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Mistakes Happen

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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Noted author, minister, and counselor Hugh Prather once said, "I sometimes react to making a mistake as if I have betrayed myself. My fear of making a mistake seems to be based on the hidden assumption that I am potentially perfect and that if I can just be very careful I will not fall from heaven. But a 'mistake' is a declaration of the way I am, a jolt to the way I intend, a reminder I am not dealing with the facts. When I have listened to my mistakes I have grown."

It is easy to talk about my hopes, dreams, and aspirations. That is the stuff that we like to talk about. That is the stuff that we like to read about. Honestly, that is the fun stuff to write about! Don't get me wrong, those are things that we need to to see and hear about if we want to be successful. Knowing the positives and knowing that we can make it happen is very important to our success. But to be successful, we also have to realize and confront that we are not perfect and we will make mistakes.

Mistakes happen.

We are human and we will make mistakes. We always start off with the intention to be perfect and we think we won't make mistakes, but from time to time, we will. We might eat some pizza we hadn't intended. We might skip the gym because we are tired. Mistakes will happen.

How many times have you had a bad day, week, or month and said that today is the day? How many times have you said this time will be different? How many times when you "start over" and have a perfect day, that you think you can do every day perfect, just like that?

I know if you are anything like me, the answer to all of those questions is many times. That is a great attitude as long as we can also accept that we will make mistakes. Life happens and there will be days that are not perfect. Accept that you may stumble from time to time but also know that you won't let that keep you down.

Mistakes are acceptable.

When mistakes happen, do not run away from them. Winner's do not run away from their mistakes. People who are successful, do not run away from their mistakes. Mistakes build character. Mistakes can often offer you the biggest lessons you will learn on your journey.

It can be hard to do, but don't get stuck thinking how you coulda, woulda, or shoulda done things differently! It can feel like one little mistake in your diet or exercise, will undo weeks, months, or even years of hard work. Do your best not to minimize the mistakes. Don't let your mistakes define you or your journey! Let how you rebound and conquer those mistakes define you and your journey!

Remember that mistakes aren't a total failure if you can learn something from it.

So learn from your mistakes. Realize where and how the mistake happened, and do your best not to repeat it. We do ourselves a disservice if we do not continue to learn during our journey. We should never stop learning along this process because the process if forever changing and evolving. You are forever changing and evolving, so your journey should change and evolve right with you.

Keep an open mind. Don't let the fear of making mistakes hold you back. Don't allow one mistake to start you on that downward spiral! Don't keep a tighter grip on the negative experiences more so than your positive ones!

Look at mistakes as an opportunity for growth. Use your mistakes to make yourself even better today than you were yesterday! If we learn from our mistakes, we will conquer them!

Embrace Your Possibilities

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Don't beat yourself up - let others do it for you! will be my motto now. It's as if you wrote this blog for me this week! The past week was a bad one, and I did every bad thing a Sparker could do. But, I have picked myself up, dusted myself off, put my gloves back on, and returned to the ring. Today is another chance to get it right!
    1531 days ago
  • NAYNAY69
    I agree and it's something I keep trying to learn.

    All the wonderful post are just that. Wonderful. I love reading them but when I am at my worse it's easy to forget that others are not perfect and they also make mistakes. It's easy to feel that no one else makes mistakes and feels as bad as I do. I think they are just ahead of me on learning how to deal with it.

    emoticon On all of your ups and downs. I hope you keep learning from your mistakes and keep up the wonderful progress you have made.

    emoticon NayNay
    1531 days ago
    Great blog! One thing I need t oalways remember is not to let one mistake define my day, week, or month...sure I ate too much pizza for lunch but I don't need to blow dinner as well. Thanks for the reminders!
    1531 days ago
    Making mistakes is part of life - accepting that we can make them is often the most difficult. Excellent blog.

    emoticon emoticon
    1531 days ago
    emoticon emoticon funny that you blog about this emoticon
    It's true we all did & I made some yesterday and now I'm sitting here mad at myself , the could of should of is so going through my head.
    What happened? I learned from my mistakes Brad. Doly noted emoticon
    1531 days ago
    emoticon Thank you!
    1531 days ago
    Oh my, I stepped on the scale this morning (my day of weighing) and was so disgusted with what it said. I truly needed this blog. I have been on a week long binge, knowing all along what the end result would be. I am not dumb. Your blog is so timeworthy for me and a superb reminder. I made a huge "mistake" as a teen. My mother told me that it is not the mistake you make, but what you learn and do afterwards. Great intelligent blog.
    1531 days ago
    great blog-----and yes, we all make mistakes but if we learn from them, we learn a valuable lesson.
    Lynda emoticon
    1531 days ago
    Oh so true.

    Reminds me of what I told my son about grades when he was a little one. Grades don't mean you're good or bad - they don't mean you're smart or dumb. They just point out what you need to work on next.

    Great blog.
    1531 days ago
    Thanks! So need that right now...
    1531 days ago
    Amen!! So very true! GREAT blog!
    1531 days ago

    Thank you so much for affirming that the mistakes I make are of a Divine Order, and they are KEY to my LEARNING and GROWTH! I believe if I didn't make a mistake, I would be stagnant, with no hope of evolving. God didn't create me to be perfect, as I'm a sinner. Just as I make mistakes EVERYDAY, I also sin EVERYDAY! However, my God with His unmerited favor and grace, has placed within me, His Spirit, which allows me to strive to be the best that I can be. Besides, nobody can ask anything more of me than to do my best, which is what God asks, also. So, when I do my best, God will take care of the rest, and I FIRMLY BELIEVE THAT!!!

    Be blessed,

    - Nancy Jean -
    1531 days ago
    emoticon emoticon Another great blog, Brad!! Just what I needed to read this morning as I head off to bed.
    Wellness isn’t about deprivation and it’s not about perfection.
    It is about pointing yourself in the direction of growth, training yourself to get comfortable with your highest potential, and then taking small steps to support that shift.
    It’s about showing up for yourself, day by day, and then one day finding that you’ve undergone a transformation."
    1531 days ago
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