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hi,my bil(may he rest in peace)and over updates.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

hi everybody i guess as it is such along time since i bloged i thought i should let you know how i have been doing or not doing lol.since my last blog.the kids lieshmaniose has cleared up leaving just a little scare.lotfi went back to tunisia though he is now back home which is great as i am full of flu which i am sure has now gone to my lungs as it is really hard to breath.while he was in tunisia his family got the news that lotfi´s youngest brother(he was 28) got shot and killed in syria

lotfi with his sister and his brother raduan(striped top)

may raduan now find the peace he was looking for.we all love ad miss you.you don´t know the hugh gap you have left behind you.though lotfi is now back home he is very worried about his parents and would like to go back as soon as possible to visit them.they are not well and raduans death knocked them for 6.lotfi father had a bad fall a few days ago and we are still waiting back to see how he got on at the hospital yesturday know one was going on the phones or skype last night when we tried.re when lotfi goes back we don´t know when that will be it will depend on me and my ops.i have the hospital on thursday to decuss my knee op then later on a thursday to decuss with gp what they said at hospital so she can then contact the neuroligal hospital re my annigramm on my aneurysma which is due in january if they can be done near one another while i am off the blood thinners so i only have to go off them once(takes 3-4 months for the blood test to get back to normal when i go back on them)or if they have to be done seprately meaning delaying one of the ops for a few months.never is easy with me is it,lol.we have also had halloween so here is the kids in their halloween costumns.i am posting two photos ,one with ayman with just his face paints and one with him in his full costumn

hope you liked them.i tell you i took them trick or treating and we must have walked miles no kidding.anyway.last thursday ayman had his flu jab and guess who now has the flu.yep yours truly.ayman only had it very light but mine seems to be full blown going to last weeks type thing lol.zakariya has his flu jab scheduled on friday but as he has started sniffleing this morning if that gets worse i guess they wont be doing that on friday.later today ayman has his logopedie,thursday like i said i have hospital then gp.guess that is about all on the catch up.now it´s time for you to let me know what has been happening as i also had computer problems and wasn´t on for a while.take care and keep smiling
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