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Oh dear, decluttering has made two big messes!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

I am not sure I can find my way out of the kitchen now!

I emptied everything from a cabinet. I want to arrange things so I can cook the Fuhrman way. I have been buying seeds, nuts, various grains, various kinds of flour. But I never organized any of it!

Well the kitchen is now a disaster!

Then with the kitchen unfinished, I started organizing things I have on a bathroom vanity. Containers of sorted jars, bottles, creams, hair things, first aid things, etc. had fallen off the big shelves in a bathroom closet. I could not face cleaning that at the time. I just stuffed it back in and put the leftovers on the bathroom vanity. That was a good 6 months ago.

I started sorting all that stuff! Again, what a disaster! emoticon

One thing I found in the kitchen cabinet was an EMPTY!!! can of sauerkraut--well there was no liquid in it. I think there was a rusty hole in the bottom of the can. There is a sticky brownish goo left there under the can. Yes it smells, emoticon but actually not too badly. It was way back in a corner!

So, now I have two rooms which are total disasters! And, of course I am tired now! emoticon

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I think we have all been in your situation....it WILL get better. In the meanwhile, walk into the living room and take frequent breaks away from the messes until you get it under control! Don't let it get you down.

    1591 days ago
    Oh gosh I feel for you. It's the same thing with me. My craft room is a disaster. It seems that anytime there is something I'm not sure what to do with I stuff it in there. Now in order to do any crafts for Christmas I have to get that room cleaned up. It's so hard sometimes because I run out of steam so I totally understand your situation. Keep at it. You'll get it done the way you want. People just have to understand. It takes us fibromites 3 times longer to do something than it does a normal person. Good luck!
    1592 days ago
    Don't you love this decluttering results - I am going through the same issues with that spared bedroom
    1592 days ago
  • DEE797
    I can totally relate to your blog. Take things one at a time emoticon
    1592 days ago
  • LIS193
    1592 days ago
    Been there, it will all come together eventually emoticon
    1592 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1592 days ago
    I have the best of intentions, too, and life gets in the way. I did come across the website flylady.net in the summertime and it has helped me a bit. Her philosophy is to take a couple rooms each week and work on them gradually. Don't kill yourself. She also suggests taking out a timer, setting it for 15 minutes, and see how much you can declutter. I've been so busy the last two months that I haven't been able to do this, but I know the holidays are coming and I need to get back on track. Good luck to you.
    1592 days ago
  • SHERYLP461
    Oh my, you sound like me I take something from one room to put away in the next and pretty soon I am working in the second room and so on all day...then nothing is completed!
    1592 days ago
    I can fully relate to that, thank you for sharing this in your blog!

    1593 days ago
    1593 days ago
    emoticon That has happened to me SO Often!! I have finally learned (most of the time!) to finish One Room before I touch another room or area.
    1593 days ago
  • SHARON10002
    Been there, done that, too - this weekend as a matter of fact. Had all of the carpeting in our house cleaned on Friday so emptied all rooms of everything but BIG unmovable furniture, and spend yesterday and today putting it all back. I find when I get overwhelmed I easily lose my focus. Actually, I feel better now reading your blog and the comments here, and realizing I'm not squirrelly or alone. emoticon I needed that, and now am feeling a little bit better about myself.
    1593 days ago
    1593 days ago
  • ELSCO55
    Been there. Good luck.
    1593 days ago
    I tend to do the same thing when I clean. One thing just leads to another. Be glad you got stopped at two rooms to ad they are ones used so often emoticon
    1593 days ago
    You will get them straightened out before you know it.
    1593 days ago
    I usually try to focus on one project at a time but it is easy to get distracted. One mess can lead to another. I organized my linen closet with baskets and that seemed to work out well for us. I rearranged some of my kitchen cupboards like moving my pots and pans and my plastic storage containers as well as the kitchen cooking utensils and the oven mitts. It took my husband a long time to remember where they were after that. I am sure you will love it when you get it all done and it makes us feel so good when these chores are done.
    1593 days ago
  • WILDKAT781
    1593 days ago
    O Dear. Know the feeling. I found an empty pumpkin can once and no hole or leakage. Just kept the can too long.
    1593 days ago
  • FROSTY99
    I have many projects going at the same time but I confine them to small areas-I may do the spare bedroom, but do it in quarters so I can do it without getting worn out at it. I have projects constantly going on for our park but confine it to my carport and extra Flo room so no chaos inside. I am sure you can finish one area and then tackle the other one when you finish one.
    Let this be a lesson, don't start another project till you finish one. Will keep the chaos to a manageable level.
    1593 days ago
    I do the same thing, when I plan on really cleaning the entire house, I start in 4 or 5 different places, my thought is that I will get done at the same time, but, it will be like, wow, I am finished, never works out that way, I always bite off way more than I can chew, and I never learn, but, sooner or later, I do get it all finished, usually when I know I have company coming, emoticon emoticon mm emoticon
    1593 days ago
    3 phases of completing a project: 1)preparation 2)doing the actual job 3)clean up afterwards. All must be planned and executed on the same day or chaos reigns supreme and chaos runs your life.
    1593 days ago
    This is why I only do one clean-up at a time. One cabinet in the kitchen. Then a shelf in the closet. Otherwise the house gets messier because I have too many cleaning projects started but none finished.
    1593 days ago
    Oh the messes we can make
    1593 days ago
    I can relate having done the same this past summer, but once it is all done you are going to feel so great. emoticon
    1593 days ago
    You'll get it in time, and everything will be great. You take a good rest.
    1593 days ago
    I like the suggestion you got about making a box but esp about putting lotion in the work bathroom.

    We too cleaned a spot to make a place for a bookcase. It was already to go when both sides caved in before we got the case in place. Now we have more junk to clean up. It never ends, lol!
    1593 days ago
    Put the kitchen items into a cardboard box. If the items are still in the box in a month's time - throw them out or take them to the Food Bank.

    I've just found a tin of chestnuts in my mom's cupboard with a best before date of 2011.

    And I thought I had cleared her cupboards in August this year. I have now.

    Put the bathroom things into a cardboard box, if the items are still in the box in a month's time....... take them to a charity shop or throw them away

    With hand or body lotions, if I don't want them, I take them into work and put them into the ladies restroom. It gives others a lot of pleasure to have nice lotions. It gives me a lot of pleasure to see them being enjoyed.
    1593 days ago
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