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Gone, but not yet forgotten.....

Saturday, November 09, 2013

It's been a very strange day today. We went to a Craft Fair, and it was a good selling day, but the weather was a little disappointing.

We left in glorious sunshine. The drive is about an hour through beautiful tree-lined roads. We still have leaves on the trees, and they have been disappointingly yellowish-green. Suddenly, though, as the frost has arrived, they are adorned in their flashy shades of bronze, flame and copper. I had my camera firmly clutched in my hand during the whole journey - but there were no photo chances as it drizzled almost the whole way - and a photograph through rain-dropped car windows is not a good idea.

So we arrived, set up and sold. We had a steady stream of customers and it was a good day. I managed to slip away for a quick bite of lunch, but had to return quickly. I managed a quick look around a little later.

It's a beautiful spot - a wonderful venue - and look, a little touch of colour!

This is a view of the back of the building - if only our back view was so magnificent emoticon

Sadly that's the best I can do for pictures of the scenery today, but I'll try to do better tomorrow. I'm intending to walk to the nature reserve just to see what's going on - and I'm going - rain or shine!

I have to admit that I surprised that so many of you read yesterday's post and are considering joining in. Thank you for the encouragement, and of course I've promised to tell you about my habit - and now I'm obliged to do so. I hope you won't be disappointed...

Firstly, let me say this. The walk on Spark is INDIVIDUAL. What works for me won't work for you, and vice versa. I think that's wonderful because it just shows that we are just that - INDIVIDUAL!

Secondly, I want to tell you what I think is so very special about Spark. Everything on the site respects the CORE BELIEFS of the INDIVIDUAL. No-one tells us that we MUST do this - or that - we can choose to make our own way with the information that is given to us. Spark Guy is very specific that everything must resonate with our core beliefs, and we must respect those of others. That's special.

I think I've told you this before, so forgive me if I reiterate. Since arriving here and making the decision to take it seriously I have never eaten more than my total calories for the day. I have also never over-eaten any of the food groups. That doesn't mean that my diet has been perfect, however, I still have a long way to go. I don't need suggestions as to what to eat, As I say above we are all individual and I have health conditions to consider that I have not yet shared with you all.

Now that doesn't look very threatening, does it? In fact, it doesn't look very inspiring either. It is, however, the subject of the habit that I wish to break.

I've eaten cereal for breakfast since I was a child. It's a sort of 'comforting' start to the day, and I really enjoy it. Over the years I've eaten cornflakes, Special K, Bran Flakes and several others including Shredded Wheat. Some have stayed as a staple for longer than others, mainly due to the fact that many are just too sweet. I don't like flavours either, so anything with cinnamon or another spice has never even been opened - the very thought is sickening. For the past few years I've been making my own mix of dried fruit and cereals into a sort of muesli. It's very heavy on the oats because they have such a neutral flavour, but it also includes a mix of seeds. I love it. In fact, if I am 'down' on my calories at the end of the day I will serve another bowlful.

I've continued to eat cereal because it is the only time of day when I consume milk. I haven't taken milk in tea or coffee for over 40 years, and I don't intend to start now. I eat a little cheese, but have cut back my consumption of that to a maximum of 30g on no more than 3 or 4 days a week. Milk and cheese, with broccoli, are my main sources of calcium.

The time has come to break this cereal habit. I have tried to do without it for the last two days - and I've succeeded, so now it gets serious as it has become too much of a quick fix staple.


So what now?

The void must be filled.

Studying my nutrition feedback I know that I need more protein. Yes, I know it's obvious to start the day with a good dose of protein, but you mustn't forget that this is a learning process for all of us. You may already have discovered that, but I'm sure you need to tweak your other aspects of your eating from time to time and for various reasons.

I know that some of you don't like quotes, but here's one for you for today.

“Everything you are used to, once done long enough, starts to seem natural, even though it might not be.” ― Julien Smith

Have any of you decided to join me? Have you any habits that need breaking? Maybe it isn't a 'food' habit, maybe it's just looking at the day differently, let me know if you do. There's a new message board where we can encourage each other on the way


Onwards and Upwards, Sparkeroonies. That's not Upwards in girth - but always Onwards and Upwards in our search for healthy food an fitness. Have a great day.
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  • BRADMILL2922
    If you are looking for some new breakfast stuff and need more protein, maybe try some liquid egg whites. They are good for protein and very versitile so you can do pretty much anything with them.
    1533 days ago
    I've never eaten cereal - or indeed breakfast - first thing. My mother was at her wit's end with me and was happier if I drank warm milk and honey at least and as I got older she used to add a small teaspoon of instant coffee to it. I liked that better and to this day I start the day with a mug of milky fresh coffee with a little honey which suits me fine. I proceed to brunch - eggs and vegetables in one form or another. Suits me well and keeps me going for hours.However - as you say - my individual choice.
    My food downfalls are less since joining Spark and the bad habit i'm working on the hardest right now is NOT skipping exercise on days when I can't be bothered - and there are too many of those. So the ten minute habit rules right now and I always hope it'll lead to more. I actually enjoy stretching and how good it makes me feel so a ten minute walk is often a warm up for stretching.
    emoticon for this blog. You are very thoughtful and motivating. emoticon
    1534 days ago

    Comment edited on: 11/10/2013 4:32:17 PM
    I don't know why you want to give up cereal? The right one is very healthy. I n fact I am planning to eat porridge daily. I know if I have a protein for breakfast it keeps me going until 1 or 2 pm.
    1534 days ago
    I am a day later responding to this than I promised I would be. My eating plan has several areas that could use tweaking. At first I thought I was going to "fix" them all with the making of one broad rule/ breaking of several bad habits. Then I decided the thought of it was too daunting, too big. In the end, I have decided (and am committed) to following the plan and making one small change at a time. For now it is going to be chips. Potato chips, corn chips, pretzels, multi-grain, natural, or flavored. I LOVE chips. Since joining SP I have only eaten small amounts and have kept my calories in range, most days on the very low end of the range. However, I know chips are not a healthy choice. I started yesterday and will not be eating anymore. If I need a satisfying crunch on the side of a meal I am going to be trying to develop the habit of relying on veggies for that. Thanks for the idea and the motivation! emoticon

    Now, as you say so well, Onward and upward Sparkaroonies!!!!
    1534 days ago
    I always learn so much about Spark from you. Thanks for sharing this part of your journey! Good luck with the cereal-less breakfasts. I love all breakfast foods, but ended up eating whole grain waffles and "pourable" fruit for 20 years because I couldn't think of what else to eat. Now I eat flax granola that I make or a protein bar. And of course, lots of coffee! I'd like to break the "eating habit" but as my doctor tells me, that's not possible. And, while this isn't exactly what I think you have in mind, I'll be starting a modified Medifast program tomorrow -- so wish me luck and consider me "with you" on your journey.
    1534 days ago
    emoticon Good luck! I am working on soda's presently.
    1534 days ago
  • TREV1964
    This is a great blog - I discusses the idea about making small changes - it is those very changes that will look after us for the rest of our hopefully very long lives, certainly healthier lives.

    Great stuff.


    1535 days ago
    i have given this habit thought...a great deal of thought...what i came up with is i am working on creating positive habit's....like walking 10 min a day...being more mindful..example making my bed every day....staying in the present...not letting my mind and emoton;s run like toddlers....
    1535 days ago
    Wow you are doing so well.

    Yes I broke a habit and actually enjoyed walking in the rain, a first for me!

    1535 days ago
    emoticon I'm trying to switch it up. Now I am eating foods that are "labeled" lunch foods at breakfast. I get a more balanced breakfast and I feel more satiated.
    1535 days ago
    I tend to have my favorites.
    1535 days ago
  • BABARR67
    Plain Greek yogurt with a bit of vanilla and/or just a bit of honey, some fresh fruit (berries are my favorite, but mango or even apples can be fun) and some sliced almonds or toasted pecans--maybe even a little bit of your former muesli on top... Lots of protein, still has your calcium and it can be lovely if you can acquire a taste for it.

    P.S. do you have pictures of the kinds of crafts you do?

    1535 days ago

    Comment edited on: 11/9/2013 9:20:57 PM
    I alternate between oatmeal (which I hated for the first 60 years) doctored up with walnuts and either blueberries or chopped dried fruit) or cottage cheese with fresh fruit.
    Both delicious.
    Gail emoticon emoticon
    1535 days ago
    I'll have to think about it. But cereal isn't one of them for me. I'm glad you found the strength, and that was what you needed.
    1535 days ago
    I broke my cereal habit years ago. You'll find something that will be perfect for you.
    1535 days ago
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