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Saturday, November 16, 2013

so yeah.

It's not even just my puppy keeping me busy! This week has been INSANE.

I'm working 6 days, 4 of those travel, which meant days getting to work at 6:15, 6:45, 9:00 (one normal day! woo!), 6:45, and 7:30. I can't really do running and all that when I have to be in that early (to be at work at 6:15 I have to leave home at 5:45 ish. BLAH) and I've been so exhausted I haven't done grocery shopping. We had just enough stashes of leftovers & random ingredients that we had decent meals, but I'm just... AHHHHHH. I just want another week of normal. Get up, run, shower, get to work at 9:00. Work a normal day, come home cook dinner. Friday I fell asleep trying to read a report for work. AHHHHHH.

So yeah.

I have mostly been on track - some of those travel days I was actually too busy to eat, which I hate, but it kept me at the bottom of my range... Skipped lunch and then didn't feel like eating much when I got home because SO TIRED. I don't love that though, it's not really that healthy.

Yesterday & today are weird food days. Yesterday I just kind of ate... things (a lot of carbs mostly) and today I haven't tracked anything yet; I still could but I have another work assignment (in 10 minutes AHHH) so I probably won't get to it. Ordinarily I would feel guilty but I don't feel like this is going to lead me into a cycle of bingeing... I JUST WANT TO SLEEP.

After this next work thing I have to go to a baby shower, figure out what to do with Turtle Puppy for the night (my in laws were going to watch her but they have a very old yorkie & TP is coughing. emoticon TP doesn't seem that distressed by it but I would DIE if their poor old puppy caught something. It might kill her.) and then go to a wedding 2 hours away.


Any of these things individually I would normally enjoy but right now I'm just like I HATE SATURDAY IS IT SUNDAY YET. I HATE YOUR WEDDING. AHHHHHH.

I have to work (at home at least, just computer stuff) tomorrow too which I also hate just because I was SO TIRED yesterday I didn't get enough done. I'm hoping if I just suck up the hate & push through I can get a couple things off my to do list and feel less frantic and miserable next week.

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