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Its early I've had round 4 hours of sleep

Sunday, November 10, 2013

I woke up and let my cat in, made a sandwich and red tea and by reading the entry yesterday I do love TEA. I think in the past year or so red tea(s) and I have been close friends. I do like my black and a few green teas. Not too keen on white teas but I have read that they are very good for you! So I have my order in hold and I am waiting for an email that gives me free shipping and then I'll pounce. Actually I just checked and there is free ground shipping on orders over $100 and I have more than exceeded that so this week after I make sure I have everything I need (for gifts and such) then I'll post out and it'll arrive the week before Thanksgiving.

After yesterday I am a little bit sore from my exercise. I'll do what I can today and see how it goes and see when would be the best day to take a break. It is Sunday and football but I think I'm okay to walk, do yoga and stretching but not too much beyond that. I don't want to get too wild. I'll ease up from 18K, as long as I do 10-13K a day I'll be satisfied with it. I think I pushed it since I wanted to get over my calories goal and it wasn't going over until I hit over 16K. It was a curiosity thing honestly.

So from November 1st-9th I have 82,980 steps so far. 18,312 steps is the high and 2196 steps is the low (pathetic, lol) So tomorrow sometime I'll have the 100,000 steps for Goal 1 met! If I make it through today and tomorrow then Tuesday is resting! I won't be doing much anything that day, rest means rest girl. I'll read and write that day and eat. Maybe some yoga and dancing but otherwise just no!

I'll probably add more to this later but I need to do a few things and maybe get a few more hours of sleep in so I can not be a cranky pants later on...

EDIT--Its 1pm, I got in some more sleep and I'm good now, just about to have some lunch and clean myself up! Will do exercise later after Denver plays. I'm thinking today is yoga, stretching and an hour of treadmill, it'll be fine! I'm aiming for 10,000 steps today! I'm into round 11,000 words on NaNoWriMo, plugging along~

Double Edit--I had no time for exercise today up to this point, it was busy since we were arranging the upstairs for Thanksgiving week! In my spare room/office we put the treadmill there, yeah so much easier for me to deal with when I want to jump on it at all hours. The other spare bedroom has a bed and the elliptical and weight bench. We'll have my sister and her husband and 2 girls. So one of the girls will stay in there and my sister unit will have the guest bedroom. My office has a bed so the other niece will be there. So that is arranged, my Aunt and Uncle will be here as well but they are staying at The Orleans which they do every month just about so they are settled. I had leftover sandwich from dinner last night for lunch and for dinner was homemade pizza which guarantees I won't overeat the pizza lol.

I still need to organise my spare bathroom's closet and straighten and clean on top my dresser and bookshelf then everything is set properly in the office. I need to vacuum two times a week instead of one I do believe though! Point noted. I'm about to hit the shower so I can wash my hair and be fresh since I've been working the plan today, in terms of cleaning and organising much better. We have some things for the Goodwill, some for gifts for Xmas and there are just a few things that are in the let's wait a few months and if no use is planned then off it goes to another Goodwill run. Downstairs is pretty much set up properly minus the garage which will be dealt with next Saturday with the men. Little girl is going to deep clean her room next weekend since she was with her Mom until 430pm today and she needed to finish two pieces of homework. Reading and finishing an English Essay which she has finished up now. At 7 she goes into the shower and winds down because she goes to bed at 9pm.

I changed the bedding for the beds so tomorrow I have a load or two of laundry with bedding, sheets, pillowcases and the like. I set the dishwasher to run overnight and I cleaned the kitchen thoroughly and dusted. My mom is going to clean the Shutters tomorrow since she digs that kind of cleaning and I don't. I can do most cleaning but floors and windows aren't quite my thing so either my Mom or the young ones help with those tasks. Little girl empties the dishwasher, does dishes, sweeps, dusts, helps with dinner, cleans toilets. Older young one he does the heavy lifting, cleans the showers, windows etc...Everyone does what they need to do when it needs doing, basically no procrastinators round here.

Off I go to shower and clean up, I'm resting for the night~
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    100,000 steps will be fantastic. What an achievement.
    1564 days ago
    I understand about lack of sleep, and struggling with it now only 4 hours too, wishing us both good hours of sleep, but I have to go to work now ekkk


    opps no not for me


    trying to keep my eyes open! LOL

    1564 days ago
    I have had insomnia for years now. Fortunately the pills I am taking I my for fibromyalgia, are helping me sleep. You are doing a good job, so carry on.
    1564 days ago
    Yes, green tea is sooooo good for you and it is supposed to assist with the slimming process as well emoticon I love all tea except for one I purchased recently which I really don't like - it is a liquorice tea by Twinings - yuck. Never thought I'd ever turn a tea down but this one is going to be given away to a friend that likes this stuff. Have a good sleep. emoticon
    1564 days ago
    You've piqued my curiosity; what is red tea? I have heard of the others, but not red. Is it an herbal? I just might have to check out the Tea store.
    1564 days ago
  • JIBBIE49
    Yes, get some sleep. When my brother had sleep problems I did some research on sleep disorders and one thing they said was to use a sleep mask and even earplugs if you had noise to deal with. Don't play music. If you wake up in the middle of the night, stay in bed and don't get up and turn on lights. Don't drink a lot of fluid before bed so you need to get up for the bathroom. Stay in bed even if you can't sleep since if you DO fall asleep you will be in bed.
    1565 days ago
    1565 days ago
    Exercise without sufficient sleep is dangerous my dear. So, sleep! Perhaps no tea after 6? LOL
    1565 days ago
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