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Focus Got Blurry There For a Few Hours

Friday, November 08, 2013

I'm not repetitive, I'm focused. Watermellen said so and she's really smart! Counting down, now less than 24 hours until my half marathon.

Last night, though, I had far more excitement than I expected. I have to say my focus got kind of blurry. I hadn't slept even four hours when hubby called out. Believe it or not he fell out of bed, hitting his eyebrow on the bedframe. Blood was all over everywhere. Direct pressure. Cleaning up. What a mess! And poor hubby. We tried for 45 minutes to get the wound to quit bleeding. No luck. So I drove him to a small hospital with an ER near us (Bartow Memorial for my local teammates). They stapled him and cleaned him up a bit. Besides the nasty wound, he has a big dark black eye. He got prescriptions for antibiotics and pain. We had to drive to a different town for an all night pharmacy (CVS on S FL Ave, Lakeland for locals) and wait. He is leaving this morning to drive to Tampa and fly to Tennessee to go to the Vols football game. He has tickets on the 40 yard line and he would have to be much worse injured to consider skipping this event. He didn't get much sleep, but he says he'll sleep on the plane and the shuttle.

I didn't get near enough sleep, and I'll try to figure out a way to get some sleep before tomorrow's half. I'm thrown off my routine, but it may not matter. We'll see.

The weather report keeps changing, but 24 hours out it is predicted to be 65 degrees and 84% humidity at the start and 70 degrees and 71% humidity at my anticipated end (fingers crossed for 2:30), partly cloudy with a 20% chance of rain. So that may be a touch warmer and a bit more humid than ideal, but pretty good for around here at this time of year.

And even though I haven't found the camera cable, thanks to MWWENSIN I located the camera card and downloaded from there. So here's a shot of my race shirt and number:

Hubby left just a couple minutes ago. And he didn't take any pain meds so he could drive to the airport. He said it didn't really hurt anyway. Thank heavens. He looks a mess but is undaunted. Good spirit. (Edit: I just realized that hubby got really hurt falling out of bed, but hardly scratched when he fell 10 feet off a ladder holding an electric saw last week. Some irony!)

OK. Now I need to focus again. Race minus 22 and a half hours - and counting!
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