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Friday, November 08, 2013

In fact, I came third in the last maintenance challenge, so go me!! emoticon

This week has not been a good week. I came down with a cold that also managed to affect my ear. This meant that when I got out of bed in the morning, or made any sudden movements I got a sudden case of vertigo! Fortunately, I'm feeling much better today, so I think the worst of it has passed.

The thing about colds is that it is harder for me to get out the door and exercise and much easier to say 'yes' to the cookies and cakes. I am sick after all!!

Those two things don't balance out, however, and the scale does a good job of reminding me of that.

Two things have helped me cope this week:

1: Just say "no".

The "at goal and maintaining" team have a thread where they ask, "what did you say no to today" or something similar, which affirms the strength it can take to say "no" to junk food. I've been stopping and asking myself if I really need to pop the chocolate into my shopping basket, and then, if the answer is "no", leaving it alone. It helps me. It's a little thing, but is one step closer to keeping my body healthy.

2: Tell myself I'm going for a half hour jog.

I realise this may be a bit of bribery and corruption going on, but today, as I was feeling just a little better, I said to myself, "go on, just half an hour". It was enough to get me into my running gear and out the door. Then, amazingly, when I hit the 30 minute mark, I found myself thinking, "go on, just five minutes more" and on it went until I managed an hour of jogging.

Sometimes we just need to imagine doing the first few steps. Once we've done those, the next few steps seem possible.

I read through my last blog before writing this and, amazingly, I've managed to meet most of the goals. Making sandwiches for lunch is still not as regular as it could be, but I do feel life is settling in to a groove here, and I'm becoming more and more comfortable with the idea that this is a new groove, not at all my old routine, but it's a groove that is working and slowly taking shape.
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