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Friday, November 15, 2013

Life is good ! Retirement makes it good! Good health is the product and result of a good retirement for me anyway so far!
Last year at my annual physical my doc prescribed high blood pressure meds and satins. I had no history of high blood pres., but had a long cultivated exercise ethic. I was retiring and switched docs to a guy who was more compatible with my ideology of being med free indefinitely.
My high cholesterol was marginal at best. HDL 39 instead of above 40. My blood pressure was high for one reading in my life. F that! I did my homework and verified my position and shopped for a new doc.
Months later after my self-devised exercise and nutrition plan I bought lab studies and had positive results. My new doc wanted to see me in the fall. I found Sparkpeople in March, Fitbit in May and six months later the positive results continue: down 40+ pounds more or less , total Cholesterol 164, HDL 47, BP 120s /70s; all other items in the positive range too, etc.
Gold stars from the doc!
Maintenance it is after the last pesky 15 pounds. My goal from the start is to vary between 175 -180 till I’m 80!
My short term goal by 12/31/13 is to be 185.
Hit the gym for strength training at least 2x a week.
Meet with at least one old (or new) positive friend at least once a week over a meal.
Exercise jointly with a new or old friend once a week. ( could be a depressed friend or group too).
Continue to keep my wife involved in nutrition and fitness.
Do 100,000 steps a week min/ 10,000 steps a day min.
I want to post goals weekly and how I have done for accountability purposes!
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