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I MADE MY WEIGHT GOAL :) :) :) 40-45 LBS LOST!!!!

Saturday, November 09, 2013

My off-season weight goal was 124 and as of today I am 123.8! I have so far lost around 40-45lbs! THANKS ALL for your support!!!

Mine is a story about not giving up: I'd estimate that I've been trying to lose weight for about 12 YEARS!!! I was always on a diet and not reaching my goals. I guess I never found what worked “FOR ME” until recently!

After college I gained 5-10 pounds. And though I worked out all the time and ate healthfully I couldn't lose it. As a personal trainer, my advice worked for my clients, but not for me!

Then over the next few years my health suffered. I went from doctor to doctor. I was on many medications they said I’d be on for the rest of my life. My weight climbed. Nonetheless I didn't care what anyone said - I was determined to get my health back!!

Around this time I started a new job shortly after I was featured in the media for a series of marathons I ran. We had a team-building event, and this guy came up to me in front of everyone and said that he saw me in the newspaper, and that he told his wife upon seeing my picture, “DANG, that girl must eat A LOT, because marathon runners are normally THIN!!” He said this with a slice of pizza in his hand, as I was standing there with my small plate of plain vegetables. I went to my car and just cried.

Then in 2010 due to some life events I became very depressed. All I did was go to work and come home and go to bed. With that, my health improved and I started going off the medications! From this, I learned my Type-A lifestyle was destroying my health. The severe depression was actually a godsend as it made me STOP it all. With lifestyle changes, I have been off ALL medications since then! But, even though I gained most of the weight due to being sick, I had to lose it just like anyone else…

I tried eating more, less, various fitness tracking devices. I tried changing my workouts to no avail. But… it seemed whenever I stopped working out I would lose weight. I would tell people and they’d say it was in my head or because I was losing muscle or whatever. So recently I was feeling tired, burned out and had a foot injury, so decided to take a few days off from working out. I STARTED LOSING WEIGHT AGAIN. I decided to just go with it… and ended up losing almost 10 lbs in 3 weeks! According to my bodyfat scale I was losing fat... I lost an inch and a half in my waist, dropped a pants size and people were noticing my weight loss.

I recall in college, I had a tough semester and didn't have time to workout and my diet was probably low calorie for the same reason. I became thinner than I was normally, despite being an aerobics instructor and serious weight lifter. During a period of traveling with my Dad a couple years ago, I took a break from working out. Again I lost weight, noticeably by others as well. Last year when my father died, I stopped working again out due to the depression. I also couldn't eat that much (my reaction to stress). At that time, I became very thin as well. During these times, though I wasn't formally working out, I would probably be in the “moderately active” category. Here's a graph of my recent results:

So, I guess for whatever reason, my body likes lower calories (around my BMR) with low to moderate exercise for weight loss. I suspect there is some calorie imbalance when I’m working out a lot as to why I’m not losing and/or perhaps an influence from cortisol? I have also gained while training hard, and even with reducing calories to various amounts, the scale is slow to move.

!!NEVER GIVE UP!! If your goal is optimal health, fat loss, whatever!! I don't care if anyone tells you that you are too fat, too sick, too old, bad genetics... I do what's called "weeding out the noise": tune out the negative people and focus on what you need to do for your goals!! Find what works for YOU. YOU CAN DO IT!!!

It took me a long time to find what works for me, which goes against what many advise: I exercise very lightly, don't weight train, I don't cut carbs, I don't do HIIT, I don't eat like a caveman... LOL. I believe all foods are OK in moderation.

I still have a bit to go to make my in-season race-weight goal (my weight during training and racing season), so I’m going to keep on keepin’ on with what I’ve found works. When I get there, I will figure out the training calories part. Just over 7 lbs for that… a piece of cake! I GOT THIS!!!

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