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Winter is coming

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Soon there will be snow zombies on our streets.

Ok, ok. Maybe not.

My niece just posted a weather thing that showed it was 14F (-10C) at her home in Minneapolis. This morning it was 30F (-1.1C). And tonight the fountain in our garden is starting to freeze.

Yup. Snow zombies on the way.

I had a bad night and I know I saw 4:00 on my clock. You know it's a bad night when you start going "If I fall asleep not and get up at the alarm I will get x hours of sleep." For me x=3. Fortunately, I can ignore the alarm, but it means I get nothing done. Well, I actually got eight hours of sleep. I woke around noon. Both it was apparently a really crappy eight hours of sleep because I got up feeling ... ugh!

I thought, "Well, go for a run. That's a cure all."

Yeah! No. It wasn't so much that is was cold, about 35F (1.7C) when I crawled outta the sack. That I can do. No it was that it was windy.

I hate the wind. Running in the wind is the worst. And I am not yet acclimated to the cold weather.

So I didn't run outside. I should have. And since I didn't i needed to be punished. So I ran on the treadmill.

I gotta get outside tomorrow.

But winter is coming.

Look out for snow zombies.

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