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7 Things You're Not Supposed to Talk About

Monday, November 11, 2013

There are (apparently) 7 things you're not supposed to talk about in polite conversation, because nobody really cares (except you), and it's self-indulgent, droning, boring conversation. Well, I never got the memo. I'm embarrassed to say that I not only talk about boring subjexts, but also blog about them ad nauseum. Well, maybe not route talk. The list, if you are like me, and don't know about it:

1. Your period
2. Diet
3. Your health (unless it's something serious & you're a friend)
4. How you slept
5. Your dreams
6. Route talk (the route you took to drive somewhere)
7. Money


If you haven't nailed every workout or had the best nutrition, welcome to the "I'm human" club. No expectations, no judgement. Just do your best today, and press the repeat button. Focus on what's going right. There's 7 weeks left to 2013. You can still finish the year strong. Just the fact that you're still here is great. You're still working, you're still trying. As long as you're showing up, and not quitting, you're a winner.


I was going to talk about my aches & pains, and follow it up with how my weight stayed the same this week. But instead, I'm going to give you route talk.


Route Talk

I'll be driving from Macomb, IL to Ridgewood, NJ for Thanksgiving. It is approximately 15 hours. I take route 80 most of the way. There are a few tricky parts. One is at the beginning. I take route 34 north to 74 west to route 80. It's counter-intuitive to go west to go overall in an easterly direction. Then around Portage, IN, after 80 & 90 merge, you have to take exit 16 to stay on 80, or risk driving right up to MI. Been there, done that. The other place is just west of Youngstown, OH where you have to take exit 218 to stay on route 80.

I've missed those exits, because when I'm on 80, it doesn't make sense to my mind to take an exit to stay on 80.

I should add that I have a terrible sense of direction.

I can drive the whole way in one day, but usually it's on the return trip in the summer, when I have more daylight, because it's summer & I'm heading west. Going east, I often stop overnight in OH. In Elyria, OH there's some quite affordable hotels. That's a little more than half way there. I'll have the dog with us, so they have to be pet-friendly.

Jersey Girl is a yellow lab, about 85 pounds. She loves car rides across country, but takes up as much room in the car as a person.
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