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Friday, November 15, 2013

So, need to get this off my chest as it made me laugh at first, but also made me get a little annoyed. I posted my monthly weigh in and measurements. I lost .8 lb and most of my body measurements stayed the same as last month. My thigh measurement was up 1/2 an inch as was my arm. My pants fit better, I feel better, and I look at this all as a good thing. Oh...and I've gained muscle. Yeah, so my arms are getting more muscle to them and so aren't my legs. I can lift more weight than I could a month ago and I have even learned some new strength exercises that I'm getting better at--and they are exercises I probably could not have done a month ago. I'm feeling pretty good, especially because I've had a rough month with stomach/digestive issues that I've had to go to specialists to help me figure out and treat. It hasn't been a typical month for me as I've had to slow down on my workouts, but I feel good because I've been eating healthy and doing what the doctors have been telling me to, and I am on the mend as a result and can now get back to my normal routine.

So, after I post this, I get a nice "Way to Go" sticker from someone (which was appreciated) and then I get a comment from another person (which I have deleted) about "what are you doing for calorie burn?" and "you should eat low cal snacks." Umm?? First off, you know the saying...assuming makes and a** out of u and me, right? Never did I say I was unhappy about my weight/measurements for this month. I am actually quite happy. I don't think this comment was meant to be malicious or anything, but it was quite assumptive and thoughtless. Don't assume that I'm unhappy with my progress or that I need your advice on how to lose weight. A) I didn't ask for it and B) you kinda came across as condescending. It'd be one thing if I stated how unhappy I was or if I asked for advice on how to lose weight or whatever. I didn't and I am happy, so making a comment about "what am I doing for exercise" and advising me to eat "low cal snacks" and then mentioning one that is highly processed (which, hello...I don't eat processed food...which you'd know if you read my profile) is not helpful or needed. Anyone who has read my blog posts and profile knows I am doing things slow and steady and I consider this a lifestyle change--NOT a diet. I'm not someone who is going to beat myself up because I didn't lose 5-10 lbs in a month. I don't weigh in every week. I track a variety of measures every month and my focus is not solely on weight. I also know nothing is wrong with my approach. I live in a city with the best doctors/medical system in the country (holla, Boston). I have a trainer who is helping me. I'm doing all of the right things and the results are showing. Both medical professionals and my trainer are pleased with my success, as am I. Don't assume that because I'm not taking your approach or because I'm not dropping weight quickly that I am not successful or happy with my goals. I guess I put this out there because we all will run into people who claim to know what's best or who offer advice when it isn't asked for. Don't let it discourage you. There is no "one size fits all" approach. You have to do what is best for you personally and whatever that is will be different for each person. Don't give advice to people when it's not solicited. How would you feel if someone did that to you? Offer support. Offer encouragement. If someone ASKS for advice or tips, that's one thing. If they DON'T, then DON'T presume to think you know what they are about or what they need. emoticon
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ARUNNINGKAT 11/20/2013 11:45AM

    As you can see I am still catching up on blogs after my trip last week. I missed so much activity on Spark while gone.

I agree with GYPSYGOTH, I wouldn't take it personally. They probably intended to be nice and didn't realize how it came across. That being said, congrats on sticking with your program and making it work even while not feeling well. That can be so hard sometimes...or at least it is for me. How you feel and how your clothes fit is so huge! Definitely the best NSV victory for me!

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GYPSYGOTH 11/15/2013 5:09PM

    I totally feel you! I've posted blogs about how happy I was that just about everything was going well and people say "Keep trying; you'll get it eventually" or something.

I think some people just either have something stock that they cut and paste in to get blog-commenting points, or they have a burning need to be right emoticon

It is definitely "usual" on here to make suggestions that have worked for you if you think they might be helpful, so I wouldn't take it personally; they clearly didn't read that carefully is all!

I never bother to measure my legs or arms because I don't know how one would choose the same spot every time! I am curious, though; I know I'm gaining muscle.

Holla, Boston! emoticon

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