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Day 118 - Where did time and that fat go?

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

118 days = 3 months and 26 days = 16 weeks and 6 days….

Time seems to rush past these days. I seem to be losing time and they say it might be a sign that I’m getting old. (Even though these days I feel so much younger)

I love planning and executing the SunnyRaye plan each day. It means that I am always much healthier and fitter than lying on the couch binging, over the same period of time.

So today I can say: 16 weeks and 4 days have flown by since I started this journey but at the same time, I have lost over 21kg/46lb.

Before I would have cried and said: 16 weeks and 4 days has flown by and at the same time I feel like crap. I have gained xxx kg and my life sucks.

That is a pretty good feeling.

Many things have happened since my last blog.

1. I passed 100 days on the SunnyRaye project journey! This beats my last record of 2.5 months.

2. It was my birthday! And what a birthday bash it was! We went away to a beautiful place in the mountains. I was spoilt rotten and loved that I didn’t spend every minute on the couch as I would have done in previous years.

3. These days I like to try new things (and surprise myself and others as well).
Previously when others did an activity I would watch from the sidelines. I would ALWAYS refuse to partake in activities I couldn’t (or thought I couldn’t) do. Because I really did want to take part, I would sit on the sideline and make myself feel like an idiot and beat myself up about why I wasn’t a better person.
I had given up long ago and I wasn’t going to look stupid trying.

Today, I at the minimum will give it a go. It might turn out badly but I tried. The thing I have learnt is that the memory of trying something I’m bad at (read it as... haven’t practiced) is a humourous and really memorable occasion with much laughter.

4. My list of things I have tried recently:
• Played tennis for the first time in over 15 years on 2 consecutive days for at least 2 hours. I couldn’t walk afterwards but I had so much fun.
• Went canoeing and loved it! Fear used to hold me back… what would others think, what if I fall, who is going to be able to catch me at this weight?
• Started learning to do girl pushups. I haven’t ever done a pushup and I’m still too unfit but I’m getting there :0)
• Went hiking on 3 different days for about 2 hours.
• Went on a 5km fun walk each weekend for the past 5 weekends.

5. I was so impressed yesterday. I woke up feeling really crappy and knew it was going to be a BAAAAAD day. But then I decided to do a cardio video and I felt AMAZING. LOL I would NEVER have done that before but it was AWESOME!

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