    1560 days ago
    Congratulations on finding what works for you! emoticon
    1560 days ago
    That's motivation for you!
    1560 days ago
    Great job! Love the boots! And remembering how long you've stuck with it so you don't throw it all away is an awesome way to keep on track. I should keep that in mind. Thanks for sharing :)
    1560 days ago
    Love the boots. Good luck in your journey to a size 12 passing size 14 along the way emoticon emoticon
    1560 days ago
    I am happy to see you are getting back to what works for you!!!!
    1560 days ago
    Keep on, girl..... your boots were made for walking..... and that's just what you'll do.
    1560 days ago
    you can do it... love the boots.
    1560 days ago
  • JIBBIE49
    I was a 16 Petite at my heaviest weight of 214# and I was SO miserable. The elastic in my pants left red marks around my waist. I never want to go back to that again. I know u don't want to be a 24 ever again. Love the boots.
    1560 days ago
  • _CYNDY55_
    LOVE YOUR emoticon BOOTS!!
    You Will LOOK Great Wearing SIZE 14 or SIZE 12 in the Photo...of Yourself wearing the Jeans!!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    emoticon emoticon
    1560 days ago
    LOL You made me laugh at "'curvy skinny jeans' don't know how that makes sense but I didn't question it". I was fine with the name until you pointed out that it didn't really make sense.

    Anyways, late nights are always the worst for me too! That's prime munchie time for me, so I definitely feel your frustration. Scooting dinner back by a little bit helps but it also helps me if I make sure I leave enough room for a late snack if I'm feeling munchie.

    I have been totally into boots lately too! I recently bought a pair and I've been wearing them every chance I get. I was so happy to find an affordable pair with an extended calf. So, yeah, I share your boot excitement. :D
    1560 days ago
    Cute boots. emoticon get into those new jeans!!
    1560 days ago
    Great looking boots! You are brave to buy 2 pairs of jeans, each smaller than the next. Sounds like good motivation to me.

    I need to take your lead and put my kitchen off limits in the evening. I also can eat well throughout the day, but find myself "hungry" shortly after dinner time. As the night wears on, the later I stay up, the more I continue to eat. I'm stuck in an insomnia rut at present, so if I can't force myself to fall asleep at a decent hour, I CAN at least put a stop to nightlong eating!

    I wish both of us good luck!! emoticon
    1560 days ago
    Awesome! I would LOVE to see your current jeans with those boots! They are pretty hawt!

    Great job on finding your trigger and coming up with a plan that works for you! You rock!
    1560 days ago
  • TREV1964
    I read your blogs and it is as if I have written them for I have also had so many of the challenges you face at the moment.

    I have now been losing weight for 9 and a half months and out of my 97 pounds lost today from when I started at 5 months I had lost 70 of those 97 pounds. In other words I has taken 5 months to loose 70 lbs and another 4 and a half months to loose another 27 pounds. In some months I have hardly lost a thing. I also crave the food between midnight and 3.00am if I am working late which again does not help if I succumb to it.

    I personally think it is so important to not forget what you did in the first place to make all that loss as we all know that has worked. Having a mini break is good though getting back into the awing of things is nowhere near as easy as you may think.

    A great blog that re-iterates where I am coming from too.


    1560 days ago
    Good luck getting back into what works for you--I'm the same way and am often tempted to try something different rather than sticking to what I know works for me. I know you'll come through this okay and that you'll rock those boots and jeans!
    1560 days ago
    Keep fighting!
    Love the boots and the motto "keep calm and get a grip". That's great!
    1560 days ago
  • BRENDA_G50
    Love the boots!!! Can't wait to see the picture of the NEW & IMPROVED YOU in your new skinny jeans.

    1560 days ago
    LOVE the boots! Don't beat yourself up too badly about being off track, just get back on the horse!
    1560 days ago
    I am SO on the same page.
    1560 days ago
    It is hard to stay on track when you no you need to do it but hang in their it will work itself out
    1560 days ago
  • GEORGE815
    Get a grip!
    1560 days ago
    You're planning your work and working your plan . . . back to basics, definitely!!
    1560 days ago
  • EILEEN828
    The whole trick is to work out your life style that is maintainable. Little changes that become habits are THE ultimate way to engineer new health. Tried and true is means to an end that is every bit as valid as new and flashy. It's better in fact, because after all new and flashy will inevitably turn into the old tried and true. In other words work with what sticks!! emoticon
    1560 days ago
    love your blog! do what works for you and honor your journey. congrats on those boots and jeans! you are amazing. you got this!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

    1560 days ago
    Stephanie you are doing great.
    You are blogging, logging and hopefully moving it too (which I know you are).
    We struggle, that is for sure. It's life.
    But staying true to you is what makes the difference between success and failure.
    You can do it!
    You have learned the best lesson, to do what works for you, not fast and quick. It only derails us faster and quicker.
    Do you work night shifts? Wow that makes it even harder to lose! Good for you with all you have achieved!
    Love the boots!
    Yes!! Goal jeans!! nothing like incentive in your closet!
    You rock my friend!!
    Big hugs!
    1561 days ago
    1561 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1561 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1561 days ago
  • JACKIE542
    emoticon emoticon
    1561 days ago
    emoticon Hey, look at it this way - you've learned a valuable lesson about YOUR body - and that is HUGE!! That to me is what is so hard about our health - what works for one DOES NOT work for someone else! But its also what is good about this website - we can really really SEE that! We can learn different things to try, knowing up front it may or may not work for us.
    emoticon Right now I have friends who are doing Paleo with great success, friends who are doing vegan with great success, friends who are doing Atkins with great success and friends who are doing WW with great success. Me, I do a combination of several programs, tweaked to match my lifestyle. Because this IS something we have to do for LIFE - so if it isn't something I CAN do for the rest of my life I might as well not even try it.
    emoticon Which is not to say I haven't done some 'experiments' along the way - I have. And I learn something from each of them. But this is MY life just as your life is yours. We all have to do what works for US!!
    emoticon Meanwhile I'm with Kal - hang those jeans on the closet door (or somewhere else where you will see them each day) and try them on once a week! I was always amazed that the week the SCALE saw NO change was invariably the week that my 'next size' jeans finally fit! And I LOVE the boots too - can't wait to see a pic of you in them!!
    emoticon Stay strong - you can do it!! Hugs!!
    1561 days ago

    Comment edited on: 11/17/2013 9:00:50 AM
    I am with you. Need to remember the basics and not loose sight of what I thought had become habits. Strange how you think you beat an old nasty habit and it can dome back just like that.

    Great ideas and goals!!
    1561 days ago
    Great blog!!!! Keep on keeping on!!!
    1561 days ago
    I might have a pair or two of boot cut 14s I'm trying to get rid of! Send me a SparkMail if you're interested!
    1561 days ago
  • MRSP90X
    The best diet is the one that you can stick with and gets you the results you are looking for!!
    1561 days ago
    Fantastic blog. You will be in those size 14 then in size 12 the way I see it pretty darn quickly.

    Why do we make this so hard???? Resistance is futile! If we choose a mind set of Life Style instead of diet or weight loss, etc., to me this is simply the way it is for me. I have nothing to justify to another, I have no excuses of NOT doing it, it simply is the way I live my life. Easy Peezy. No puddin' and pie. LOL

    1561 days ago
    You know the old saying "If it is not broke, don't fix it." I feel that way about my eating habits. If I am eating properly for me and losing wight as well as feeling good then why listen to other people's quicker and supposed easier ways. Do what works for you!
    1561 days ago
    Love the boots, and that's so very exciting about the jeans! You're such a fighter, and I know that you're going to overcome these struggles and be stronger than you ever were before. You inspire me every day!
    1561 days ago
    Love the boots. Hang those jeans up on your closet where you see them and try them on often. SOON you are going to be rocking that look and on 1 January 2014 you will be comfortable in the jeans and YOUR perfect plan having gotten back to the basics! emoticon emoticon
    1561 days ago
  • MARYBETH4884
    Sometimes second guessing yourself can throw you for a loop. Glad you found a path that works and a great way and incentive to measure your progress!
    1561 days ago
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