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Sunny Saturday: Tea musings, exercise, sleep, writing~

Saturday, November 09, 2013

Okay, I've had breakfast & hot red tea this morning. In terms of chores I did dishes, hung up my clothes from my load of laundry last night and straightened up wherever I could. I need to clean my bathroom mirrors, clean the shower and run the vacuum a little later. I'll probably have a sandwich for lunch with watermelon and tea. Dinner is likely a baked potato, quinoa and turkey for dinner, not sure what the vegetable will be, green beans maybe! I've been drinking a lot of water the past few days since I'm trying to cut back on the tea packets of sugar free lemon and peach I get from Target and forbid Wal-Mart. They are fine and sugar free but I just want to cut back some since 6 in a container are round $2 which isn't so bad but since I have tea on hand I am going to brew that up and drink it.

I have decided to make a Republic of Tea order in the beginning of December. Its my favourite tea supplier. I've tried Teavana and unless its fresh it annoys me and more often than not I've had stale tea that hasn't be checked or rotated it feels like so I avoid those guys. Their tea is usually a little more than I want to spend even if I can get a double brew out of some varieties. I just prefer Republic of Tea because their price is more in line with what I like to spend. Every few years I do a huge order. I wind up spending a few hundred ($250-ish) but it keeps me stocked for quite a bit and I drink a lot of tea, A LOT! I send friends and acquaintances sample packs when they want to try the kinds I keep on hand and I do swaps through the year so I like having tea on hand. I make pitchers of tea, blend varieties and just go to town. When I need to replace my tea brewing supplies I do it here as well. A few friends are tea lovers so I get gifts from here as well if they will be appreciated enough. Some people I know are satisfied with the grocery store blends and unless its Celestial Seasonings Country Peach Passion I avoid the grocery for tea. I should work for RofT lol, they get enough business from me. They send me sample packs of teas in the summer and near the holidays. The ones I won't drink that have Honey, Vanilla, Pumpkin, Mango, Kiwi, Coconut, Chocolate with Fruits or Blueberry I pass them along in swaps.

I order the bulk 250 bags of Cardamon Cinnamon (Black), Ginger Peach (Black, not the green) and Safari Sunset (Red). I order the 36 bag refill of Cinnamon Orange & Spring Cherry is going on the always order list. Finally, I get loose leaf Flowering Fruit! I get a plain Chinese Red Tea & Chai from the Asian Grocery and a Strawberry Blend (England) comes from Amazon, so yeah I'm somewhat of a tea addict! I'm trying to figure out if my palate can tell the difference between Earl Grey and British Breakfast. I seem to recall British Breakfast being more mellow and Earl Grey more strong. If I could get 5 bags of each then I could develop an idea of which one I'll do.

Yeah, I figured out how to get 6 bags of both Earl Grey and British Breakfast and made a sample order of Tea. So without any extras like gifts just going by the teas I listed comes out to $158 which is more than doable. This will last me for 1-2 years depending on how much I drink and I usually get a double brew from most of my teas so its quite cost effective since I rarely drink juices, sodas, alcohol, dairy and other fluff. I've noticed for strawberry tea its difficult to find one that doesn't taste either chalky, bitter or dour so its why I buy plain strawberry tea from Ahmad in London. If they stop making it I can't do strawberry tea. I think most of the problem is tea makers try to do a blend and just get it all wrong. For strawberry and peach teas I like those flavours to stand alone, other flavours just interfere really.

I drink coffee as well by pour over method and heat soy milk and add some Splenda so I'm having a latte really. I rarely have coffee for the amount of tea I drink so I don't keep a lot of coffee on hand since the SO drinks a lot of tea as well. Its another reason I order from RofT since he prefers the good stuff. He likes Cinnamon blends, Chai and he'll drink Chocolate, mint and fruit so I order the Chocolate Peppermint for him! I blend strawberry tea and he loves that so I don't have to order an extra tea blend for him. Lil Girl likes our teas so its very cost effective for the 3 of us. She also drinks almond milk, cocoa and water besides tea. We let her have a soda on holiday or going out to eat but she doesn't ask for it beyond that so we don't keep soda in the house. We keep the junk food to the minimum so the 2 don't develop addictions to reaching for junk constantly. They snack on fruits, vegetables, some cheeses, popcorn, crackers sometimes and chips.

This last week exercise was a little hampered by insomnia and work but I did pretty well and today I plan to rock it out as well. I'll tally up what I have tonight and see where I need to adjust. I think the time change last weekend fooled around with me a little. I searched the memory banks and it usually happens when we fall back but not when we spring forward! My sleep improved because my body just said sleep at night and I have and I received 8 hours every time, lol. I like being up in the day for sure but I like being a night bird as well. Its so quiet and calm, peaceful, better to get work done in that environment. I'm always ahead with my work so I can sleep at night if I want to and do work in the day.

This last week I have been doing NaNoWriMo! I'm at 5900 words. I would be further but I had my outline all ready to go and I started writing and at page 10 I needed to change some things because it wanted to be changed. So I'm not quite where I want to be but I'm catching up to where I want to be at. When I get to writing I usually zip along so I'm not worried. I changed things up to where I would be happier writing it and having it flow better so I'm satisfied with where the changes are going for the characters. Everything is coming together in a more cohesive way as well so fixing things made a great deal of sense. I was discussing my work on the Forums and I said if I wrote at least 5000 words in 10 days I have my 50,000. A few posters were like aren't you getting nervous you won't make 50,000 verifiable words by the 30th and I said not even close to freaking out. I could wait until the 20th and not freak out. I wouldn't do it but its a matter of breaking life up into manageable chunks so I can manage everything properly.

Yoga has been doing me right, I usually do 30 minutes a day 5 days in a week. Cardio is 5 times a week just about. Strength Training 3 days at 30 minutes a pop. Its all doable and I keep track in a small planner so I can see what I am doing and what do I need to do more of. That's the easiest way me to see my exercise and steps counted. I could stand to do more Tae-Bo and Billy Blanks Boot camp but there are only so many hours I have in life seriously. Today I gave out the Embrace Spark Goodies to some since I was in a hugging mood lol. Be hugged, embraced etc...

Pitt defeated Notre Dame and Alabama defeated LSU of course. I watched most of the Alabama game and had red tea. I like that I can use the red tea for 2-3 infusions before having to toss the bag, value there :)~ I have Sunday Ticket (free cause I wouldn't pay for it with a $10 billion dollar tax free organization.) on DIRECTV so I see Denver every week. I can see whomever I want to play every week. I am going to skip the first games at 10am and be ready for the 1-130pm start games. That's when Denver plays San Diego, crush them Denver, we need a good tune up for The Chiefs next Sunday night! New Orleans and Dallas have the night game.

I noticed on my FitBit Dashboard I pretty much always surpass all my goals for Steps, Miles and Active Minutes but if I ever surpass my calories goal to 100% that would be very good. I think the closest I came was my 15k steps day. I got to 98% lol. I am going to try and do active exercise 3 times a day tomorrow and also get in some other exercise in between and see if that is what I need to do to get the calorie burn working for me. Pilates and Zumba are coming in the New Year, scary times. More Cardio and Boot Camp, its time baby!

Surpassed my calories goal as well, so I have a good idea of what I need to do to go over my calories goal, sigh lol. Yes, you guessed it more active minutes. Closer to 2 hours than 90 minutes worth so I gotta get back there consistently on my 5 heavy days and ignore it on my rest days. If I am not tired out tomorrow or Monday I'll rest on Tuesday. I may have to rest up tomorrow depending how I feel. Don't ask me how I did it, treadmill and walking really! An hour on the treadmill way earlier this morning and 45 minutes outdoor walking in the later afternoon and more walking indoors and to get the mail, deal with my cat, go into the sun so I can get that sun quotient in. Whatever I needed to do I did it!

Okay so I just came back from my 45 minute outdoor walk and have 15,275 steps which is close to what I had the other day. I'll get there because a little later I am going to do my cardio videos and that should get me near enough to that calorie goal and also over 17,000 steps which is kinda mad crazy. I'll be alright though. I'll stop when I am about to drop off lol. I have the sliding scale going still on the Food Tracker and it thinks I should eat 1800-2200 calories for the day. I think I'll stay round 1400-1600 thank you so much. I'll give my step total in tomorrow's entry from this last week. I'll post it every Sunday and then I'll tally at the end of November and see where I am at! I'll make 100,000 and even into 200,000 pretty easily but beyond that we'll see since I had a few slow days this last week. Plus I am counting every day in November so that will help me out some.

Okay so I have all my 4 areas in green on my FitBit Dashboard, praise be lol. I figured it out with the calories I need to do 2 active hours to get those calories over and into green territory for 100%. I'm straight with all the categories now and I seem to recall the calories part was always the most difficult but I gotta push it some to get all my green going on! So I have 18,304 steps total for the day that's quite a lot and now I am going to bed and sleep hard likely! I counted it up from November 1st through the steps I have today and I am at about 82,980 steps so 100,000 will come this upcoming week, Monday likely, no worries!

Have a Happy Weekend, Enjoy Life, Be in Balance with Exercise, Sleep, Food & Water!

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  • SHERYLP461
    Tea is also one of my passions. Tea and yoga, what a perfect combination
    1588 days ago
    I love tea too! Mainly green tea and plain black tea. I would LOVE to open a tea shop and have day dreamed about it. I'm no expert - I just go to the grocery store and there it is. I put tea leaves or tea bags in my little tea pot and I'm good to go for the morning. I often purchase gifts to do with tea. I have one sitting near my front door to be delivered this week to a friend for her birthday. It's a little tea pot (for 2) and I have different types of tea inside and instead of using wrapping paper I purchased a very large beautiful gift box and just placed everything inside. The gift box is a keep sake - can be reused. So nothing is wasted. And I also love the quiet of night time. If I wake up at1-2-3 am sometimes I just get up and make a cuppa and really enjoy the peace and darkness. That's after I've logged on to SP to check what SP friends are up to of course! LOL You sound like you are doing real well. Keep having fun and sharing! emoticon emoticon
    1588 days ago
    Love tea too, especially in wintertime. I recently converted to green tea. Awesome job you're doing on stepping, keep up the good work!!! You're doing so well!!! I enjoyed your blog. It is inspiring.
    NaNoWriMo is also inspiring. I'm doing it too. I'm up to 9,250 words. My goal is 1700 words a day. So reading your experiences with it is fun for me too.

    FitBit: My new goal is 5000 steps, but starting out last December was a mere 2000 (disabled) I cannot imagine hitting 15,000!! Just out of fun and curiosity after my DH had frequently commented that he walks a LOT at work, I put my fitbit on him, and 3 days in a row he hit 37,000 steps each day and 22 or so flights of stairs a day. I almost didn't believe how much he did say he walks at work. 10 hour work days. And he does that daily. And oh man does he ever eat a lot too.

    1588 days ago
    I'd say you are definitely a tea lover! I am a coffee drinker myself. Not just any of course. Organic..duh! And normally from my co-op. My coffee is mixed with a shot of espresso and 1/2 & 1/2 which is my only baddie.

    You are doing great guns on your exercise. Wow! Pretty soon you are going to have muscles x 10.

    1588 days ago
    Wow I have lots to learn from you. You are so organised. I do not drink tea, only sometimes herbal. I think as it gets colder I will be drinking more. Water and more water, is my only beverage.

    I love yoga, what type do you do?

    Have a wonderful weekend and continue inspiring others


    1588 days ago
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