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Friday, November 08, 2013

Happy Friday! Today is my last kickboxing class of the online deal I bought. I can't believe it has been 10 weeks since I started the class! I really enjoy the class, but I can't afford to keep going. I would have to pay almost $200 up front for 3 months of classes. If I had more money, I would definitely continue with that location! Unfortunately, I can't afford it. Oh well! I am going start doing yoga for 10 classes. I bought an online deal - 10 classes for $19. Moving around from location to location makes me feel bad, but I can't beat the price!

So... I feel like I have been in a boring routine lately. Maybe it is the dark sky now when I leave work? Maybe the cooler weather? Maybe the stress of money and credit issues? The combination of everything seems to be the most logical answer. I am pretty happy overall, but I feel like something may be missing or lacking from my life. I am still sparking & tracking... but I haven't been excited about what I am doing. It seems like I am just in a normal routine now with my eating and the rest of my life. The only time I have strong feelings about what I am doing is if I am out somewhere and I am having trouble finding something to eat. Then I just have anxiety & some stress about what I can eat! I haven't been as grumpy lately because I have been making sure I eat ON TIME! As long as I don't get hungry, I am good! At least I am not giving up or not caring about what I am eating/not eating. I am just afraid that this lack of excitement about my lifestyle may keep going downhill!

Usually when I am feeling a bit down, I like to browse the blogs of my Sparkfriends. Other times I like to look at the success stories here on Spark. It is amazing to see how much dedication and determination other members have! If you get a chance to look at some of the success stories, do it! I used to read the stories and think "One day I hope I can lose a lot of weight". Now, I DID lose a lot of weight! But I still don't feel as happy as I thought I would at this point! I was even invited by Spark to fill out their success story survey, but I still don't feel like "I DID IT". I do try to remind myself of all of the non-scale victories I have encountered like no longer being Plus-Sized and finishing ten 5K races!

I have been looking at the Secrets of Success today. I haven't read too many of them before. They have a lot of categories! I was reading through, and I actually got a few tips on aspects of life outside of weight loss! There are tips about saving money, cooking, breaking plateaus, exercise, organization, and many other things! Once again, I have found another part of this website that keeps me positive that I can make better choices and changes.

When I feel the lack of motivation to be content with my healthy lifestyle, I like to remind myself of how much I have done so far. Seeing the progress of You awesome members really helps me too! Not only did I lose over 90 pounds, but I have kept it off. I think that is the toughest part! Even though the scale can sometimes be evil, I miss the times when I would lose 2 or 3 or 4 pounds a week! People ask me if I am going to start eating junk food again since I am "skinny now"...... My SparkFriends know how hard it is to say NO to the unhealthy food! I can't start eating the way I used to just because I lost weight! This is a lifestyle I will have to continue to stick with Forever! The success stories and secrets of success and the members of this site have really helped me stick with my program! Even though I make a few changes here and there and also take a few steps back sometimes... I am still on the right path!

Once again I am giving my Thanks to this amazing website! We all have our own success story - our stories continue to grow every day! Our stories are not over, they are continuous! This website and members have helped me become who I am today. I need to continue to remember that I am the one who has followed through with all of the advice, ideas, suggestions, and support!

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend. Spark if you can! If you can't, don't beat yourself up too much. Keep moving forward and work towards all of your goals! If you feel like you won't reach your goals - you can change the goal date or even change the whole goal! Even though you can't change what happens to you, you can do your best to be in control of what you do and how you react! Thanks for being so great & for being you!

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