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Friday, November 15, 2013

"Thursday, November 14, 2013

Just by not binge eating, I can lose 50 lb in 1 year. Yes, seriously. If I change nothing else in my life - not moving more, not eating less at meals, just not binge eating, I can lose 50 lb in a year's time.

What's that you say? How? Well, look at the math:

3500 calories = 1lb.
Each week, I'd typically binge 2 to 3 nights. The lowest binges are 1000 calories, the normal ones about 1500, and the high ones...well, I've had times I didn't count, but times I did and hit 3000 calories in just evening eating.

So, taking the average of 2.5 nights per week, at a very conservative average of 1400 calories per binge, that's 3500 calories per week.

52 weeks in a year, so if I was "perfect" about not binge eating, that would be 52lb in a year. But I don't believe in perfect (as I think an old blog of mine might discuss), so let's just say in a year I don't exceed 7000 binge calories total, and that's 50lb.

JUST by stopping the binges.

So...that's my mantra. Not perfection, not "no binge eating," but "hey, if you don't binge tonight, you could shed 50lb by this time next year."

I've begun. "

I need to hear this! I know I can lose if I do not eat in the evenings.
I have never stated it as clearly as this. Now.....to actually do it! Chris emoticon
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