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When you meet an angel unaware it's SO refreshing! :-))

Saturday, November 09, 2013

emoticon Hi there my darling sparksters!

We are going into our 3rd year with our little consignment biz and (knock wood) the customers seem to be getting nicer. Or...maybe I'm being nicer and they are responding! emoticon

I met the sweetest lady the other day. First of all she said she had selected our consignment biz strictly based on my web site...woo hoo...I did my own! emoticon Soooo it's always nice to meet someone who drops you a compliment isn't it?

She brought in pictures of some really beautiful furniture (Drexel Heritage...good stuff) that she wanted to consign.

Being the naturally curious type I asked her why she was wanting to get rid of such gorgeous stuff and she explained that her husband had just gone into a wheel chair and she had too much stuff for him to easily navigate through their small condo.

This made me sad...but she took it with such a positive and cheery disposition that I too soon felt happier and cheerier just being in her presence.

She remained this perky upbeat joking positive lady throughout my visit to her place...she has LOTS of STUFF! And then through the pick up of the furniture and she had a BOAT LOAD of work in cleaning out all of the drawers, hiring a handyman to get the stuff out into the main area of her home and getting pictures down off of walls and dusting etc. etc.

I thought to myself how people's attitudes make ALL the difference in how they approach life. AND their attitudes make all the difference in how people react to them in life.

I found myself bending over backward to help this sweet little soul...not because she guilted me into it in ANY way...but because she was such a happy little trooper that she deserved it in EVERY way.

I'm going to remember this lesson...you reap what you sow. When I'm snarky or out of sorts I have absolutely NO reason to be. I have a perfectly healthy husband who is strong and ambulatory. She does not. What reason do I ever have to be less than happy and satisfied with all of the blessings that have been bestowed on me? She reminded me of this...I call her Patricia...the angel unaware! emoticon

I might just share this story with her...she should know what a walking talking inspiration she is don't you think?

I'll be posting the pics of all of her uber cool stuff shortly...I hope I can sell it for a good price and then I'm going to go back over to her place and help her arrange and place any smaller pieces of furniture she gets.

I do this because it makes me happy, she lives her life in such an upbeat way you just want to reward her in some small little way.

My back has been getting better, I've gone to three sessions with my hubs chiropractor..but then I'll lift something to help someone load it into their vehicle and tweak it and get a set back. It may be the way it is for a while but I'm no where near the pain that I suffered while we were on vacation.

Thank you to a very sweet and wonderful Sparky friend Tisisquaudi for your care and comfort in sending me a fab blend of mineral salts for relaxing soaks for my sore back in our tub at night and a perfectly blended pain relief oil that hits the spot beautifully. She did this because she is a loving and caring friend and exactly the reason that we all love our sparky friends so VERY much! emoticon Thanks sweet Carol...the good of the universe will come back and reward you ten fold! emoticon

That's my Saturday blog and I'm stickin' to it! Give emoticon Get emoticon

Go out there and make someone's life happier for having been in it! emoticon

Oh...and a simply FANTASTIC website I recently discovered and want you all to know about


Knowledge is our POWER to protect our beautiful bodies!!!! emoticon emoticon

You will love emoticon what you learn from this esteemed site!!
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