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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I am very happy today. Not only did I re-lose the three pounds I had gained since 10/14 but I lost two more for a total of five pounds down last week.

I took the day off yesterday. I had a fever, sore throat and a headache but I'm not surprised since a lot of people at the office have been sick in the last few weeks and if it has anything to do with sinus or upper respiratory I'll get it. (God I sound like an old woman) I pretty much slept all day yesterday and healed. Today I'm feeling a little better although I think I could still use another day of rest.

Sunday I fixed a big pot of bean soup. It turned out really watery but it was full of flavor. I think I might try to make a roux from the masa harina I bought for corn tortillas and see if I can thicken it up. I have a lot of it so I have to portion and freeze some I think. I also tried a new recipe for sour cream chicken which I was pleased with. On top of that I also made marinara sauce and mixed some with ground beef so I have meat sauce and non-meat sauce. I pulled some chicken, center cut chops and another half pound of lean ground beef out of the freezer last night and I'll make up some proteins with those tonight.

I discovered something kind of cool. I wanted to cook the sour cream chicken but my breasts were large and meaty so I needed to butterfly and pound them out so they were all even. I grabbed the knife and went to cut the tender off and realized it was still just a little frozen. I decided to go ahead and cut them anyway and it was a PIECE OF CAKE! The knife just sliced right through the breast. The cuts were so uniform I didn't even have to pound them out. I was actually able to horizontally slice them into three slices all the same thickness. So basically out of two chicken breasts I got six fillets and two tenders. I was amazed!

I was going to make grilled italian chicken this week to augment my dinners but frankly between the bean soup and the sour cream chicken I have more than enough meals for the week as it is. Now my focus will be on fixing proteins for lunch and snacks. I don't want to go completely no carb but I am trying to reduce my carb intake somewhat and increase my protein intake so my ratios are closer to 40/30/30 with all my fats coming from good sources like avocados, mufa and pufa oils (I use safflower and evoo), nuts and seeds, lean proteins, fatty fish and of course eggs. Currently I have very few saturated and no trans fats in my diet as long as I go with my plan. The saturated fats I currently incorporate are an occasional sprinkle or slice of cheese or a dab of butter if olive oil won't suffice in a recipe. I have completely cut out my creamer now and drink my coffee black or with a drop of stevia. I am doing my best to avoid processed foods and eat as clean as possible. My goal is to transition back into the clean eating regimen based upon the 80/20 rule. Eat clean 80% of the time or more so that when I can't eat clean the other 20% it won't impact my plan significantly. I don't have "cheat days" per se but I do have times where I do veer off the plan sometimes just for a meal although I try to still stay within my ranges and I track everything I can. This works for me. I will still have to contend with dinners out with friends, lunch meetings, family gatherings etc and I have to be able to incorporate those into my lifestyle if I'm going to be able to sustain this.

For example, Friday night I had a flat tire with no spare so I was stuck at work until the tow truck driver was able to get here. Since I live 45 minutes away from my Mom and she was kind enough to offer to come get me I had the car towed to a shop near her and then I spent Friday night and Saturday with her. When the tires (2 more new ones ugh) were finally put on and the car was ready I headed out to early dinner with my friend then to a bonfire at another friend's house and then home at 2:00 AM. So Friday night I had a leftover hot dog for dinner at 10 PM because that was what my Mom had fixed for their dinner. Saturday she sliced me some of her pumpkin bread for breakfast and made us ham and cheese sandwiches on white bread for lunch. Fortunately I was able to scare up some celery in her produce drawer and made some celery and peanut butter snacks instead of the fried potato chips she was offering. then Saturday dinner was mexican food and although it wasn't great I didn't do too badly, ordering the chicken fajitas no tortillas and ate chips sparingly.

Saturday night was bittersweet. I hadn't seen this particular friend for quite a while which was unusual. I suspected there was a reason and it turns out there was. She is upset with me for something although I'm not exactly certain what it is. I didn't ask her about it, I'm kind of a coward, but we've known each other our entire lives so I know when she's angry. She was rude and uncommunicative and distant. I will forgive her anything because she's family to me but the rudeness was not appropriate nor was it necessary. She knows damn well if she has a problem with me she should simply tell me about it and we'll work it out. I'm going to let her figure out whatever is going on and when she's ready she'll tell me.

I must say I was very happy to have my car back on Sunday. I did my produce shopping and dropped off what I needed for work this week and then went home to clean house and cook for the week. I didn't really start to feel sick until later in the day Sunday. I went to bed early hoping that would help but not so much.

I wasn't super hungry yesterday so I didn't consume a lot of calories. This morning I had a bagel with cream cheese for breakfast. One of the ladies on my team brought it to me with a cup of green tea (she's so sweet) because she could tell I still wasn't feeling up to par. I couldn't say no to her as she had brought the bagels in for all of us. I love this place and the people who I have the privilege of working with every day.

Anyway I'm rambling a bit today. I'm going to go fix my salad now and get lunch out of the way. Happy travels.

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    That's good to know about partially frozen chicken breasts, how easy they are to cut to size. That's new info for me. Now, if I can just remember it.

    Congratulations on losing that weight. I'm glad you're looking and feeling better.

    DeAnne, Missourians Team
    1561 days ago
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