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Maybe you can teach an old dog new tricks?

Monday, November 11, 2013

I've been tracking food more faithfully the last couple of weeks. Since I'm taking part in a fitness challenge at my gym and trying to reach my goal weight (or close) before surgery, I decided I should be a little more diligent.

First, we started dinner with a nice big green salad. Yum! Then, I had a minute before dinner was ready to enter in my planned dinner portions, so I did—and was a little dismayed to see that even with all the exercise minutes I got today, I was still pretty close to the top end of my allotted calories.

I looked at the food before DH and I dished it onto plates. I realized that I wasn't hungry enough for the portions I'd planned for. My body knew what my brain (and SparkPeople) was telling me: that I didn't need quite that many calories. I halved the amount of everything (except the spinach) before I served myself, and when I was done eating, I was FULL and satisfied.

After dinner, DH had a glass of white wine. It looked really good. I went so far as to get a glass out… and then I thought about whether I really wanted it. I was full and content. I didn't have a headache. I didn't WANT a headache. I wanted to go to bed clear headed and wake up the same way. I put the glass away.

Reminded me of that "Stop, look, and listen!" thing they use to teach us in elementary school. Stop to figure out what you're eating before you eat it. Look at the actual portion sizes. And then Listen to your body. It's taken me a year of paying attention to my body and what goes in it, but I think I've finally learned how much food I actually need. Kind of feels like a miracle.
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