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The Other Side of the Coin/Growing Up Skinny

Friday, November 15, 2013

In reading some of the blogs of folks who have done so well to lose weight, it seems a large percentage of them spoke of being overweight since childhood. I did not have that problem. I remember the old saying said to me (don't know how many times) "a big wind will come along and blow you away." While walking on ice one time as a middle-school student, a wind did come and blew me along the path. LOL A little scary. Thankful it didn't knock me down. I graduated from high school weighing less than a hundred pounds. And, yes, I was healthy, just a small frame and keeping up with five brothers used up my calories. Walking over a half mile a day to and from the bus stop, I am sure, helped too.

After my first child, I still stayed around one hundred pounds. Here's the kicker. A good friend of mine told me I was so skinny she prayed the Lord would put some weight on me. After, I started gaining weight, after my second child, I hovered between 115 and 120. Which seemed to satisfy people. I could finally wear a size seven comfortably and it actually fit!

Then came those stressful years of low income, teenagers, and lots of cream filled donuts every two weeks. Comfort food for the stress. Didn't realize I was a stress-eater till I investigated it. That brought me to an unhealthy weight. Now the comments were: Put on a little weight. Don't worry, you'll grow into it. And my own comments, "I use to wear that size." Then came menopause and I gained about a pound a month w/o changing the way I ate or what I did. Found out that was hormone fluctuation. I creeped up on 160 and that was way too much on my small five foot frame. (Used to be 5'1") And the final comment from an older friend that sent me crying and hesitating to visit her, "You're getting fat."
No one had to tell me that. I knew it.

I sympathize with those who had to put up with the "fat" jokes and insults all their lives. But being on the other side of the coin, I faced jealously, harsh comments on being thin and small, and then, lots of comments by those who were so happy I was more like a real person when I gained weight. I went from being called a "Barbie doll" to being called fat. What a rollercoaster ride. The pounds, gray hair, wrinkles and chin whiskers made me feel uncomfortable in my own skin. So, the one good thing I did was join Spark People I get healthy information, form friendships and don't feel so alone on my struggle to be healthier. This may not seem like a big deal to a lot of folks--going from skinny to fat--but the emotional upheavals I have gone through have taken a toll.

Thankful for my Spark People friends and my Lord and Savior who are helping me through this time of my life. Thanks to you, my Spark Friends.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You are a beautiful person, no matter what you weigh! Thank you for sharing your story. That's so hard to from one extreme to the other...

    I can relate to the hormonal weight craziness - I think that's what I have going on and it's maddening! But we will press on - success is in the continued trying. Persistence and patience . And enjoy the journey. Because life is happening every day no matter what we weigh !

    Have a great week!
    1555 days ago
    Great post! Thanks for sharing, I have had somewhat the same experience & it was quite helpful to read your blog today.

    1559 days ago
    1560 days ago
    I'm pondering your blog. I remember folks telling me I ate like a bird.
    1561 days ago
    O Barb I know exactly what you mean. This read like my life. Skinny growing up and people especially family wanting me to eat and fatten up. I began to gain in my 30's, I became a stress eater then due to being diagnosed with RA and then had total hysterectomy when I was 38...then ballooned. I'm 5'4" and small boned and at my heaviest a few years ago was 220lb. Now I'm 197 and slow going down now. The RA with multiple joint replacements keep me from being as active as I would like. I'm so glad you shared this. Thanks so much.
    1562 days ago
  • JACKIE542
    1562 days ago
    I'm so go to both extremes must be awful. I cannot imagine being a normal sized person since I was about 13lbs 14 oz when I was born...or so the story goes. Mother had gestational DM and each baby got bigger...first was over 9lbs. Sister has stayed pretty normal most of her life...but I have skewed perception due to the weight I've always carried. Just keep Sparkin'...We'll get to a stable place in time.
    1562 days ago
    It certainly is a roller coaster ride - I was never a skinny kid but was not happy when I realized I was obese too - a wake up call. But since menopause hit it has been such a struggle. So glad for the web sight and meeting so many wonderful people such as you.
    1562 days ago
  • MCCC75
    I understand exactly what you are saying. I was always on the thin side. I am 5'4" and graduated from high school weighing 115 pounds. Got married at 30 weighing 118 pounds. Had two kids in my thirties and maintained my weight at 128 which is still pretty good. Then when I hit my mid 40's, my weight skyrocketed and I gained 60 pounds. I lost 40 pounds 8 years ago and kept it off for 2 years but when a romance went south and my kids went to college and I went into menopause, my weight got totally out of control and I got to my highest weight. I isolated myself from friends and family as I was humiliated about how large I had gotten. So I understand what you mean when people have known you your whole life one way and then see you what you have become and they are almost "horrified". Anyway, I am on my way back to a healthy weight that I know will improve my outlook and health. But it has been an awakening to really appreciate how folks who have been overweight their whole life -- what they went through. You never know what another person is going through until you walk in their shoes..... emoticon
    1562 days ago

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  • DARJR50
    I also was a skinny kid. I didn't start to gain weight until I was in my late 30's. Now I am struggling just to maintain. I can't get it to come off but I am working on it.
    1562 days ago
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