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Monday, November 11, 2013

This is an early post today, you'll understand why when you read it, I'm fighting for time and just wanted to get some thoughts onto 'paper'.

After a glorious day yesterday it was a little disappointing to wake and find a dull day. In fact, that's putting it mildly! It's raining. No, it isn't. It's POURING! It's definitely a Raincoat for Walking day. It's also a busy day – I have a lot to do today. Tomorrow is my favourite day of the week and I have to make preparations so that I can enjoy it.

I've already started to prepare our meal for this evening. The beginnings of the sauce are gently simmering on the stove, the colour has already brightened my day.

Next I have a task to do for my neighbour. It involves a little walk, but that's fine. I'm planning on using it as the start of my daily walk. It will mean that I have two to log – the first will be to the destination (about 10 minutes) and then the return journey will be a very circuitous one! I haven't decided yet which way I will take, but I will enjoy it.

I don't mind walking in the rian. In fact I quite enjoy it. As far as I am concerned there is only one hindrance to walking in the rain – and that's an umbrella. I HATE THEM. People often stare when I walk with DH – he has an umbrella but I'm not sharing it. I think they judge him for being inconsiderate, but it's totally my choice. I hate the way the rain drips off them – and they have to be held at such an awkward angle.

Now that the days are cooler a coat is often needed. I'm still learning on that level. I think the answer is to wear less underneath (no jumpers etc) and a warmer outer coat. The jury is still out. My wardrobe is very limited and I have no intention of adding to it yet, unless, of course, someone buys me a long slinky red evening dress, but the chances of that are fairly slim (and that's also how I need to be before I can wear one to the best effect)

Now, back to the gritty problem of breakfast. I'm not going into it here, but I'm having to be very careful what I eat. Today I chose cottage cheese and walnuts to start my day. Delicious. The problem is – that's often my choice for lunch! I'll have to do a lot more thinking. It's more soup for lunch today, (not lentil or beetroot) I made it last night – pea and mint. It's actually DH's favourite so I thought I'd treat him. (We also have an enormous patch of mint in the garden, I'm using as much as I can before it succumbs to the weather.) I wish it didn't turn such a dull shade of green when cooked, though, pea soup I mean. Those lovely fresh green peas go into the pan and..... but it does taste good, though, and it's healthy too. The sauce above is also a delicious base for a soup, maybe I'll keep some back for tomorrow..... I can add...., well, I can add lots, but more about that on another day.

Now I started to tell you about what I had to do today! I have rambled on, haven't I, sorry. But let's just say that after I get back from my walk I'm going to do some ironing, change the beds and sort some stock that needs to be disposed of. I don't mean thrown away, it will be donated to a local school, and that brings me nicely to tomorrow!

It's Grandson day! I wonder what we will do? Maybe we'll climb Mount Everest again, although he is now 'getting into' soccer, so I may have to be referee between him and Grandpa


What fun! As a bonus we are spending the weekend with the little grandchildren – I may not be on Spark very much but don't despair, I'll be watching what I eat and having the time of my life. Our little grand-daughter will be a bit of a handful. She has the most glorious smile, and does her best to twist us around her little finger. At 3 she is already learning how to use her womanly whiles..... I must remember to remind Grandpa so that he doesn't fall for it......... again

emoticon emoticon

If you have time to count the words of this blog you will find that it is about 1200 words long. Each word represents one calorie and the end result will represent my total calorie intake for one day, presuming I don't exercise. As you have read it, you will probably have noticed that there are spelling mistakes. These represent the occasional bad choices I might make in a day, however, in spite of mistakes, I am always very careful not to exceed 1200 calories.

You see, I'm human. I do make mistakes. Mistakes occur because I'm not concentrating, or because I've misread a recipe, or......

That's it! MISTAKES OCCUR! Perhaps I've just miscounted something – or even entered it twice. I wasn't born to be a superwoman, I was born to be a WOMAN, and as such I meet each day head on and cope with whatever occurs. I use the facilities that I have to hand,and sometimes they aren't adequate. On some days I have more energy and inclination for things than on others – but some things have to be faced every day, and they may not be pleasant. I have other people to consider in my life – and they are as important as me – even if they don't see it that way – or if I don't want to admit it. Your life is different to mine and our challenges are different too. We face what we face.

If you are really honest, there is no such thing as a superwoman – just women everywhere who are making the very best of a good or bad job/marriage/relationship/what
ever. Those that seem to have everything – sportsmen, actors, etc, are not usually good role models, even though many aspire to have similar lifestyles. In truth, those that make the most noise about being a superwoman are often the ones that are really failing inside.

Consistency and wholeness are the keys. If you haven't already done so, make today the day you decide that you are just going to 'do it'! Regardless of feelings or circumstances or motivation – JUST DO IT !

YOU can do it, and SO CAN I!

You know I often read blogs with spelling mistakes, I'm sure you do too – I don't condemn the writer for making a mistake, I don't judge them as a failure. Why are we always so quick to punish and condemn ourselves if we make a mistake in our walk here on Spark?

Onwards and Upwards, Sparkeroonies. I'm now off to recount, to make sure this is 1200 words – and then it's time to don my raincoat and splash away into the puddles............
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    splish splash....enjoyed your blog !!!
    1468 days ago
  • LOUBUG1012
    1468 days ago
    I just love reading your blog. I wish we lived closer together, I think we could be great friends. We have a lot of the same interests! You sound a lot like my friend, Brenda, who is from England.

    It is interesting that you are considering donating soup stock to a local school. That would never be allowed here, they have such strict rules they have to adhere to. When my own girls were small and in elementary school, the schools here would serve actual chicken and real vegetables. Now the kids get breaded chicken "nuggets" (processed like McDonalds kind) and mostly what I consider junk food. They are all into admonishing "fat" kids, but their lunches are processed foods, nothing fresh. It is a sad fact that they don't realize: they are encouraging these kids to have unhealthy food habits.

    I rarely use an umbrella either, unless it is pouring and I have a long walk. It is more of a bother to me and I haven't melted yet. :D

    Have a great day!
    1469 days ago
  • BRADMILL2922
    Sounds like you had a pretty busy day! Hopefully it all went well! Grandson Day sounds fun :)
    1469 days ago
    Ummm yum that looks delicious!

    1469 days ago
    I hate umbrellas, today I got drenched and just because I wouldn't put up my umbrella. I was carrying it in my bag. Enjoy the grandchildren today. What team is your grandson going to play for? I'm making a spicy chicken soup tomorrow with paprika and cannalini beans - left overs. I got a bacon hock for Wednesday and I am making ham and pea soup. Great blog from you today. emoticon
    1469 days ago
    My blogs are bad, not that I can't spell, I type too fast to think and often don't catch my mistakes or sometimes don't care. I actually am a very good speller, people ask me all the time how to spell things.
    Now if I hadn't corrected what I had written you would have thought I was dyslexic. This time it was bad, othertimes not so much. I do'nt knowhwat makes it diff but someday I am going to tyupe anyentire blog the way it comes oup and see if you all can makes sense of it. seeee.......
    1469 days ago
    That looks amazing!
    1469 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1469 days ago
    Now you've got me thinking about umbrellas... I like umbrellas, except small, inadequate ones. BUT, I will take a small inadequate one over no umbrella at all, and over a broken one. However, my preference is a great big sturdy golf umbrella, with a wind vent in it. And I prefer umbrellas with hooks to umbrellas with straight handles -- perhaps it's because I used to need a cane to walk, and a curved handle feels better -- but most big golf umbrellas have straight handles, unfortunately.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1469 days ago
  • PGHP31CK
    Well said! Enjoy your puddles!
    1470 days ago
    I like the rain, too. : ) Running in the rain makes me feel tough, there are practically no other runners that are that ambitious to run in rain, and that makes me feel good. : ) About the coat thing - I learned something when I moved to Chicago. It's all about layers!!! You could always wear a shirt or two under your clothes and not wear a coat at all. I had to teach my MIL that while she was here because she was so cold.

    Pea soup? MAJOR YUM! I haven't had that in forever! I wish I could have dinner with you! : )
    1470 days ago
    My blog is getting bad about grammar and spelling b/c I've noticed a change in the way my typing has been lately. I don't know why! Grrr. I have to reread 2-3 times to catch everything. If I worry about it too much I end up not blogging at all, so I forgive myself. And sometimes I read it in other blogs and think, "they are probably WAY better at math than I am." LOL!
    Your soups sound so exotic to me. Meat or cream based soups are our staple. Tomato based soups are my go-to for light lunch.
    Wishing you a lovely week!
    ~ Teresa
    1470 days ago
    Thank you for sharing a fun read.
    Love your pansy wall paper.
    1470 days ago
    Doesn't like chocolate AND no umbrellas? What an odd duck you are. But so much fun to read your blogs - you are fast becoming one of my favourite Sparkies. Bye for now from your chocolate loving, umbrella wielding Irish fan!
    1470 days ago
  • JACKIE15108
    Have fun wiht your grandchildren today. Just Do It! but try to find time for a break!
    1470 days ago
  • SHERYLP461
    I like to walk in the rain too, but not dressed for work, lol.
    A gentle rain and a walk through the woods. My idea of heaven
    1470 days ago
    1470 days ago
    I thought I was the only one who didn't like umbrellas! I also find them awkward - unless it's really pouring down, I find them too much hassle. And my legs get wet, anyway emoticon
    1470 days ago
    Lots of rambling in this blog, true, but also wisdom. LOL

    1470 days ago
    Thanks for the blog....one of the best I have read. It just sort of hit me today...mistakes, plans, plan B, etc. emoticon
    1470 days ago
    *Regardless of feelings or circumstances or motivation – JUST DO IT ! *
    Love it!! Think I'll get it tattooed on my forehead! Or at least use it as a screen saver as I often do when I see something to inspire me.
    Thanks for another great blog - and have a successful day. Hope you get through everything - even if it's not a perfect job emoticon


    1470 days ago
    I'm the same way with umbrellas. I took one in to work one day and then had to carry it all the way home later. What a pain.
    A grandson day - glorious! Have fun with him.
    1470 days ago
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