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Beautiful Day to Climb Badger

Monday, November 11, 2013

First, to keep GHK off my back, I DID go to the gym yesterday. emoticon

The spin class I took on Saturday left my legs sore. This pleases me. I rarely get my legs to burn while I'm cycling because my cardiovascular system limits what I can do far more than my legs do. In fact, I opted out of a lot of the instructor's suggestions because my heart rate was already in the 140's or 150's. The soreness is good, because I'd like to increase the explosive strength in my legs.

I swam for a short bit yesterday. I didn't do any drill work. I just backstroked up and down the length of the pool. I don't feel like my legs are getting a workout when I'm in the pool, but I'm always a little wobbly when I get out; I have to believe my legs are getting more of a workout than my brain realizes. So far, I haven't over-done it in the pool. I've quit well before I'm exhausted.

I'd planned to go to another spin class today, but since my legs are still sore from Saturday, I opted for a hike. We have a treasure in the Tri-Cities called Badger Mountain. It's not a mountain as in snow-capped peaks and fascinating volcanic history. Badger Mountain and its neighbors were formed by the crust being pushed along - kind of like what happens to a rug is you push one edge of it. So the mountains here are rolling ripple-like bumps. (Unlike the nearby Blue Mountains, which are "real" mountains, and were once the coastline of North America.)

The reason I describe Badger as a treasure is that it's now mostly in public hands. Volunteers built the trails: one trail is multi-use, the other is hiker-only. This trail system gets tons of use. I don't think I've ever hiked it without encountering other people. (Any readers in the Puget Sound area? Badger is to the Tri-Cities as Mt. Si is to Seattle.) There were not a lot of people on it today, but I think the longest I went without encountering another person was five minutes.

Today I started from the west-side trailhead, hiked to the top, hiked down the east side, and then back over the mountain. Endomondo says I covered 6.6 miles. (Here's the route, if you're interested:

So I have the day off, and all the time in the world, and I did NOT go to the gym. But I did take on a Badger.
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  • v GHK1962
    Ohh ... we are going to Cousin's on Turkey Day ... so if you're there look for me :)

    (Not the best place to go for T-Day meals ... but its kinda more about family for us ... so we'll take it.)

    By the way ,,, the standing thing in Spin class is still weird for I stand maybe about 5% of the time on a real ride. 5% at best ... usually way less. But in Spin, the only way to change up the routine is 1) tempo, 2) resistance, or 3) position. And also, since I am a sheep, I like to follow what others are doing ... so I don't stand out haha.
    1014 days ago
  • v HILLSLUG98239
    GHK - whaddaya know, I'll be in Pasco on Thanksgiving, too. emoticon I've morphed into enough of a "grown-up" that I get to host Thanksgiving now. Fortunately, it's just the Hubs & I and my parents. I can manage that.

    And no, I didn't really like it. I'll go back, but I wouldn't call it fun. I'm only in it for the workout.

    Bill - heart zones are different for women. My max heart rate is 178, but my anaerobic zone is 142-160. I don't mind going there, but if I know worse is coming, I tend to back off. (Most of the time I'm climbing real hills on a real bike, I'm in that zone.) I think it's a mindset from years of riding on the road: I have to leave enough in the tank to get home. Or maybe I'm just lazy.

    Nah, I think it really is the bike thing: I can go over the top doing a fitness class. During the spin class, I decided against doing all the bouncing and weaving while standing up because I work really hard to keep my upper body still while I'm standing. (Even though my grimace is pure Francesco Mancebo.) I tended to keep my hands and arms in their usual and accustomed positions, too.
    1017 days ago
  • v BILL60
    Has your physician told you that 145 is a bit high for you?? I often climb into the 160's and am way older than you. Just wondering.
    1017 days ago
    I've climbed Mt. Si, so I know what you mean! Great job on the hike!
    1017 days ago
  • v GHK1962
    Hahaha ...I was going to stop by your page later tonight and ask on the gym thing...but saw you post this and will "badger" you here about it instead heh.

    First ... NICE on the Spin class. Besides the good soreness in the legs, did you like it? From what I understand of Spin class now ... since we're inside and stationary, the only way to change up the routine is via tempo, resistance, or position. The position thing is kinda something for me to get used to. I rarely ever stand and pedal ... sometimes if its a very steep grade and I am wanting to pummel it up the hill ... but mostly I sit and go to a lower gear. The standing in spin is different ... but I kind of like it too.

    Next - Your Badger mountain hike sounds like that was awesome today. I TOTALLY would have opted for that myself. (I will take doing something outdoors anytime. And 6.6 miles wooo wooo. It is a gorgeous day today!

    And ... ohhh....wifey and I are going to be in the Tri Cities area for the Thanksgiving weekend. Her family meets at a restaurant (in Pasco) ... we actually stay overnight in Richland.

    Man ... I love it in the Pac NW :)
    1018 days ago
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