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Got this email from the doctor treating FIL

Sunday, November 10, 2013

So here is a copy of the email I got from the doctor who is also my GI doctor whom I really respect and like. He is keeping us informed about what is going on with my FIL. Sounds like we must wait and see what happens with the colonoscopy. You have to love how good the Mexican doctors are to send you emails and especially how they use their first names. Anyway we feel he is getting good care and so far we don't need to switch our flights again to go home early now. Thank you everyone for the thoughts and prayers. I am hoping that they find nothing serious.
Hope you all have a wonderful week end.
Go Eagles

Hello sally!!

Its great news that you are doing so good and that time with grandchildren it's being so precious, enjoy your best.
I have Mr David under my direct care in a hospital here in Mexico, the reason why we felt it was necessary it's due to the weakness that he has been showing as well as the decrease on his hemoglobin levels. When we further discussed this matter with Him we found out that there is fresh blood on his stool.
This could be due to a bad case of hemorroids but still there is a chance for other less encouraging scenarios which we need to rule out by a colonoscopy.
We admitted him to watch over his nutrition, improve his hemoglobin with a blood transfusion and have the colonoscopy done once his conditions improve.
He is very stable at the moment and we have our grip on this but all the rest depends on the findings of the colonoscopy which will be done Monday.
We will discuss further treatment depending on the findings

There is no need to reschedule your flight for now but I will keep you posted and let you know if anything changes

Dr. Hector
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